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  1. i have a suggestion about the usertitles.

    Why not name them off titles.

    Cruiserweight Champion (or Another) = New Member
    Tag Team Champion = Member with 300 posts +
    United States Champion = Member with 500 posts +
    Intercontinental Champion = 1,000 Posts +
    World Heavyweight Champion = 5,000 posts +
    WWE Champion = 7,000 Posts +
    Hall of Famer = 10,000 Posts +
  2. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no.
  3. There are custom user titles for a reason,
  4. Nero....Do you have a custom user title?
  5. No cause I'm saving money. I could buy it though.
  6. I remember belts being mentioned on mybb at one point, doubt it'd happen though.
  7. I like being able to choose my own user title, thank you.
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  8. I've been the dude since I can remember. I can't change it, ever.
  9. You guys gotta understand this is the regular or default user titles....
  10. What's wrong with the ones we have now? (I don't even know them)
  11. Jobber
    Tag Team Partner

    Pretty stupid.
  12. Maybe not cruiserweight what if the poster is 500 pounds :O
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  13. Give him the Andre the Giant trophy ;>
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  14. Well i would assume that's the whole idea of earning forum cash to change the user titles.
  15. It's a post basis unless you're referring to custom user titles.
  16. I think we should use wrestlers name.

    You start as The Brooklyn Brawler and work your way up to Hulk Hogan

    edit: thing is, only the first few matter. By the time most users get to 1-2k posts they have a custom usertitle one way or another
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  17. We can be as creative as we want with them; having all the suggestions in place. It's a bit of an effort though but I'm willing to revamp them all once we complete the merge. I can add it to my to-do-list.
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