OOC Uprising (Old School IWT) plans

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Title defenses or mix it up?

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  1. Title defenses

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  2. Mix it up

  1. Ok, so Jono has asked me to make the card for Uprising (Old School IWT). I am not officially the GM or anything. I guess he will be busy or something. I didn't ask for details. Also, I am heading out on a camping trip and will be AFK from sometime Friday thru sometime on Monday. So this needs to be quick.

    I had some matches in mind, mostly the title defenses to the #1 contenders for those belts, but this is "Old School IWT". Would you all rather I just mix it up with a bunch of non title matches, but against someone you may not have faced or thought you would get to so soon?

    Also, I have no idea what days people are available so include that if you would. Thanks.
  2. I mean, I would love to have my X-Division Title match ASAP, but I know that a lot of people want the matches to fit with the show theme. So, I'll wait till the next PPV.
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  3. Yeah, basically what Frie said. The whole idea of this show was to be a show where people just mess around and such (non-cannon)
  4. How are you going to have an old school IWT without a guy who was at the first IWT event. Terribly planned 0/10 I award you no points, and god have mercy on your soul.

    Jono better just do it, this will be a disaster
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  5. If it looks bad by the time I'm back saturday/sunday I'll swerve everyone with a new card :dawg:
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  6. So why the fuck should I even do it then?
  7. I was joking, relax :dawg:
  8. :notsure:

    Sorry. I wasn't really aware this PPV was non-canon usually either. I got some ideas though. PM'ing people about em.
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  9. Meh, it's the people's choice :lol1:
  10. And thats cool, I just don't really know what the "people's choice" entails for matches just yet haha. Working on it though. Waiting on PM replies from some people.
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  11. I know I know. Its in the works. @gav the chav set me straight
  12. Save title defences for the ppv. This old school special should be about fun. Maybe I'll dig up @seabs and put something together.
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  13. Someone dropped a bomb on me?
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  14. a FTJ Open Challenge.......
  15. Oh I had something in mind for you, but I can see what I can do with that suggestion
  16. Yea,i meant FTJ hold the open challenge as a joke...Ric has already told me what i am doing
  17. Oh? And how come I have no idea what that is?
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