Uprising Challenge To The "Newbies"

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  1. *Aries walks out to a pop, He climbs into the ring and takes a mic*​
    I purposely asked NOT to be booked for Uprising because I wanted to keep myself ready for Night Of Champions against David in what is the biggest match of my career but now after thinking it over, What kinda of man would I be not to face anyone or even accept a challenge, But tonight I will be handing out the challenge, I am giving one of our newbies a challenge for a special guest ref match at Uprising so bring on the first competitor!​

  2. OOC: Sorry, when is Uprising going down?
  3. OOC: Not sure yet
  4. OOC: Oh haha, was thinking about accepting the challenge, but wanted to make sure I would be available to do it when it comes up.
  5. The music hits, and Aids Johnson walks out to a surprised Adam.

    Aids walks out to a huge boo, walking to the ring slowly stutter stepping as he walks. Instead of giving the fans high fives, he puts his hand out to slap faces, and get the majority of the crowd before stopping and doing a Victoria Parker-esque pose at the first fan to move back, avoiding the slap in the face. Aids laughs, as security covers him from any hitting from fans, and he returns to his stutter step, faking a cane walk as he goes up the stairs. Aids walks into the ring, goes past adam laughing as he grabs a mic from a staff member standing outside the ring.

    You need to face a rookie? Scared little adam. Crusader of the future. For all of you that aren't sure, Crusader is just a nice way to define the biggest jobbers on the IWT. You want a match. I plan on already having a match this uprising, but i know there is a man who has already beaten you, who needs some more time on the microphone. A man who holds the gold you want so dearly. A man cured of pain, cured of sins, and will be curing you of the disease you Crusaders bring to the IWT. That man? You know him well, and here he is.

    *Aids points to the entrance, standing next to Adam laughing as he does. Security surrounds the ring, making sure thngs dont get out of hand.
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    *Alias walks out on the ramp and is met with boos. He waves and gives a thumbs up to Aids who is in the ring. He has a mic in hand*
    Alias: Newbies? Really? I hope to end your career soon, why not at Uprising? I accept this challenge, "newbie.
    *Alias gives out his infamous sadistic smile before heading to the back nonchalantly*
  7. OOC: D'oh! Oh well. You snooze you lose.
  8. Aids watches Eddy's magic tricks, shaking his head while he "disappears" back to the main area.

    I guess you have your challenge accepted, dont you, Adam the Crusader.

    Aids laughs as he walks slowly out of the ring, followed by security as he walks backstage to his music.
  9. OOC: Newbies, Not you. I wouldn't face you anyway, Now stay out of here.

    Aries: Whoah Whoah Whoah there, Scarred? Believe im anything but, This is little pissed off Aids who is upset over the fact he will lose his Tournament match because theres no one to help him.

    This is a challenge to the newbies to let them prove themselves. Now please stay the hell out of my ring.
  10. *Aries laughs at this failed attempt*​
    Now that these sleaze balls have left my ring the challenge is still open but only to worthy competitors. Bring out my challenge for Uprising, This is your chance, Make a mark, This is your gutcheck time!​
  11. As Aries finishes his speech, aids turns around and holds the mic back up.

    Scared little adam, begging for a win. YOU want to make jokes? Let me give you a hand. I am going to win my match, move forward, and you? You will show everyone why the X-division champ is holding his gold. As far as no one to vote for me? We are in a sudden death match, tonight. I am going to be at the top of the class, and you will just be the scared little boy who has to face rookies to get his first real win. You want a challenger? When i beat Alkaline, and i will beat him, i am willing to not only beat my next opponent, but im willing to give you the match of your career. You want a match at uprising? Face me.
  12. OOC: Fuck it

    *Trip makes his way out from the back during the commotion. Staring down Aids as he walks by with security, tensions obviously high. He seems much calmer than usual at this point in time. Trip climbs into the ring with a mic*

    TRIP: An open challenge eh? I'll take you up on that if you think you can handle it. I did just destroy Duke Nukem in a tables match the other night. I think a spot in Uprising is the next step in my destruction of the IWT. What do you say Adam? Do you have the next number? Would you like to place an order?

    *Trips unusually scary and black tooth grin spreads across his face*

    OOC: Even if I lose horribly, I'm sure it'll be fun!
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  13. OOC: Ah shit, now my stuff seems out of place. :urm:
  14. *Adam stares into the eyes of the monster tripinthehead69 *​
    You're on.​
    *Both men are staring into each others eyes not intimidated by either man*​
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  15. OOC that shit was well worth it. Nice job.
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  16. OOC: I'm so confused now lol. Where is Aids at? The ring or the stage?
  17. OOC: Want to make it a triple threat? I don't mind. Whatever you guys are up for.
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    *The crowd cheers majestically as Christian comes out on stage

    Christian: Cut the music. Cut the music. Cut the music.

    *Christian chants start to spurt out

    Christian: Settle down, settle down...

    Christian: Is that you Aids Johnson? Woah, I didn't know you were back! Wow, Aids Johnson in IWT again, who woulda thunk it?

    *Christian chuckles and then puts his focus onto Adam

    Christian: Now listen, Adam is your name, correct? I'm not here to challenge you, I wouldn't want to disfigure your state of mind for NOC and as you can see right now.

    *Directs attention to his attire

    Christian: I'm not really in my wrestling gear right now. But seeing how we've got 3 guys in the spotlight right now, it'd be fair to make this a fatal four way match.

    *Crowd cheers

    Christian: Buuuut... that wouldn't respect Adam's wishes on taking on a rookie. So, Aids and Eddy, you'll get a chance with him later I promise you. But for now, seeing how Trips is clearly the rookie here, it's best that he be his opponent.

    Christian: I'll leave the rest to you, Adam.

    *Christian leaves on to the back
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  19. Rodrigo comes out with a mic.

    The crowd and Aids Johnson are waiting for it.


    Rodrigo leaves the area.

    OCC: You can continue :smug:
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  20. Wait, who are the GMs now? This is confusing