Update on Michael Cole

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 3, 2012.

  1. The Wrestling Observers newsletter (subscribers only edition) reports that Michael Coles character is going through a evolution. Cole has as some people certainly have noticed. Eased up on the face wrestlers and started just calling the matches unbiased more often. This is apparently a part in his evolution from full blown heel announcer.

    So apparently Cole is a tweener now. If this is real then I say hip hip hurray. Cole is the best announcer in the WWE at the moment and his work since Mania has been really great. Him as a tweener, able to bash both heels and faces I think is a great thing. Let's hope it's real and sticks though.

  2. He was supposed to be a tweener after 'Mania? Seemed like way for a while before that! (Excluding Rumble)

    Good. It couldn't have come soon enough.
  3. I like this, think he will work much better as a tweener. Must be hard to be lead announcer and be a massive heel at the same time. Also must be hard carrying Lawler, as Face or Heel.
  4. I've noticed this and was gonna bring it up myself when people talk about how "heel Michael Cole gets on their nerves." It's about time, in my opinion. Having your lead announcer be a heel is kinda counterproductive, if I'm using that word correctly.
  5. LolCole trying to be a face or something. The guy is a natural heel and a douchebag, and sometimes the great one.
  6. Micheal Cole is a great commentator and is actually enjoyable at the desk. He has to carry Lawler through-out RAW as Lawler is just simply boring. I don't mind seeing Micheal Cole as a tweener, just want someone to replace Lawler that could work better with Micheal Cole.
  7. Que William Regals theme.
  8. Doesn't matter to me if he's a tweener. Still a great commentator.
  9. Cole is getting more neutral, that's good. He's not a bad announcer, he does a good job. And I'd love to see Regal on Raw along with him.
  10. Finally they've realised a mega-heel can't play-by-play commentate. Fucking morons I swear.
  11. WWE booking/creative. With the learning curve of a dead rock.
  12. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!!!!!

    This would actually be a wonderful team on commentary:

    Michael Cole - Play-by-play (tweener)
    Booker T - Commentary (face)
    William Regal - Commentary (heel)

    As I've said before, with JR and King in their announcing prime, WWE fans got spoiled with a two-man team that could pull off the face-heel relationship so well (and ECW fans got even more spoiled with Joey Styles doing a great job by himself), but the classic announcing team of recent history has been a three-man team with a by-the-book guy on play-by-play and a heel and face doing commentary to play off each other and put over "their" guys. WWE makes this work recently by having a superstar who can talk (Miz, Punk, Bryan) come out and do commentary in spots.