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  1. Well, I may not be allowed to start the championship match right now so I won't cut a promo until @Britanica tell me I can do it here or let me know the thread of the match.

    This match is a three way match with @"Respect Gohan6425", myself and @"Dat Kid". I hope the best wins so GOOD LUCK to the contenders
  2. Your Champion is here, @"Senhor perfect" 's time is up, my time is now. 4 days from now.
  3. Punk is Nitro's champ :pity:
  4. and people give a shit about smackdown :pity:
  5. I said I wasn't in this match but since you insist pushing me into this match I guess I can shoot a promo, I mean the US title would look nice on the Production Truck Wall.

    Okay who are my opponents? No seriously who the fuck are my opponents? Nano- who? Who the fuck are you? Have you even had a match here? Is this what we do now? Give rookies a shot at championships without even competing once? This is absolutely ridiculous! You shouldn't even be in my ring right now, you should be happy that I'm even talking to you. You should be on your knees, crying like the little bitch you are. How you even managed to get into the IWT astounds me. Just look at you. You're a no named talentless rookie who called out the biggest shark in the ocean. You think you got something to prove kid? You want to make an impact? Well the only impact you're going to make here tonight is when my boots impact the side of your head and knock you out so hard your girlfriend will be too ashamed to even give you a handjob. By standing in this ring with me right now you are embarassing me, this company, and yourself. You don't belong here, get the fuck out.

    and Gohan? I thought Gohan went into hiding like I did when he lost the WWE Championship. Look at Gohan trying to relieve his glory days and you want to know what the funny thing is, he actually might do it. Gohan is the most retarded man on the mic and you all know it. Despite his promo being mispelled and saying absolutely nothing all of you god damn marks will vote for him, and you all know, I know it, and he knows it. The point in this even being a match is basically pointless, you're marks, and the system is fixed. While people like me who fight every week get put on the back burner for people who don't do shit around here. And it's not just Gohan, it's Aids, it's Senhor, hell it's most of the IWT locker room. I am not made for some piece of shit vacant midcard title. Maybe chumps like Gohan'll be satisfied with it and boast about how he's the king of mediocrity on Nitro, but not me. I wouldn't put that crap on my signature, hell I would be ashamed to be second tier, this is why I dropped out of the match because I didn't want my mania moment to be overshadowed by the main event, because I am the main event! YOU PEOPLE COME HERE TO SEE ME AND IF IM GOING TO BE IN SOME HALF ASSED MIDCARD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH IS REVOLTING! I AM THE MAIN EVENT!...

    This match is nothing, my opponents are nothing, and this United States Championship who was held by a man who only competed twice here is nothing. You wanted a promo, you got a promo, but if I win that title, I'm burning it.
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  6. Burn that mother down, sick promo man.

    I am actually main even though, just to remind you :stopspot:
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