Storyline Victoria Parker gets a visitor

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  1. Dat Kid steps out of a cab in front of the psychiatric hospital where Victoria Parker is staying. Kid is wearing an expensive suit and holding flowers.

    Dat Kid walks up to the front desk.

    Kid: Hi, I'm here to see Victoria Parker.

    Secretary: And who are you?

    Kid: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm her fiancé.

    The secretary pulls up Parker's record on her computer.

    Secretary: I'm sorry, it seems like there's no mention of a fiancé.

    Kid pulls out an old photo of Victoria Parker and himself holding hands while a random tag team is knocked out in the background of the photo.

    Kid: As I'm sure you know, Victoria…well she hasn't been herself. I mean even in bed. She was doing the most bizarre things. Like this one time we were getting REALLY into it and all of a sudden she decided to stick Dat Kid Jr in between a folding chair...

    Secretary: Okay sir…

    Kid: Have you ever given someone a chair job before?! That shit hurts!

    Secretary: Sir!

    The secretary slaps a visitors pass on Dat Kid's chest

    Dat Kid: Ow!

    Secretary: You can go in. Please!

    Dat Kid: You sure I don't have to sign in or-

    Secretary: Go!

    The secretary points to the visiting room. Dat Kid heads to the visiting room and sits down, waiting for Victoria Parker @geekgoddess .
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  2. Victoria is sitting in her empty padded cell looking up at the ceiling with a blank stare upon her face. She hears someone open the door and pears at the staff members that enter. "Victoria, you have a visitor." Victoria is puzzled as the two staff members lift her off the ground and lead her to the visiting room. She's still in her straightjacket and wonders who it could be as they get closer and closer to the room. When the door opens, Victoria sees Dat Kid sitting in one of the chairs in the room. Victoria feels herself fill up with rage as she tries to charge and get free of the guards. "What the hell is he doing here?! I don't want to see him!"

    She turns her attention upon Dat Kid with a dark demented look on her face. "What game are you trying to play? I'd love if you came here so I could destroy you again, but I doubt that's why you're really here."
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  3. Game? Game? I'm not trying to play any games- oh are you referring to that time we played Twister and i put my right hand on red, then

    Kid notices Victoria Parker's death glare.

    Oh I guess not. Well then let's talk…sweetie.

    You know I got my job back at IWT right? Well not as Commissioner, but as a competitor. My back is all healed up, but just between me and you, it was never really injured. Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say hello.

    Dat Kid walks slowly behind Victoria Parker and then back to her front.

    I wonder if you're still wearing your wedding ring under that straight jacket. You know, it wasn't that long ago that you and I were going to be married. I had the title and you. Where did it all go Victoria?
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  4. Victoria bursts out in laughter and looks at Dat Kid in disbelief. "Don't you know by now that I don't give a damn about you? All you were was collateral damage. I used you when it was convenient for me and I also disposed of you when you were no longer needed. The ring was hardly on my finger before I took it off and threw it on the ground where I left you laying motionless in the ring.

    "So tell me honey", Victoria said, moving a little closer to Dat Kid, "how does it feel to be forgettable? Between you and me," Victoria says barely above a whisper with a smirk on her lips, "that's what you've always been. You might be back in the company but that doesn't mean you're worth anything to anyone. You're still trying to find ways to be noticed in a company that doesn't want you. First, IWT continued its success without you and now it's still continuing without giving you much attention. DX disbanded before it barely began, and now here you are, hoping to stir things up with the resident nutjob in the asylum. It's funny how things change but still stay the same. Everyone's watching me, wondering what I'll do next in this place...if I really will snap and kill EVERYONE in this place. They're also wondering what I'll do to everyone else in the company once I do reappear. Who will suffer next at the hands of the might Victoria Parker? In the meantime, why not capitalize on it? I can't say I blame you. It gives you the exposure you so desperately need, all while still trying to get revenge against me for everything that's happened between us."

    Victoria smiles before continuing. "So, let's stop this charade shall we? Let's really get to the bottom of why you're really here."
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  5. *Dat Kid looks down and chuckles a bit. *

    Is that why you think I'm here? To get some attention? I know Aids is my teacher, but do you really think that I would do something, so desperate? I don't need any attention Victoria. I am contempt, because ever since I came back the IWT has already started clinging to the pulse at the tip of my finger.

    *Kid puts his finger in Parker's face then snatches it away.*

    It's an amazing thing to be in power, but not be IN power. If you get what I mean. Well then again, you look pretty powerless right about now. Hell, I could give you a nice boot to the face and claim it was self defense and no one would question it. You are "crazy" after all.

    But you want to get to business, I'll get to business. Victoria, you and I have a complicated past. I mean the last time you saw me, I was standing over you with a cane I snapped on the back of your head. You did deserve it, you did betray me like no other person did before, but I want to put all of that behind us. I don't hate you Victoria, a part of me still cares about you. And I know, that a part of you feels the same way. You can't expect me to believe that whole thing was a facade.

    *Dat Kid looks Victoria in the eyes*

    Babe, I know it wasn't.

    *Dat Kid picks up the flowers*

    I'm not saying we have to get together again now, but just think about it.

    *Dat Kid holds the bouquet of flowers out to Victoria Parker and in the bouquet is the cane that Dat Kid broke on the back of Victoria's head months ago. Dat Kid smiles menacingly at Victoria.*
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  6. Victoria kicks the flowers out of Dat Kid's hands and smiles back just as demonically. "You think you're so clever don't you? What I did or did not feel for you back then is irrelevant. What matters now is the present and future, and the only reason you're not on your back, begging for mercy right now is because I'm not going to give you the satisfaction. Besides the obvious reasons, I'm in this straightjacket because EVERYONE knows what happens when you let me loose. Poor, poor Dr. Strong suffered a most brutal fate when he tried to put me back in this jacket. Just imagine the sweet, beautiful destruction I'm capable of now against people such as yourself that I despise. Once I get out of here darling, I will break out and leave destruction and death in my wake. There will be NO ONE who can stop me and NO ONE who will survive. If you want to keep being my enemy then that is just fine by me...just know that you're digging yourself an early grave and I CAN'T WAIT to put you there."
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  7. When you get out of here? Ha! At this rate you'll never be let out of here Victoria. Your IWT career, as you know it, your life for that matter, is OVER! You're going to rot in this place for the rest of your life and although you may talk a big game, the thing that separate me from you, is that I'm not the one locked up in a straight jacket.

    So you can make all the idle threats you want Victoria, because as long as you're in here, your words aren't worth shit. I hope you enjoy watching your life pass by you.

    *Dat Kid walks past Victoria Parker and stops at the door*

    …crazy bitch
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  8. Victoria collapses to the ground and laughs hysterically, watching Dat Kid head for the door. "You have NO IDEA what you've just done. The last thing you should do is doubt a woman with nothing left to lose and no morality to hold her back. Every crazy bitch has a plan and I know EXACTLY how I'll be getting out of this place. I'm just buying my time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. And when I do strike...BOOM! This WHOLE place is going to go up in flames, taking every single life form with it. And THEN I'll come after you, and pick my enemies off one by one until I am the one standing at the top. My career isn't's only just begun!"

    She continues to laugh hysterically as she sits on the ground, looking at the ceiling with a demonic stare. "Oh the plans I have for you...the darkness consumes one can dethrone the queen."
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  9. OOC: Dat Kid: Not another barbed wired handjob :why:
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