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  1. A lot of people have been asking, which game we will begin with. I figured I'd leave it to the members of the league to decide.

    I'm going to open a poll, that won't close and people can change their votes accordingly. But you are to vote for whichever game you currently have. Whatever game is the majority is the game we choose to play. I'll check the thread ever-so-often to make sure we play the game that the majority has.

    There was something that I found to be really interesting after it was posted by another member. That is the lack of limits on current stats. Therefore, all stat limitations have been lifted except for overall limit being 95.

    Another major confusion is the whole "Promo" issue. I've updated the rules to make it less confusing, but this for others that wish to understand it better. This is supposed to be a competitive, sports influenced league. So it would make more sense for you to hype your wrestler for what it is, a fictional wrestler. Just my thinking of the situation. If people still find it confusing, I'll convert it to the original style of in-character promos.
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