Vítor Mata

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    Username: CBK_15

    Availability: Anytime, but I'll let someone if something is up.

    Have you competed here before?: Yes

    Do you agree to the rules?: Sure

    Character Name: Vítor Mata

    Height/Weight: 6'3, 200lbs

    Residence: Lisboa, Portugal

    Character Base/Appearance
    In-Ring Attire: Trucks with a skull with flames coming out its eyes and mouth. Around the skull is written "Vítor Mata the Rock n' Rolla" on the front Mata is written vertically. His kickpads are blank.

    Entrance Attire: Light up jacket with Mata on the back.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Actions: Pretty much Jericho's enterance when he wears his light-up jacket.

    Wrestling Style (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, Powerhouse, Submission, etc): Technical Master

    Finishing Move (Only 1): Mata Lock(Muta Lock)

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.): Cradle DDT, Vitória(Chaos Theory),
    Pantera Negra(Rainmaker, but with an elbow instead of clothline)

    Holds: Crossface, Moss Covered Three Handled Family Grudunzle, ARMBAR!, Japanese Armdrag, Portuguese Piledriver, Chain Wrestling Holds

    Strikes: Uppercut, European Uppercut, Oblique Kick, Left and Right jab, Teap Kick

    Aerial: Moonsault, Elbow Drop, Plancha, Tope con Hilo

    Throws: German Suplex, Gutwrench Suplex, 12 to 6 elbow

    Taunts (Optional): Air Guitar

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring): Uses various holds to fluster his opponents.
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