Storyline Victim #3... I'm coming for your gold!

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  1. ***As the dark, spooky intro to CATCH YOUR BREATH plays, the arena fades to black, the fog arises and then red lights start flashing...
    But, suddenly the music stops and we're led into a video package.***

    ***We hear a voice-over, it's Prince Bálor.***

    When you look in the mirror, do you look AT yourself or FOR yourself?
    I used to look in the mirror and hear this voice inside my head saying: "I am the demon king. You can't stop me. Let me out!"
    And so I did. I've come to realization I will not hide who I am. I will embrace it. And so I did.
    And now The Demon is out and is on a path of destruction.

    ***Then, three tombstones are shown on the screen.***

    The name of victim #1 is shown. It's Kenny Omega.

    The name of victim #2 is shown. It's Lucas.

    The name of victim #3 is shown... It's Danny Jacobs.

    ***The titantron and all lights go off and Prince Bálor is shown in the ring. The spotlight is on him, he takes the mic and says...***

    Mark the date on your calendar, Mr. X-Division Champ.
    Sunday, December the 13th is the day you fall to The Demon, just like your partner did.
    December the 13th is the day I become the new X-Division champion and you become nothing!

    ***The lights come on and The Demon is gone from the ring.
    But, camera cuts to the center of the ring and "See you at the Summit" is written in red.***

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