Update on the Heath Slater storyline

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. :win:

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  2. yay i love slater :yay: such a loveable goof
  3. SLATER'S GONNA (clean up the) SLATE!
  4. I'm calling Undertaker to squash Slater on RAW 1000.
  5. Nice call

    Slater will own him though.
  6. Payoff? Pumped.

    The Rock or SCSA returning?
  7. Undertaker tombstoning Slater so hard that Slater becomes the next Dead man. Slater going 25-0 at WM
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  8. LOOOOOL Gillberg!
  9. I could see them bringing Gillberg out to fight Slater as a joke and Slater beating him and bragging. Then Goldberg comes out and destroys him real quick. Seems logical to me.
  10. Slater beating Doink was awesome, so him beating Gilberg will be the same. Slater for ME push.
  11. I thought him beating Doink the worthless clown was his big payoff. he talks stupid, sings offkey, and then jobs. What's not to love?
  12. His mic skills have improved a ton. He used to be so bad it was good, now he's so good that it's good.
  13. Lolol who couldn't beat Doink? He's a freakin old man dressed as a clown. :damn:
  14. Don't be fooled, Doink is one tough ass mofo.
  15. Doink is more gangsta then MikeDawt, and that's hard to beat
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  16. Doink is more skanky than MikeDAWT, and that's hard to beat :haha:
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  17. I want him to wrestle Bob Backlund next week or on the other one. Taker squashing him on Raw 1000 would be awesome, that Gillberg/Goldberg sequence would also be great.
  18. Fuck heath i have my own one man band
  19. You playing the skinflute is not classed as a musical talent :jeritroll:
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