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  1. *The arena goes into darkness at IWT Uprising, A theme hits and the crowd pops*​
    *After a minute no one comes out onto the stage*​
    *A dark figure appears in the crowd, The spotlight hits the figure to reveal Adam Hawk, The crowd explodes, He walks down the stairs wearing a shirt with a wanted poster with Jonathan 's face on it saying "WANTED: DEAD", He walks down the stairs to the barricade, Security blocks his way, He laughs, A security guard hears a notice through his ear piece and Hawk is let through, He jumps the barricade, He climbs into the ring and takes a mic, Security surrounds the ring since Hawk is not under contract, He was allowed into the ring by management*​
    I am surrounded by a bunch of security and have been classed as a danger to IWT "talent", I tore up my contract and I left, I went away for a while as being forced out of the company by The Cure. I ripped up my contract and flipped off everyone here, I tossed away my Money In The Bank briefcase onto the street which lead to a funny tweet from a fan who found it, I was forced out of this place never to come back and I have just flipped them all of by arriving here now!​
    I have always been forced and held back by Jonathan, He has always wanted to control the man I am so I was forced to go along with his little plans and team with a couple of asswipes to "battle The Cure" even when The Cure have the same goals as me, I was forced to team with Jacob and take the tag titles from a friend of mine in Danielson and I am fucking glad I lost those titles, I cheated on purpose to get suspended and bang I get an easy 2 week break off the road, I come back and I targeted the man who I hated and loathed and I fought and I beat and I battered his ass all over the arena, I remember the cringe on my face as I saw him on his knees and I saw him beg and plead and then BANG, The noise shaking throughout the arena, The shock and concern on peoples faces, The blood pouring down Jacob engulfing his face and the smile on mine as the steel meets the skin of Jacob, I knocked him out cold and I fucking lost, The next night I was forced to swallow all of my pride as Jonathan directed me to the ring and use the same hand I used to punch Jacob's lights out I was to shake his hand, I was forced to throw all my principles out of the window and shake that fuckers hand, I wanted to spit in his face, I then had to team with him at Uprising I wanted to just walk out a leave him but no I was forced and pushed to do everything that THEY wanted me to do and then came my X-Division Title match, And I lost, Everything I had fucking worked for was gone in an instant, I lost the biggest match of my career and I finally snapped and I walked out and I left ON MY TERMS. For the first time in my IWT career I left under MY terms, I have had my hand forced and I have had to put a god damn smile on my face, I had to hug fat chicks and kiss babies against my will and I wanted to spit in their faces and flip them off, I am suck of the MAN telling me what I have to do, I am taking control of myself and I can come out here and say whatever I want because I have no contract, I have no one to hold me down and destroy my hopes and dreams, I am sick of all that crap, No more Rodrigo, No more Jonathan and no more NanoRah14 . I am done with this crap and I am done with IWT, I am Adam Hawk and FUCK IWT.​

  2. Fuck off then.
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  3. I have already told you about this storyline, Actually read the thread.

    No one interrupt this, Storyline stuff.
  4. :jeritroll:
  5. *The camera pans into the locker room area hoping to catch what the superstars think about it. When the cameramen arrive, they are watching Farooq's first attempt at a comedy movie instead. They arent laughing with him.
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  6. Retard alert. I wad clearly in character... Good job spoiling your story though

    And we know it's storyline Ad... The prefix says so...
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  7. *Senhor watches in the back whilst polishing his title

    Wow, another gimmick for this kid? This is getting out of hand. Who knew enhancement talent would get so many chances to go over? I guess when this flops he'll be begging my boy Jonny's for a 22nd chance.
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    *Suicide's theme and titantron air*​
    *Suicide runs out onto the stage with a mic in his hand,he moshes for a bit and stops. Since the last IWT show he's grown his hair out and acquired some facial stubble*​
    *The crowd is chanting "Suicide!" before he begins to speak*​
    Suicide: "Adam,you come out here,and, take up these good people's time as you spew some utter crap about you being "anti-IWT". Let's face it,you're not anti-IWT. If you really where anti-IWT you wouldn't have showed your face around here. You would have just stayed at that b rate promotion known as FSW. You crawled back here,with ANOTHER new gimmick I might add because you know it gets no better. IWT is home of the greatest talent in the world and it contains the greatest fans,unlike FSW who has about a total roster of 5 and fan population of like 3. You want to seem like some sort of anarchist to these people but they see right through you. They know,ohhh they know that after this show is over you're going to run into the back and beg Jonathan to be apart of IWT again and get on your knees to be booked,even if the match is the curtain jerker. You're just a facade of poorly based lies. Just because you want to be apart of the IWT again doesn't mean anyone in the back or anyone of the fans want you here again. In fact,no body wants you here. Stop wasting my time and these people's time and walk out of here with your tail tucked in between your legs,go back to FSW and never show your face around here again. If you do show up again I won't be so nice next time."​
    *Suicide calls for the security to escort Adam out and then leads the crowd in a "Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye!" chant*​
    OOC: Think I just became IWT's fifth face..​
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  9. *Christian watches backstage

    Who let this fuck in the ring? Also, why does it seem I've heard these 2 words before?

    *Christian looks back into his past

    Nope, can't recall.
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  10. Nananan heyhey goodbyeeee
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  11. Classic JonoDick :win:
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. LMAO LOLOLOLOL Wish I coulda liked this thrice.
  14. I clearly said don't interrupt this and this is storyline stuff.

    Thanks for ruining the storyline guys.
  15. :jericho:
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  16. OOC: If you didn't want any replies why didn't you close the thread after your post. Usually when we post promos there's always some sort of reaction from the other members.
  17. Because someone was to interrupt me and even then people kept posting random crap.
  18. Glad I could help. :jeritroll:
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  19. Well, this turned into a clusterfuck. Closing it.
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