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  1. Closed the last thread, opened this new one.
    Please do not argue in this.

    If you would like to see something changed, please bring it to my attention here *out of character*. Anything pertaining to the rules update, pinned threads, ect. ect. just let me know.
    If you would like to request something, also let me know as well.

    I updated the WWE Champs thread because there is no longer brands. It got too confusing & restricted users to only certain belts.
    I will have to re-do the title history... If enough people want it, I will put it back up.

    Also, the DX title had to be updated into a MOD title. I will try to update that asap.
  2. I would like Brit a list of people here with their ring name so people know when they are facing someone what to call them and if possible a win/loss record.


    Gohan6425 - FTJ (Frank The Jock)
    W: X L: Y
    Title History:
    IWT Heavyweight Champion X Days

    That would be helpful. You could put that in another post on the title thread rather than making it a new thread
  3. That is actually a good idea. I will work that into the champions thread with the new title history this week.
  4. I'm 2-1 btw
  5. The title history was fine, I updated it, why'd you remove it?
  6. Could I have someone change the United States Championship to the Mc'Murrica Championship
  7. Didn't mean to. I saved the thread and after, I realized I deleted it. :upset:
  8. So things we need are...

    -History list
    -IWT ring names
    -& possibly a match list

    Anything else?
    I want to try and get this done this week since I have been away for awhile.
  9. If you have it sized (to the size of the other belts) & cut, yes you can change it to that as long as you hold it. I'd imagine no one else would want it as that so when you lose it, it will be reverted back to the standard belt.

    Just gimmie the pic in here & I will change it for you on the Champs list.