US Patriot Act In FULL EFFECT!

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  1. Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter + more
    Anything you say or do having to do with the internet, technology, ANYTHING will be saved to a database so you will not be able to hide ANYTHING from the government.

    Anything from 2007 on, is stored. This is known facts so don;t say its my conspiracy crap. Not sure about Canada, UK or anywhere else but in the US... Anything you said or did breaking ANY law on the internet can now be held against you. They wont come out and say it but if you did ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING illegal, and they wanted to start making arrests they can.

    The new PS and XBOX gaming systems with have tags in them as well so as long as you have internet & have it plugged in, they will be able to hear & possibly see everything going on in your house.

  2. Sources? Unless you start producing sources for these things people are still going to say it is just conspiracies.
  3. Lay off the sauce, crackhead.
  4. LOL Merica
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  5. Also how is storing info publicly displayed on the Internet having anything to do with the Patriot Act? Anyone could have easily stored all of the info from the places you mentioned, so the government doing so would be no big deal.

    The rest is just paranoid hoopla that you should be ashamed for even typing.
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    AND ECT?!

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  7. Guys she wikipedia's Patriot Act. SHe knows wtf is going on in this country!!!!!!!!!
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  8. Wikipedia is not a good enough source (If 4 years of university studies has taught me anything it is that). It is a good starting point but you need to double and triple check the sources wiki links to.

    Also as D'Z said. All of that info is publicly available anyways for anyone with even the smallest amount of internet knowledge can access.

    Still doesn't effect me. I'm not an American so they cannot do anything to me unless I'd start flaunting plans to hurt an entire country, which I have no intentions of doing. Every human has their right to voice their opinion without being punished for it unless they are blatantly out to harm others.
  9. Have any of you ever read 1984? That is exactly where the US is heading. Say whatever you want to me or about me, I don't care but when shit hits the fan, don't say I didn't tell you so.
  10. It won't, and we won't. Of course I've read 1984, one of my favorite works of FICTION. Right after the bible of course.
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  11. Never heard of it, but believe me I am in a full scale panic now. Thank you for showing me the light.
  12. The government isn't even overstepping their bounds because the Internet is the last frontier. So much of this shit isn't even regulated and people expect some sort of magical privacy from it. Newflash: The government invented the fucking Internet.
  13. I honestly don't care if you mock me.