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    VOTE HERE ------->

    The following contest was prerecorded and is an Empty Arena match scheduled for one fall...

    Nick(@Nickelodeon ) vs Frie(@F.R.I.E )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 36 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



    Frie - Promo #1 (open)

    *Frie walks to the ring determined with no music. No smiles on his fWace tonight. He looks around at the empty audience and has a look of realization in his eyes.*

    I'm not sure why I have a microphone in my hand when my voice can't be heard in front of thousands of fans. But I know that somehow, someway, they will listen. I'm not coming out here to bitch and moan about the credit I haven't received. I'm not here to talk about that insomniac known as Chris Kaizer. I'm here to win. I'm here to prove that I'm a top contender in IWT. Because ever since day 1, I was doubted. And though I've never cared what people thought, I've always loved to prove them wrong. It took along time to get to where I was comfortable in IWT and-

    *Frie pauses his words and circles around the ring before stopping to smile.*

    Well, then came S.I.N. Spinzz, Andrew, Frie. The tag team champions are now my brothers in arms and we have been unstoppable since we formed. It seems that everything has been going my way since the Strength In Numbers emerged. There's only one problem.

    *Frie looks at the tron.*

    Nick. You and I don't have a lot of history, brotha. But that doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is me winning the X-Division Belt and the Era of S.I.N. Your win over Harriet to win the vacant X-Division Title was hard-fought. But I know that I have a lot more heart than you to strive and win that title. The crowd may not be here tonight but when they see this, they'll know who is the rightful champion. You may have one this title from vacancy, but can you defend it? Well, let's see. Come out here and say what you want. Because I know in my mind that whatever you say, will be a sin.

    Nick - Promo #1 (open)

    Nick comes out to no music, in nothing but his black tights, a microphone in hand. He gazes through the empty crowd, somewhat astonished. He twitches briefly and moves towards the ring, a determined look on his face. He hops onto the apron and goes through the middle rope. He stops and glares at Frie.

    "I've beaten countless opponents before, all concerning this title. I beat four of IWT's top prospects at Mania, I defeated Harriet Vargas again for what really was already mine. All worthy contenders. And now I've got you Frie. And you are also, a deserving contender. I know it'll only take you 3 seconds to pin me. But it won't happen. I'm too powerful, I have too much momentum. I am an unstoppable force and you are just a movable object. Nobody in this company is as hot as I am right now. The thing is, you and your buddies can try to stop me. That's the key word. TRY. Because you can't stop me."

    A small smirk appears on his face.

    "I remember oh so vividly, when I was handpicked by Shadow. You know what that brought me? NOTHING. And it's gonna bring you nothing too. Just like how riding Joey Bryant's coattail brought you nothing. Being associated with them will do what it did for me. Get your name out there. Nothing else. Without them you would still be sitting in obscurity. I didn't need The Order - and I still don't. And I will prove that by eradicating you, and sending you BACK to obscurity where you belong."

    He cracks his neck and looks at Frie.

    "You've been flying high since you joined S.I.N. but reality is gonna give you a cold, hard SLAP in the face. In this world you can only get so far by using others. And this is as far as you'll get. Because S.I.N. won't be able to help you once that bell rings. Once that bell rings it's just me and you. You talk about sins but you've committed the ultimate sin. You've
    questioned my ability. You've questioned me. So now I'm gonna make you pay. This is god's judgement for your sin. You're going to be left a lifeless corpse, laying in a pool of your own blood. All because YOU are the one who sinned."

    Frie - Promo #2 (open)

    *Frie looks at Nick and starts to chuckle. He slowly brings the mic to his face.*

    You really haven't done your research. You see, I have won my matches without my brothers. They have not been involved in my bouts and they damn sure aren't going to now. I have acquired my opportunities and successes on my own. The Strength In Numbers is not here to abuse our power, but to show that we can thrive. And until we get a match where all three of us can shine, Andrew, Spinzz, and I will show what we can do separately.

    *Frie circles around the ring with a smirk on his face.*

    Oh, by the way. ANDREW may have dropped you like a sack of potatoes, but I'm not his to drop. I'm one man. I am Frie. Andrew and Spinzz are my brothers. We are the Strength In Numbers. I say all this because you seem to be confused, Nick. There's your introduction. Now here's the conclusion.

    *Frie gets in Nick's face.*

    I am more deserving of this than any man. And I'm gonna prove that you can't defend the X-Division Title and that you are a failure. Your sins are gonna be brought out to the world later as I take the X-Division Title and you start crying like the Joey Bryant wannabe that you are. I won't surrender this opportunity and I damn sure won't surrender the chance to be the next IWT Champion.

    *Frie backs up.*

    Let me ask you something? How does it feel to have as big of an ego as yours. Ya see, I'm here to show you that having an ego will get you only the smallest of accomplishments. It's all about the heart, the pride, and the courage. And heart, pride, and courage are the things that will give you a long life of success and accomplishments. While an ego will drive you six feet under to an untimely grave. Today is the day that I show the IWT universe that FRIE...... WILL NEVER DIE!

    Nick - Promo #2 (open)

    Nick begins rubbing his arm nervously and shifts around in place. He shakily lifts the microphone to his mouth.

    "How does it feel to have an ego? Oh it feels great! And I have every right to have one. Because you see, I am the unbeatable champion. This is the IWT Championship in my eyes because this is the title everybody runs from. When they see me walking down the hallway with this on my shoulder, I can just sense the fear. I see it in their eyes.

    He chuckles.

    "Andrew, Mr. Smith, Shadow, whatever the hell his name is nowadays, he didn't drop me. I moved on, and the minute I left he suddenly became Spinzz's partner. I didn't need him - and I proved that he held me down by winning this title right here!"

    He taps the title on his shoulder.

    "You constantly reiterate 'my sins' but you see I don't really believe in that kinda stuff. Because if people did get punished for their sins, everyone who's used me, and abused me, and made fun of me, and called me crazy, and hurt me my ENTIRE LIFE would have been punished. But they weren't. So I'll sin all I want... but really, hurting you wouldn't be much of a sin. It'd be more of a charitable act. I'd get to show you that you are NOT invincible, you can't win everything, and that you need to stop being so damn confident. You talk about heart and courage... I've worked harder than anyone in this company to win this. If you don't think I have the heart go ask the people I've defeated. Nobody has more heart than me, and nobody is hungrier than me."

    He moves closer to Frie.

    "Frie may never die, but he's still gonna get beaten."
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  2. Intense battle between Frie and and Nick. Some odd points in both of their promo's but it still did well.
  3. 2 promos doesn't do this justice imo, I'd like to see this go into sudden death. Fantastic job from both men.
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  4. Bumped since voting is still active. Good match. Glad this one went better then the other PM match.
  5. Good X-Division bout. Glad it's in good hands.

    Would like to face Nick one more time in the future.
  6. Awesome stuff, and look at those votes.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Is the voting period over?
  9. Yessir - @Delik if you would be so kind
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  10. Your winner by an average of 8.755555556 to 8.688888889, and STILL IWT X Division Champion... Nick!!

    OOC: This is the cloest match we've had under the new voting, and fully deserved as this was a great set of promos :obama:

    Full results here:
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  11. I was biting my nails this entire time. @F.R.I.E good match man, someone give this guy a push
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  12. Well theres one successful defense. What did we decide on, like 5 in a row for a cash in?
  13. I thought it was 3. Also, I have an idea for my next challenger, I'm going to contact him now
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  14. Congratulations Nick. Well done both of you.
  15. Excellent set of promos, makes me want to make more time for IWT and get back on here just reading this stuff!
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