Storyline Vengeance is Key

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  1. The familiar theme plays as the crowd gives a big pop as The Artist walks out of the fog and onto the stage. He gets down to mid ramp, tilts his head back and spreads his arms wide as pyro blasts in various directions. He get's down to the ring and gets a mic

    Artist: I'm Back! *Crowd Pops* NO! I'm not back because I didn't leave. I never left, and I told everyone that listened that I had retired to focus on my backstage career but the cold hard truth is this just proves that all of you are sheep in a wolves world because it was a simple cover up. I decoyed numbers and I tried the best I can to make it seems that it wasn't me. For anyone who thought it mean't something...It didn't. Everyone who thought they had the genius to uncode the number 53, you're just marks. All of you are just inane humans that have the mentality of sheep. You all are just smoke and mirror's. A lonely hall that everyone follows hoping they can find a bright rainbow and millions of dollars so they don't have to wait in line for an IPhone at 1 am in freezing weather because you're to stupid to realize all of you are just trifling men and women and children that will be tucked away in a grave that everyone would come by and piss on.

    Artist looks around before looking straight into a camera and continuing.

    Artist: Why am I here? Well maybe it's because I want to shake the hands of the men and women who helped me in my last match? No, I'm here because vengeance is key, and that simply means I'm here to destroy the ones who wronged me whether it be Alias Antonio, hate your guts dude, or Aiden Ryan, same. I'm here to serve a purpose to myself and not to the other ones who were doubted and wronged. When I tried where did I get? No fucking where. Now that I'm back I'm enacting PHASE 1 of my vengeance and you'll see exactly what that is.

    Artist pauses before he says...

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  2. Show Spoiler

    This is one of if not your best promo yet, however the run line felt like a cheap pop for using The Wyatts line
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  3. I'm running and nothing is happening. Am I running the wrong way?
  4. Yeah.
  5. teach me
  6. First you go into a PM with a mod, then you ask for a lifetime ban and wait a couple minutes...bam you're running correctly.
  7. I'm like Meltzer, but you know...better.
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  8. Kaizer is sitting in the background reading the newspaper

    I should probably care, shouldn't I? Ugh...

    Tries to care
  9. Isn't that what you did?
  10. Yeah.
  11. :upset:Roadster's back and this time he means BUSINESS! :blackshock:
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  12. Slick Willy looks good in that white and red jacket.
  13. Well... that return was underwheleming, but good promo.
  14. Underwhelming?
  15. I was expecting an FTJ or a Jeff Shock.
  16. Not underwhelming but disappointed because it wasn't FTJ?
  17. I expected a bigger name, that's all.
  18. Am i not big enough?
  19. The only thing big about you is your loss record.
    No offense.
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  20. It was sarcasm.