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  1. Champ Johnson

  2. DK James

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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    Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing - D-Generation X?
    The crowd fills the stadium with boo's as a the stage is filled with giant blasts of green pyro. The crowd still booing, as the introduction begins.

    The crowd continues to boo as the titantron show's d-x, before, suddenly, Aids Johnson is seen delivering a brainbuster to Dat kid, repeating multiple times before Aids' name comes across, filling the screen. Aids walks out as the crowd switches into an insane pop, wearing a DX shirt with a red X across the name. Aids struts around, jumping up and down in the center before moving to both sides, throwing the X up to the crowd, as they continue to cheer. After walking between the sides of the ramp, Aids goes to the center, holding up his title backwards... and as he turns around "Cured" is seen on the back of his shirt, also in red letters. Aids holds up his title with his right hand, pointing to the fans, before running down and sliding into the ring, handing his IWT title to the ref, taking a microphone.

    Cut that shitty music *the crowd pops again, and starts chanting "we love Johnson," as Aids laughs, going to both corners and continuing the cheering for a solid minute, before holding the mic up, smiling and laughing.

    Here we are, another main event, and the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THIS COMPANY! Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for coming out tonight, ARE YOU READY! *the crowd pops* I SAID! *Aids laughs, circling around the ring.*...Thank you all for coming out and making this night the greatest 1st anniversary for the IWT...and you all can bet your damn money you've already gotten your money's worth tonight, but, what is the anniversary show without our IWT title on the line! *crowd pops* and who better to compete for it than the MAN, THE LEGEND! The first 3 time champion of the Company, Aids Johnson *Crowd pops loudly* vs Buffalo's very own, Joey Bryant! *Crowd pops, and cheers Joey Bryant, *Aids soaks all the noise in, smiling the entire time.* And we are all better for it.

    We have seen an Anniversary show FILLED with main event quality matches, and the IWT universe is clearly thankful for it. NOW, onto real business tonight. I am here to prove for the first time, that Aids can defend. I have earned my title three time's now, yet have never successfully defended it. Tonight, Aids vs Bryant is going to be a match worth keeping the asses in their seats. Tonight, my family are sitting here, watching and hoping that their son, or their brother, maybe even their hero... Aids makes them proud. That family, is each and every single one of you.

    Tonight, Victoria Parker closes her eyes and throws her head back like you've seen a thousand time's before, imagining herself in this main event, as the drugs kick in. She probably is alert to the fact that right now two of the three members in the previous ppv's match are going to be in ring, giving the fan's their money's worth, as she convince's herself we care about her. My family are out there, suffering, and god willing, still alive, waiting for her to come to her senses. *Aids walks towards the ring entrance* And if she doesn't, then I guess that makes me the "Martyr" Joey Bryant has been looking for all along.

    Joey Bryant, the man with an ego truly made for a champion. The only man who has really earned his place into this match, and the man who assumes he is going to walk out of here tonight holding the IWT champion, becoming just another self-righteous, ego driven jerk. He is going to tell you he deserves it, that he bled to get here, somehow convincing himself that the other star's on the card this evening haven't done the same, while separating himself from the rest of our competition.

    *Aids pulls off his DX bandana, showing his head wrapped from his encounter with Senhor earlier in the night.* I've bled tonight already, and your Champion is ready to bleed some more if that gives him what he deserves. Some people demand a "champions advantage," but the real champ is here to throw two solid fingers to that bullshit!

    The crowd pops, as Aids walks back into the center of the ring, grabbing Lilian's microphone and saying "Ladies and gentlemen, Joey Bryant!" before he claps, waiting on his challenger.
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  3. *The lights dim low in the arena when a new theme begins to play...*

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as they look at the titantron and see Joey Bryant. He walks out onto the stage at 18 seconds of the song, with no emotion. He just glares down Aids at the top of the stage. He gets a quick smirk as he screams to the fans and gets a quick pop. He storms down the ramp with the now determined look on his face and rolls in the ring and gets right up to Aids before holding up 3 fingers, symbolizing Aids as a 3 time champion. His music fades.*

    "Look at me everyone! I'm Aids Johnson! Who wants to see Teacher vs Protege again? Guys? Come on it's great for business! I'm not a paper champion, I can prove it, watch!"

    *He smiles real quick at his Aids impression and gets a quick cheer.*

    "Aids... hello once again. The amount of crazies that are running around this company now with their fake gimmicks and poor representations of actual wrestlers, it sickens me. So to see someone like yourself that actually wants to stand out from the rest of this roster makes me realize not everyone has their heads up their ass. You know, I always wonder if I got here earlier if Britanica would have given me the shot earlier, maybe she would have known I was the true future of this business when I showed up in June. If there's one thing I respect for the way the company is going is the way they make us work and prove to them that we belong on headlining shows such as the anniversary show. They made me climb for months until I finally got to this moment, and how fitting on the one year anniversary. I wasn't here at the dawn of this company but I was here at the permutation. Meaning I was here and stepped up by making this about me, myself and I. I haven't hid behind any gimmicks, the only time I lost it was when I pulled that fake Cure ruse, but after that I left for a month to realize I don't need to hide behind anything. So I wonder what it took to make everyone realize I deserve to be here, because even with the amount of victories I got in the tournament, I was still shoved aside. Still, maybe I'm not relevant, like you would call yourself. Knight wouldn't even find me to give me a Christmas gift."

    *The crowd cheers at the reference and Joey begins to pace around Aids.*

    "If I don't win newcomer of the year it's a fluke because has there been any other new competitor here that has stepped up like I have this year? I mean half the people that come here show up for one match, promise the great fans that they're going to win! And then... they lose. That wasn't the Joey Bryant story. I came in, I won. People shrugged it off as mediocrity. I came close to winning another. Just another boring jobber match. Then I won, and again, and then I got that first shot at the X-Division title and even with these people behind me the Cure's own at the time David came out with the title. Let me go off topic for a second and ask what he's done since winning that title? He's taken all prestige and respect out of it and if I don't beat you Aids he better know he's next. But back on topic, I lost that match and left for a good few weeks. I came back. I won, I won, I won, I won and then I got my shot. I didn't consider that match as a title match, I really didn't. Before I walked out to that ring the only goal in my mind was to prove to everyone that I belong here and that even some of the biggest egos here can't and won't keep me down. In every competitors career there's that one match that puts them on the map, makes everyone realize that they're someone special. That was my match and now I have to back up the praise. I could easily take the title off David Erro, I could easily take down B.Dazzle but no, I want a challenge. I want the respect I deserve and I don't feel like you've given me that ever since you've won that title and your already big ego raised even more. And believe me I like to believe in many things but one thing I could have never thought up is the thought of your ego growing. You come out week after week looking for challenges to prove you're not a "paper champion" but only because you want to talk shit on every person on the roster and show everyone they're not ready, so maybe you're what keeps causing the rookies to split. They realize they're not going to get anything done because their first matches are against the champ, Mr. Relevant, and that turns them off. You don't need to prove to everyone you're not a paper champion, we all get it. The only paper champion I see is David. Running around saying he's the longest reigning X-Division champion of all time but since winning it almost 4 months ago, he's had what, 3 matches? Only 2 of them being title defenses? If I were running this company I'd strip him of that title and give it to someone worthwhile but enough about David..."

    *He stops pacing and looks back at Aids.*

    "You were right when you predicted I'd come out here and preach that I belong and that I deserve to be here, I see you've done you're homework. But Joey Bryant isn't just a man that likes to repeat himself. Just a little bit ago, we were both standing in this ring looking at each other the same way we are now. But the difference was Victoria Parker was standing with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other, the true psychopath of the IWT. People had their doubts that we would even make it out of that match let alone one of us making it out with her title. See where it sent her? It sent her spiraling down back to her natural habitat to a place where I don't know if she'll ever recover. She's always getting visitors though, some of them new guys who just want to play the role of the class clown by pranking one of the popular kids. They have no business being there, and at some point she'll be fed up and she'll come back. It'll be memorable. It'll be something to remember just like this match. Before this match I wanted my name brought up in daily conversation, I wanted to be a big player, but I've come to realize the only time my name is mentioned is when guys are trying to speak their minds and say I don't belong here or their matches are more important. Time to prove them wrong, huh champ?"
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  4. *Aids looks the entire time, his face going from straight, to crooked smile, and by the end he is completely grinning. He steps up to Joey Bryant, and stares him straight in the face, before holding up his microphone.

    Shut, your fucking, mouth. *Small pop, as the crowd gasps.* You want more from me? You need to learn your history, because as we all well know, those who are ignorant to history are doomed to repeat it. David has a record people like myself dream of, and if you lose here tonight and go to the X-division, they would be LUCKY to see a match like you and David...hell, we all would be lucky to see that match. You are confusing the thing's that selfish wrestlers like yourself, myself, and so many others want, to the will of the backstage. You say I don't respect you, apparently ignoring anything i've said while you sit thinking "I'm relevant, i'm relevant, I should call him out for saying relevant," ignoring what is happing in the real world of the IWT.

    Joey you belong here, you deserve to be here, but you don't deserve to beat me. I learned my lesson, and realized what it takes to become a true champion, to help the up and coming members, while realizing someday they are going to bury me...but today is just not that day. You think our last match was the match to prove to everyone that you deserve to be champion? Well clearly you not only are under-estimating yourself, you are clearly underestimating me as well. You have earned everything you've done to get here, and what have you done since winning your #1 contender position? You have bitched. You have turned into the person who tells everyone that you are a god among men, demanding respect, while ignoring everything going on around you. I should know, I was there once.

    I don't need to prove anything to you, but it's about time you proved yourself instead of telling everyone thing's they already know. Why do you deserve the title? Is it because I'm not what people want, or is it because you have scraped and bled your way to this point, and want to prove yourself, because all i see is a little boy telling daddy he want's his toy....and when I ask why, you just reply "I want it!"

    Step up or shut up time, son.
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  5. *Joey just cracks his neck when Aids finishes and looks a little red in the face.*

    "I bitch? That's the opposite of what I've been trying to do. What you and everyone else fails to realize is I'm not bitching. I'm stating the facts, no one gave a damn about me before our last confrontation, no one gives a damn about me now, and I've come to the point where I really don't care. These fans can give me all the little cheers they want, you can give me all the respect you want but until I wear some sort of gold around my waist no one is going to bat an eye at me. They're just going to look at me as the kid that tried but couldn't get the job done time and time again and I feel like if I don't beat you tonight, I may never get the shot again. There are too many hungry competitors at the bottom of the ladder slowly climbing their way up to you and they'll realize that if you beat me again, I don't deserve another shot. That's why I'm pulling out all the stops, champ. It's not a matter of who respects who or who has more championship reigns but a matter of who can out last what the other has to dish out, and right now you're thinking you're winning that fight. I may be selfish in a way, but I've wanted the best for this company since Dat Kid and Danny left to try and make a name somewhere else, I stepped up to the plate to revive this company. I changed my ways, I edited my mind set and I got here."

    *He hops through the ropes and grabs a sign that says "Joey Bryant is UNDERRATED" He takes it as the fan jumps up and down in excitement and he rolls back in the ring with the sign. He holds it up for a second as he sets it against the turnbuckle.*

    "Underrated... Joey Bryant is underrated? It seems like everybody's perception of me is very bipolar. To one group, it's overpaid, overrated; to another group, it's underpaid, underrated, underdog. It's funny to me because there's no real balance. I think the voice is an underrated instrument these days and it's easy to make up for lack of ability with effects. I think sometimes people are more shocked with egos and gimmicks than core craftsmanship. Strong voices are not as common as they used to be. Underrated? No, more like unknown."

    *He takes the sign and snaps it over his knee. He looks back into the eyes of Aids.*

    "So you think I've just been bitching and running my mouth, eh? I've been trying to tell my story in the best way I can and sorry if it sounds like a sob story or an undeserved ego, but it's all true. You've heard plenty about me though, why don't you tell me about yourself? Flip flopping from loving these people and not loving them, changing your relationships with everyone you once cared about, claiming you're the best champion this company has ever seen and you possibly could be. If I can't beat you, I'm not sure who really can. Will his name be Alias Antonio, Bruce Knight, Gav the Chav? Or someone more experienced like Farooq, Rodrigo, Dat Kid? Or will it simply be the kid that no one expected at the beginning of the tournament, the unknown kid from a small city with a big ego that he has yet to back up, Joey Bryant. I don't just want that title, I'm not just crying out that I deserve it more than the rest, and while most of that's true, that's not the sole reason I'm here. If you claim I only got to where I am by bitching and crying then most of the IWT roster would be standing where I am because everyone has the same mind set I do, and whether they want to hide behind a gimmick and try to act like they don't care, they do. You're the champ, you've proven to most everyone that you can hold your own and I'm not ignoring your history, I'm simply shoving aside because I live in the present. If I don't beat you I don't want to think of what's to come of me, all I'm thinking about right now is how I'm going to beat you. I don't need to think of the past either, I don't have much of a past to think about, this is my 3rd title shot, and my 3rd attempt and how fitting that I could possibly end your 3rd reign."
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  6. You see my issue, like my issue with most people like you, is that you only listen to half of what i'm saying. You ignore the positive, only focusing on things that either you can defend...contradicting my opinions and correcting me to let me know that thing's are not as I view them....or pretending what i've said is something you have heard time and time again, comparing me to what thing's were like before my world was shifted. My family is gone, brother. I once saw this place as mine for the taking, a proving ground to show what I was capable of, the future of Aids Johnson. I have succeeded there, but have lost everything in the process, and where you are standing now, I am trying to let you realize, i once stood.

    I have everything in the world, the IWT title, a huge contract, and it took Victoria Parker's horrible methods and cut's to make me realize that with everything I have ever dreamed of in my hands, i'm alone. I have stated twice you have earned where you are, and yet you ignore things where credit is given, only to complain and tell me that you will be looked at as nothing if you don't win tonight.

    Ask yourself this, who want's a whiny, crybaby champion who won't be happy until people give him what he feel's he deserves? You stand up on your fucking feet right now, and you take what matter's most. Don't tell me what you want, tell me what you know. Where will this company be when a man like you steps up and take's over my spot? Who will you be when the new members come here with the same dreams you once had, the same dreams you are LIVING now? If you cannot answer those questions, the exit is not far away.

    You see I can ask about you, and call you out on your problems all day, but the proof is in the pudding here. You are going to be a great champion someday, and if you need some asshole in the back to jerk you around and tell you are great today, you need to check yourself before you wreck this company. Even when I am not in an interview, I am standing with the crew backstage, helping with PR, and making sure the company is happy. I get shipped to every House Show the place has, giving the fans their money's worth night in and night out. I put up with the Victoria Parkers trying to stab me, the Senhor Perfect's jokes about my relevance, the return of Dat Kid's, and I do it all with a smile on my face.

    Face it son, if you aren't ready to take what you want, you are an idiot if you think i'm just going to hand it to you. At this point in my life, this title is all I have left...and if you want to take it, you need to be prepared to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. I don't know who I face after tonight, but unless thing's change, at this point, I can promise it won't be you.
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  7. "Of course you're not going to hand it to me, that's the opposite of what I want. You want me to stand here and take your compliments and walk away satisfied? Of course I'm going to defend the negatives, if I only talked about the good things you say about me I'd have as big an ego as you do. You respect me, you know I deserve to stand here, but if that's all you had to say, why are we standing here? It's rare that I get complimented from my opponents so of course I'm going to be a little off guard. But well, I guess this is it. Thanks for the advice, good luck in your reign, champ."

    *He begins to turn and walk away before laughing and turning back to him.*

    "See what I mean? You could hand me all the compliments in the world and I'd take them as insults because in this business there is never real respect. I feel like Aids Johnson vs Joey Bryant could be the match everyone talks about for years and I'm sure no one wants to see it end with us shaking hands and becoming BFF's for life. No, they want to see us at each others throats until we both can't physically or mentally continue, and that's what I'm trying to show you. You like the teach the up and comers, right? Show them the ways of the business by beating them, show them if this company is really right for them. Well let me teach you for a moment. No one wants a whiny champion, you're right. But if you've taken my words as complaining I apologize but I'm trying to show you that once I win that gold and I show everyone I can defeat the greats, then what is there to complain about? No one on this planet has nothing to complain about. There's always that something that brings them down. It could be that new house, a big flat screen TV hanging in their room, a significant other, a job, a hobby, a family, but there's always something. For myself, it was always just me. I've used objects and materials to prove to myself that I deserve everything I have, fuck trying to prove it to everyone else. As long as I know I'm good, as long as I know I'm a champion then I shouldn't have to prove myself. But it's that human emotion of wanting fame and praise that gets in the way of everyone here and everyone in the back, and myself. How are these fans and the corporate fat heads going to tell you you're the best they've seen when they've told someone else the exact same thing?"

    *He once again begins to pace back and forth in an excited manner, barely taking a breath in between words.*

    "You struck a little heart string when you mentioned what I'm going to do when another new kid has the same dreams I have, because I fear that day. The day where I have to look in the face of someone else just like me and tell him I was in his shoes and what a failure he'll be. Now when people look in our faces, when they look right into our faces, they look at us and we're famous, they look at us and we're just wrestlers trying to entertain them but that's not all I'm here for. I need that self-satisfaction and that's not bitching and that's not my ego, that's me being real with myself that if I can't beat you I'm not sure if I ever will. How many people have told you you've changed just because you got a little gold around your waist? How many people tell you you're not the same guy you were when you didn't have all the fame and accomplishments because I get that every day. For months I preached of being a martyr and sacrificing myself for the good of the company and I still believe that and you could consider yourself one too! We both put our livelihood on the line to prove something to ourselves and others and even if you deny it, you know you're not just here because you want to be here, there's a bigger reason to it. Because you fly first class every day? Because you can afford high class meals every day? No. If that's the only reason you were here I'd be telling you to fuck off but I know that's not it, so when you ask why I stand here and I'm "complaining" it's simply because I'm sick of seeing guys being here just because. They have no reason, they just want to go along for the ride but there's much more on the line for me than a leather belt with gold plates and a higher check."

    *He stops pacing once again and breathes a bit. He looks right at Aids for the 3rd time.*

    "Before you retaliate and let me know about your passion for being here, I want to let you know I'm aware. I can tell by the way you fight each time you get in the ring whether it's against a bunch of jobbers or a main eventer, you put it all on the line. So before you claim I'm just bitching and only here to get attention, think again, you're wrong on that one champ."
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  8. You and I are too alike. 365 days ago, I would have hated to even be around you, but today? Today, brother I can tell you from experience, I joked and played games to avoid an experience like we discussed. I never gave anyone credit they deserved, and you're right, this is far from ending with us hugging and becoming BFF's.

    When I see you, I realize that the IWT will be alright without me, and that is a horrible thing you will also have to deal with at some point down the road. Someday, someone is going to tell you "I'm here because I want to become the IWT champion," and at that point you will look them in the eyes and decide one of two things. I have driven both these paths. You will tell them A: "You'll never be champ kid, look at me, and look at you. Hulk hogan and Disco inferno are two different people, and if you want to be that person, quit now." or

    B: "Someday you are going to be the face of a company that needs leaders. You will have to decide whether or not you are great enough to defend that task. Will you be selfish? Or will you see the big picture?" And although I have been lucky enough to have driven both path's my friend, you might not be. My point is simple. Complain all you want in your personal time, and no one is asking you to tell me anything you have done. I have an enormous amount of respect for you, because you have all the potential in the world. This gold I hold in my hands means little to what it means when you become the face of this company....someday.

    Today is not your day, but if you think people won't look down the line and say "that match between Joey Bryant and Aids Johnson was one for the ages...remember the FIRST anniversary of the IWT?" then you live in a fantasy world. Live tonight like it is your last, because you might not be anything tonight, and I might be everything, but you can be ANYTHING tomorrow, and that is the end of this lesson.
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  9. "Today isn't my day? Well why the hell not? I feel like if you don't fall tonight, there is no other shot for me. Most guys don't even get second chances, what makes you think I'll ever make it back to Aids vs Joey? I know you have respect for me, and you know I respect you in some kind of way. But that's not what anyone wants to hear. If you really want my thoughts on you, you're what this company needs. You are the representation of IWT, you deserve all the praise you get. One thing I've always felt bad about for you is the amount of new guys that think that just by mentioning your name, they'll get some attention. You weren't even in my sights until the end of the tournament, like I said, I live in the present. I had no interest in how I was going to beat you or VP but only how I was going to beat my then current opponent. Then I won the tournament, I realized how much would be on the line in our last match. I thought too far ahead, I clouded my mind with a gameplan and that's just not how I work. Before I wasn't really sure what I was running from, but I was running still. Hiding behind some dumb gimmick to try and stand out from the rest of the delusional roster but that didn't work. I turned into myself, Joey Bryant."

    "And I ain't playing by the books, I don't know how. And you can either love me or hate me, but no one ever cared about the ones who play it safely. Ask the wrong person I'm a rookie and overrated, ask the right person I'm a legend that runs shit. Every time I open my mouth now a days, people want to listen. Because each time, it's something different. Even if I'm repeating the same exact things over and over people would listen. You're right, when you're not around IWT is going to be in good hands but who would even be able to step up if their name wasn't Joey Bryant? Most the veterans come back for a couple matches, shake things up a bunch and tell everyone they're still the best but then they split for a while. That's why most of the veterans piss me off but you're different, while you've been around a while you also stick around and fight with the worst and the best. The other guys, they'll make some big over-exaggerated return and start to get things moving again until something happens, something doesn't go their way and they'll moan and bitch even worse than I could and leave again. Then there are the new guys, they show up each week. They claim things will change when they begin to beat asses and take names, they actually think they'll make a difference. I'd say 1 in every 5 wrestlers in this company that join up actually do something, the other 4 just do nothing for months or continue to fail until they give up. I was right in the middle, before I showed up I was still a new guy technically but I was not inexperienced. Same now. I'm new to championship gold but I'm not new to fighting for everything when almost everything is on the line."
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  10. *Kaizer is watching from backstage*
    Kaizer: Ya know, John. You better explain how to win the match.
    John Madden: Now to win the match, you must post some promos in a 24 hour time period and get the most votes!
    Kaizer: Thanks.
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  11. voting time
  12. Voting opened!
  13. With a voting header even!
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  14. I'm going to have to reread these before I can vote. Both of you did such an awesome job on your promos. Kudos to the both of you either way :)
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  15. feedback please. GREAT match, brother
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  16. Both were so good, but I gave it to the Champ(Johnson).

    DK will get his title run soon, but it won't be now.
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  17. I ended up voting for Aids. I like the progression of his new face gimmick and I noticed it in his promos. Being able to pull from recent storylines from other characters and applying how recent events have impacted the character really sold it for me.

    Although I enjoyed DK's promos quite a bit, it felt like a lot of the same things were said repeatedly. I think a slight change to your gimmick could make a huge difference. Beyond what's happened to your character in recent matches, I'd like to know more about why that could be so important to your character. More depth and dimension to your character (past and present) would be really interesting. DK, you're definitely champion material and I hope you get more title opportunities following this match :)

    Like I said earlier, awesome match from the two of you. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing more matches from the two of you in the future.
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  18. Here's how this went. DK tells all he can for a prolonged period of time (impressively), and Aids tells him to shut the fuck up. This is gonna be tough.
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  19. I'm torn both were really good. I've read them a couple times but....the champ retains
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  20. [​IMG]
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