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Who's your winner?

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  1. Slim Shady, Queen Chrysalis, Rhod, Trip in the Head and Nickelodeon

  2. B.Dazzle, Gav the chav, Shannon_724, TheArabHammer and MrSackfist

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is a 5 on 5 tag team match!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    each competitor has ONE promo each!
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. OOC: Why is this happening now?
  3. Cause it's the 9th december for me.
  4. Oh. Forgot about time zone differences. Carry on.
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  5. *Darkness enters the arena*

    *A very deep voices comes over the loud speaker*

    ???: You were all warned, you refused to take the warnings and kept coming for more, grasping onto every last little thing to try and get your next news story, you kept watching from the bushes, watching and watching, waiting for me to snap. The warnings were clear, you were warned, times up.

    I'm Coming.

    *This faces appears on the tron and shoots the camera, cutting off the signal*​
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    Announcer 1: What the hell was that!?
    Announcer 2: I don't know, is someone coming to the ring?
    Announcer 1: I can't see anyone in this dark. So now what?

    *The arena remains dark after the mysterious message and as the music starts to play the crowd pulls out their cell phones, creating the starry night effect within the arena.*

    *10 secs in the stage explodes with bright white pyro and Trip in the Head comes running out through the smoke left behind. He rolls in the ring as the song repeats "I want to see you suffa!" and stands on the middle rope raising one hand, snapping at the crowd like an angry dog. The music fades as Trip gets a mic from the crew.*
    TRIP: Gooooood evvvvvvvening IWT! *moderate pop* So I hear this is the one year anniversary show? Is that the reason I get teamed with that traitorous Nick, Rhod - another ex DX member who took part in using me, whoever the hells promo you just saw, AND that Farooq bastard I technically lost to the other night? *Trip smiles wide and shrugs* You'd think that would bother me. *Trip shakes his head violently back and forth* NO! After a loss to that group of....MEAT sacks the other night, I...don'*Trip leans forward towards the camera*.....who it is, I need to hurt someone. So who do we have for me tonight Johnny? *Trip changes his voice, imitating the Price is right guy very badly* Well Trip, today we have the tag champs, B.Dazzle and Gav the Chav. *Moderate pop from the crowd for the champs* Their new sidekick Luke Starr *crowd roar dies down a little*, a newcomer in Marcus Anthony aaaaaaand his mystery partner!

    *Trip returns to his normal guttural voice*
    TRIP: *looks at the camera and laughs* Ahhhh, hahahahaha. Really? The *makes airquotes* "Dazzling Chavs" and their new pet Starr, the "playboy". I will mess up that pretty face up meat. Right in front of your little group here too. Well, apparently B.Dazzle is something of a force around here with all that gold he's carrying. *Trip turns up his nose* Doesn't impress me though. And Gav, that rat bastard. We were in a dark match the other day and that silly twat just got in my way. *Trip smiles again* Hello again you skinny fuck. You ready for another spear? *Trip paces the ring some more* Annnnd, they have a drunk on their team? *Trip fakes a puzzled look* Well, that fits the M.O. if I remember from our match the other night. *Looks at the camera and addresses Gav and B.Dazzle* Get that beer stench out did ya boys? *Trip pinches his nose and shakes his head, waving his hand in front of his face then returns to his pacing* Now, I saw you put up a good fight against Rhod there Marcus *Trip claps and then slowly stops* But, uh, if I remember correctly, you lost. To my teammate tonight, Rhod. *Trip laughs again* Well, if that traitorous asshole don't take care of you tonight, I won't have a problem picking up the slack. *Trip brings a finger to his lips* So that just leaves.....your mystery partner? Hmmmmm, I wonder who that could be? *Trip sniffs the air like a dog* Couldn't be the crazy cat lady that had you locked up could it? I mean, are you even going to make it here tonight? Did she let her new play-toy out? *Trip smiles* You know it's polite to share you crazy old pussy loving broad. Well, whoever it is, it makes no difference to me. *Trip lowers his head for amount and then suddenly rears back and, for lack of a better description, roars* RAHHHHHHH! *Trip then runs to a corner of the ring, climbs the turnbuckle and speaks into the mic one last time*

    TRIP: Because I am here to make ALL of the IWT suffer! The harder they come, the harder they fall. I. AM. INDESTRUCTIBLE!
    *A low but distinguishable "MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!" chant break out in the crowd as Trip yells it out at the crowd without the mic*
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    We're here to celebrate the first anniversary of the IWT! And better way of celebrating this first year than kickin some asses.
    Ive got trip, Nick and Adam to help me gettin my third win in less than 2 weeks. I've been also teamed up with the Farooq,hold on, where's Farooq? He better show up.Tonight, it's about the IWT and having fun.
    I'm one of the few wrestlers that have been here since day one. My first match was for the IC championship, and I lost, against senhor. Since that day, many things have happened, some have been great from my career, some others have hurt my reputation. Jonathan taking over, VP beating me in the main event of a PPV, The cure dominating the IWT...Many experiences that have helped me growing not just as a wrestlers but as a person. But I will talk about that in another occasion.
    B Dazzle, you've been impressive, what can I say? You hold 2 belts at the same time, you're dominating the midcard, however, tonight is the night you're going down, just like your partner, gav. You gav, you've earned the respect of this crowd, they love you. But do they laugh with your do they laugh AT you? To me, you're just a clown, someone who always goes for the cheap pop, the easy joke. Are you gonna sing a song? I will push the mic straight up your ass. I've trained, I've pushed myself to the limit just to get that title you're holding, it offends me the fact you hold it. It offends me an the whole entire IWT because that title deserves way better than you (OCC: Love you chav, always kayfabe)
    Now Marcus, you gonna come out here drunk again? Remember what happened the last time we faced each other? Exactly, 1...2.. 3
    I ruined your debut, I beat you like a little bitch and that's what I'm gonna do again, you wanna come back and try to get revenge? Bring your partner, bring vodka, bring weapons, during this year, people way more dangerous have tried to chase me. What have happened? They all have failed, I'm still here, in front of this people, giving them the best entretainment in this fuckin world, but from today, the entretainment isn't enough, I want titles, I want wins, I want glory.

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  8. *the lights dim in the arena and through the speakers all you hear is a female's laughter. The titantron shows a video of a dark figure walking down a corridor then finally arrives at the camera and it's @Britanica ! She looks at the camera and says "it's time" and the arena speaker play Eminem's Wicked Ways. As soon as the hook is finished Britanica comes out to the ramp with a black cat on each side following her and behind her is Marcus Anthony with one hand on her shoulder with his hoody over his head looking down towards the ground. She leads him to the ring and whispers something into his ear and pulls back his hoody. She stares at him for a second the slaps him across the face and laughs. He enters the ring and grabs a mic*

    Announcer 1: Holy Toledo it's @Britanica I never thought she would return!!!

    Announcer 2: Neither did I buddy but man oh man she must have done a number on Marcus Anthony. He doesn't look the same. There's something cold about him now. Let's hear about where he's been

    *camera zooms in on Marcus' face still beaten from the kidnapping*

    Marcus: Normally at this point in the day I would be about 2 30 packs deep and a couple bottles of Jack down. Drinking away my demons to help me forget about the scars of my past. Alcohol was acting as my numbing agent to make me forget how I got to be here today. I had to claw my way out of hell just to breathe, to live, to make sure I wasn't another casualty of this wretched earth. But I hid it from you. All of you. You bastards all wanted me to drown myself in alcohol and cheered me on while I did it. *crowd starts to boo* What came of it? Hangovers? Loss of focus? All just to appease you pieces of garbage in the stands. Yet I was destined for more. I never could see it because I was blind. Blinded by adoration. Blinded by the bottle. Now I see. *Marcus raises his voice* See my true destiny. See what I'm meant to be. See what really matters in my existence. *Marcus looks towards Britanica* This woman has shown me the way. Showed me the error of my ways as I went off track and my life was derailing until that fateful night in my bar. I resented her. Hated her. I wanted nothing more than to have her blood on my hands and it was at that point I realized what she had been doing. The torture wasn't just for her. It was for me. To fix me, to make me what I am now....A Menace.

    *Marcus turns his attention towards the others in the ring*

    Marcus:Trip, I'm so glad you could be here. Being able to be here in person with someone that can understand what's inside you. You and I are a lot like in ways. There's a darkness no one could fathom and it has an insatiable hunger for violence or in your case, meat. We both know there are no easy ways to say this....your blood will be shed. But I will prove to you that you are not so indestructible as you think. I had to be broken and molded once again to become stronger. I too felt like I was unstoppable and that my friend was my undoing which will be yours as well. *Marcus lowers his head and shakes his head in disappointment*. What a waste

    Onto your frenemy Nick, he turned his back on you just to show he didn't need you anymore. I applaud that. He should know that he's now swimming in murky water and doesn't wanna tread where he shouldn't .

    Ahh Farooq. The man with more 36" plasmas than anyone I know. I'm glad you can pull yourself away from them to let your balls drop again to be a man and compete. I'm told you're more than formidable. I hope so. Because I'm sure you wouldn't want to come all the way back here just to have the taste of defeat stain your mouth on your return.

    Adam, the scrappy one of the bunch. I don't know you so this will make it easier for me to sleep tonight once I've decimated you.

    And finally the catalyst to help make me what I am, Rodrigo.... I want to thank you. I really do. Because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been here tonight. You see I wanted nothing more then to get my revenge on you. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, I could only drink. I was shown the way. You mentioned you wanted me sober during our last matchup that you felt bad about me being drunk. Guess what you're getting more than what you bargained for. As I have risen like a Phoenix reborn out of the flames ready to scorch the IWT. What makes this worse for all of you..... I'm not alone *Drops the mic*
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  9. Nick walks out, very disoriented with no theme. He's holding two bottles that are wrapped in paper bags. He takes a sip and loses his balance on the way down, falling. He shakes it off, and rolls into the ring.

    "I...I...I said iwasntgonna come out here but I did anyways! I was too busy getting drunk and high in the back because I didn't want to waste my time! I hate my partners, I hate my opponents, and I hate everyone else!"

    Nick takes a gulp from the bottle and tries it to the ground, shattering it.

    "People said when I get upset that I 'drink the pain away'. I don't what they're talking about man! I drink because I want... not because I'm unstable!"

    Nick downs the rest of the other bottle and tries to throw it at Trip's head, barely missing hearths and pats him on the shoulder

    "I'm just fuxking with you man!"

    Trip pushes him to the ground.

    "The real reason I'm out here is because of Marcus Anthony! He claims to be the best drinker, but I am! So I challenge you to a drinking contest!"
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  10. *the dazzling chavs music hits as gav makes his way to the ring carrying his tag team belt as gav make his way down sarcastically clapping his opponants he trades his tag team belt for a mic and steps in the ring*

    (gav the chav) well well well what the fuck do we have here i'm gunna address you 3 in a miniute first i wanna address the 2 who ain't here farooq and nick

    Nick last week you impressed me gav took you very lightly which was very silly of him to do like i said before gav aint got a lot to say to you as long as you don't piss me of too much then were good

    Now you farooq unlike nick you really pissed me off you cheeky little **** last week you got really lucky last week in our match that victory was mine you think you can walk into here and walk in to my match and take my victory away from me who the fuck do you think you are? Anyway thats in the past you can't change the past but i can change your future when you finally show i can't wait to get my hands on you i'm gunna remove that stupid little head of yours from your shoulders i'm gunna rip the fucker off it will be fucking fantastic then when i'm done doing that i'm gunna nick your 36'' inch plasma tv then watch it over and over again!
    *gav then turns his attention towards urm... Adam*
    I'm coming? Is that it you dragged that little arse of yours out here with all those fancy effects just to tell us your coming? What was the fucking point in that? I guess this is yet another gimmick change i dunno about you marcus but i've lost count to be honest with you unlike all that other shite you've come up with as a fan of IWT im intrigued to see where this is going just as long as you don't fuck with gav the...
    *marcus pulls gav aside to tell him something*

    Thanks for reminding me mate well i was about to say don't fuck with me but my good friend here just reminded me of something remember last week when you jumped me like a little pussy using a chair well sadly for you theres no chairs allowed in this match otherwise i'd of beat the shit outta you already instead it'l be a good old fashioned fist fight just how like gavs it no weapons or anything justme beating the shit out of you hahahaha

    *gau then turns his attention towards trips*

    So we meet again you little creepy **** you can say all you want about me but when you start dissin my mates thats when i get pissed off you see the dazzling chav ain't like the cure or dx or any other faction here we're not just a group of individuals runnning around this place oh hell no we're like family we are like brothers we have this unbreakable bond something which those bunch of bellends didn't have and back where i came from when you diss someones family your gunna get your face smashed in and thats exactly what i'm gunna do to you you stupid ****!

    *gav then turns his attention towards rodrigo and nuts him in the nose*

    Rodrigo out of everyone on your team gav liked you the most in fact gav really liked you so much he wanted to turn you into a dazzling chav in the future when that littld prick @Dat Kid From Jersey ditch you lot i really pissed me off to see him use you like dirt gav wanted to punch that prick in the mouth because before gav joined IWT back when gav was on curfew gav used to record every single ppv just to watch you rodrigo gav the chav was your number one fan i even bought all you merchindise you were one of the reasons gav turned his life around by joining IWT you helped to inspire me to become who i am today but now you just went and blown it gavs love for you has gone right out of that window now gav sees you just like one of those cheeky ****s over there remember the cure? remember how they crushed you like ants they destroyed you and took those tag titles from you and guess who crushed them? Me gav the fucking chav and my brother from another mother b.dazzle we not only crushed them we obliterated them something which even the mighty aids johnson couldn't do when he faced alias maybe after this is over i may find a way to forgive you and we can be friends but till then i'm afraid i'm gunna have to smash your face in

    @B.Dazzle @Shannon_724 go get em!
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  11. B.Dazzle: First off, hows everyone doing tonight?

    *The crowd cheers*

    B.Dazzle: Good, good. Now, shut your fucking mouths because B.Dazzle doesn't give a damn.

    *Cheers turn into boos.*

    B.Dazzle: Let's have a look at what we have facing us in this ring, shall we. First we had some cryptic message that will undoubtedly lead to the most boring and uneventful thing in the history of IWT. Well maybe not as uneventful as the return of DX. Trip, Nick, Rodrigo, how that go for you? If you ask B.Dazzle, you guys haven't really done anything. Nick has became as depressing and annoying as a girl on her period. Trip seems to have lost any nuts he ever had and is now obsessed with meat like a girl a prostitute at a whore house, and Rhod.......B.Dazzle didn't even know you came back until Gav told him a couple of weeks ago. You know what though, you should all be happy? You should be happy that standing before you are the hardest mother fuckes around, The Dazzling Chavs. B.Dazzle doesn't even want to be here. He should be defending this title at the top of this card, not opening the show with a bunch of scrubs who don't have what it takes to lace up his boots.

    *B.Dazzle begins looking around*

    B.Dazzle: There seems to be someone missing, but who is it? Oh wait, it's mr. hollywood himself, Farooq. He's probably somewhere around trying to find somewhere who will let him in their movies. Actually he may be trying to get people to buy some 36 inch t.v's, only to be laughed at by common people who have bigger t.v's. Well, I guess Farooq has always been on the small side compared to others.

    *This gets a chuckle out of the fans.*

    B.Dazzle: Tonight, we celebrate one year of IWT. To that, I say lets hope for another great year. Another great year of B.Dazzle being better than the rest!
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  12. Continuing from Farooq AJ Styles and Friends movie....

    Farooq and AJ Styles are shown outside the arena, parachuting down as they had jumped from the Ed Force One. They land in front of the arena with backpacks. They run to the locker room, quickly changing. AJ is with his ring gear and a jacket. Farooq is with his original ring gear, black boots black tights with the Public Enemy logo on each side of his tights. He's also wearing a AJ Styles T-Shirt as he runs out to the arena.

    "And introducing the opponent...from Houston, Texas, being accompanied by the TNA World Heavyweight champion, AJ Styles, Farooq!!" The announcer said as Farooq and AJ Styles come out to a loud set of cheers. Farooq and AJ walk down the ramp, Styles waiting outside the ring as he hands Farooq a microphone when Farooq slides into the ring. He stays away from everyone in the ring, standing in front of his own corner.

    "For months I had gained a new that disrespected the fans here, no, the fans around the world. Insulting them, and even resulting to mocking their children. I take full responsibility to my actions for what I did. I do not expect you fans to forget, but what I do ask, is for forgiveness. To fight for this forgiveness, I will stay in the Internet Wrestling Titles with a permanent contract. I will still be acting in movies, but I will put more time into here to entertain you the fans. With that being said, I will now start the match." Farooq said as he then turned his attention to Marcus.
    "Marcus, you need help. Not the kind of help that Brianica offers, but more solid help. Look at her, she is insane, and don't tell me she's not. She's crazy and she's trying to drag you down with her. Why? Because she's scared to be alone. She's manipulating you, you are just a puppet and she is pulling the strings. She's making you suffer her pain not yours. Alcohol is not the answer, Brit's insanity is not the answer. You need professional help, get away from her and I can show you better ways to express yourself. Meditation, speaking, and many other aspects are the cure to your pain, not this. You are just a tool, and you deserve more than this crap that she's doing!" Farooq said before looking at Britanica.

    "You still cannot accept the fact that this company has moved on without you, and it's pathetic. You slept with one of our workers, and now you corrupt another? You are a danger to everyone's health, and I suggest you leave now before the match ends. Because when it does, I'm sending you back to an Asylum. Call me Batman, because Joker, you are going back to rot." Farooq said, turning his attention to B.Dazzle.

    "B.Dazzle, you are the Intercontinental champion and the tag team champion. In fact, you are the only one I have interest in fighting with....because of that Intercontinental belt. I have started the X Division, so I have nothing to prove there. The main event scene, I do not belong yet, but the Intercontinental division is one division I have yet to challenge. May all the cheap jokes you wish against me bud, it won't effect me. For now though, it is teams against teams, so let us start with this battle first. I'm not going to take anything away from you, you are a tremendous performer, and truly someone with a burning passion to fight here in the IWT, but not as much as me. The past is the past, forget about what I built, I'm going to build the future. The future filled with these seats being sold out, because performers like you and me come out and give it our all....for now, in fact, I have no say until we battle each other. This match doesn't mean anything to me." Farooq said as the crowd gasps.

    "Why does it not matter? Look who I'm teamed with. A drunk, an animal, someone who didn't even show up to their match and actually I do have one decent team member, but really I think this anniversary deserved something more." Farooq said as he paced back and forth slowly in his section of the ring as he turned his attention to Gav.
    "Gav, the other half of the tag team champions. You threaten me with childlike insults, threatening to 'remove' my head. Grow up, you are not removing anything. You came to the match and lost. Get over it, we don't want another FTJ around the IWT. I respect you as an opponent, but those are the kind of threats that take away from your true ability. You are a great champion, and a great team worker with your partner. I suggest not letting your anger get the best of you, or you'll lose that championship to the next team that fights you Gav."
    Farooq said as the crowd cheered for him loudly.

    "Shannon....I can't say anything about you. Sadly, I expect you to not even show for this match..."

    Farooq then faced his own team. "I am not here to help any of you out. I am not here to stand by any of you. I was here, to stand with the fans. I have no interest in defending you, in fact my work was not to contribute. It wasn't about the win, it's about sending a message, and that's what I did. Goodbye. Farooq said as he dropped the microphone, sliding out of the ring and began to leave the arena.
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  13. OOC:

    Farooq may be going back to his old gimmick based on recent reports but it may not be true #Meltzer
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  14. ooc: Reports say Chrysalis died by @Testify swinging his dick from New York. Sadly she was in the range of Chicago and got hit.
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  15. Mr Sackfist emerges to a warm welcome from the IWT fans, he stands on the ramp soaking in the welcoming applause of the fans and a smirk arises on his face. He heads down to the ring and greets his team members.

    Sack: Ladies and Gentlemen, it feels so damn good to be here, at the anniversary show of IWT. I mean what would you do with out Mr. Mid-Card to help out and build to the main event. I am grateful enough to be given the opportunity to tag with some champions and new guys in the business.

    Sack pauses as he scratches his head

    Sack: But looking at my opponents now, you all know my history with them. We have Rhod here tonight, nice of you to show up, considering how you ditched me in our match against the cure, it's nice to see you were able to get across the border to be here spaniard. Your here really to get the latino viewers and well, did very poorly at it. Since I left IWT, I've still been watching. I saw FSW rise and fall...

    Sack looks at the camera

    Sack: That will be a wonderful DVD, I saw Victoria breakdown, I even saw the mighty Senhor Perfect lose the Intercontinental Championship. But Rhod, what have you accomplished here in IWT? Sure you were on Team D-Generation X, but lets face it, Dat Kid was the draw, Danielson was the ladies man, Trip & Nick were the comedy duo and you were...well you were just the towel boy. Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. You play an irrelevant part in this team just like you did at Survivor Series and will continue to play indefinitely, there is no silver lining Rhod.

    Sack looks at Adam and chuckles

    Sack: Here is a man of many faces, literally, Sheamus knock-off, Aries knock-off. I was waiting and hoping for the Zach Ryder knock-off, the Eugene Knock-Off, Heck, go for the Kelly Kelly knock-off, I guarantee that will get you attention from the superstars in the back. That is all you want Adam, attention, but to get attention, you need a few things, the reason I made it into the Night Of Champions Tournament and not you is because of a little thing called originality. The O-Word that FTJ cannot comprehend. I have been watching IWT week in, week out, you form an alliance and was it as dominant as the Cure? I mean that was the Alliance's purpose, to eradicate the cure? And you failed miserably, the cure imploded and that is the reason you were granted a spot on the card tonight, had they still been around, you wouldn't be Adam Aries, Irish Adam, you'd be Adam Who?

    Sack smiles as smarks cheer the insult before he looks over at Nick & Trip

    Sack: Trip & Nick, Dick & Trip, D-Generation X's groupies. I haven't seen much of you, and that is purely because the champs right here dominate. IWT's tag division is none existent, heck I don't even know if there is an X-Division or Mid-Card division anymore, because to me it seems to be Aids Johnson vs DK James, Victoria's wacky shack show, Dat Kid & Jono. Back when I was here, you two were nobodies, two guys who no one knew, and no one cared about. Now you guys are what I like to call "Pig Slop", feel free to use that Dazzling Chavs when you face these guys in the many...many....many....many title matches until they realize that they just weren't that good enough and break up.

    Sack steps back

    Sack: IWT Anniversary and what an achievement, 1 year of carnage, freaks and drama. It was great to comeback for one more match in IWT. I know you IWT fans and especially Aids Johnson would like to see the rematch between us, but at the present time, IWT doesn't need me, we have new talent and new stars fighting and clawing to be known. It was an honor to compete with the Dazzling Chavs, Luke & Marcus tonight, and a night I will never forget. IWT the 1st of many anniversaries.
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  16. The Dazzling Chavs theme song plays once more as Luke Starr begins making his way down to the ramp while receiving loud boos from the fans. He grins while fixing his hair before winking at one of the women in the crowd. Luke enters the ring and grabs a microphone before clearing his throat.

    Luke Starr: "So, here we are. The one year anniversary of IWT. I'm looking out this ring and this match right one way to have a damn good anniversary show. We have veterans in here, new faces, an amazing face obviously and...a drunk with the rest of his team who aren't being too pleasant to the camera.

    Now, look at this, not them, the more dominant one. We have the past in Sack, the present in Dazzle and Gav The Chav and the future in Marcus and I. The future that isn't too bad looking either, unlike these things I've been forced to be in a match against. You guys might not know it yet, but you're lucky to be here in the ring with us. Marcus and I... just wait. We'll be back when we have tons of accolades but thing is, you brainless idiots won't care. You won't care about us being IWT Champions, us being Intercontinental champions, which never seemed too great until B. Dazzle won it, and none of you guys will care that this whole team...this team is simply a group of the best-looking people in the arena. Better than that girl over there who's had herself too many cheeseburgers, that guy....wait, that's a girl..over there and especially that girl over there that I winked at, ignore that, I plan on doing something with her later, I'll take it back afterwards. Anyways, the point is, this whole team has all the tools to take down this pathetic group of people we have facing us tonight...and, one of these pathetic people thought I wouldn't even show up. Well, buddy you got that wrong. Here I am...the ladies' man, the male model and the alpha male of IWT..with a dream team with me!"

    Luke Starr raises an arm in the air and grins just to be booed once again by the crowd. Starr looks back over at the woman he winked at earlier, who has a man who seems to be her boy-friend next to him. The man looks angrily at Luke and Starr shrugs, laughing.
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  17. OOC: "just how like gavs it" - fucken lol
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  18. OOC: if I may, this match was awesome :awyeah:

    Edit: you guys love my mystery partner huh
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  19. awesome job team. really enjoyed it
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  20. Of course you did. I was in it. :smug:

    Seriously though, great job to all!
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