Voting Victoria Parker vs Antonio Alias - post after voting.

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Who won?

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  1. Victoria Parker

  2. Antonio Alias

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Victoria Parker(@CrayJ Lee ) vs Antonio Alias(@THG? )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    four or five questions asked.

    Post if you want, don't interfere. If you post OOC, keep it under two sentences.


  2. Victoria’s titantron starts as she emerges from the curtain, skipping out to center stage. A large smile plays out across her face as her arrival is met with a large pop from the crowd. She flashes the Hall of Fame ring on her finger in front of the camera before she bounds down the ramp, scooting under the bottom rope and standing tall in the center of the ring. Standing with a mic in hand, Victoria smiles and bites her lip slightly, rocking back and forth slightly on the heels of her Converse waiting for the crowd reaction to wind down before putting the mic to her lips.

    “The landscape of the IWT has certainly changed, and the company is in a position where they need to have a breakout moment or be added to the already long list of shattered wrestling promotions. So, when you’re in that kind of situation, you need to do whatever it takes to keep it afloat. To revitalize a company, you need to bring back a legend.

    “After my IWT Hall of Fame induction, I told you I’d be back and I kept my promise. It is the place where I began my illustrious career and became the first two-time IWT Champion and the first women to ever hold it. This company can and will go back to its former glory with the right people to sustain it. I’m here tonight to show the entire world that I can and will dominate again. I still have tricks up my sleeve, a mean streak unlike any other, and a personality that some would consider ‘unstable.’”


    Victoria shrugged slightly before continuing on. “My opponent tonight has also had a hell of a career in the IWT. Interestingly enough, we’ve never competed against each other. I’m so curious to find out what it will feel like to face him in the ring for the very first time.” Victoria’s eyes glaze over as she looks off to the distance, licking her lips slightly “…how it will feel to strike him roughly with my fists, contort his body in directions no body part should go, watching him yell and writhe in anguish as I stand over his demolished body…”

    She appears to regain consciousness again as Victoria smiles again, goes to sit on the ring ropes and looks towards the stage.
    “Well IWT Universe, I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of waiting. It’s time that Alias Antonio comes out to play.”
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  3. *As soon as VP finishes her sentence, all the lights shut off, and a resonating voice is heard through the arena's PA System*


    *Which is followed up by Alias' theme song and a huge pop for the former IWT Champion. Smoke starts to arise from the stage as the arena light mantains it's dimness. Throughout the smoke comes out Alias Antonio to yet another big pop. He's wearing his typical attire and suddenly begins to stare intensely towards the ring, before walking down to it, not losing focus. He enters the ring as the arena lights come back on, which leads to a big "A-LI-AS!" chant from the IWT faithful. Alias grabs a mic.*
    Ever since.....

    *Alias takes a long glare at the crowd.*

    Ever since the event of IWT Mania......ever since I got robbed off of my IWT Title.....ever since that night, things haven't been the same, not one bit. Not only for me, not only for that whole locker room, but for everyone in attendance here too. Lee did something that damn nearly destroyed this whole company, the company I WAS HELPING SURVIVE. And it would've been dead if it wasn't for Aids reviving it from it's vegetative state. After that night, all I did was stay at home, contemplating what went wrong. Contemplating why it went wrong. Contemplating the but's and if's of life and I did that all the time till today. I gave up, or it almost felt like I did after all the blood, sweat and tears I had put into this company. I didn't walk out my house door for nearly 3 goddamn months, I hadn't seen the sunlight till today...and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. No, I didn't spend them depressed and in a dismal state, I actually meditated. Then Aids called me and told me what the deal was, and I mentally prepared myself even more. I'm ready for this.....but I don't think the IWT is ready for me.

    I'm back, and I'm back to complete my goal and to bring back home what's rightfully mine. I will regain the IWT Title and I will keep this company well and alive just like I was doing months ago without the help of any of these phony legends who suddenly turn up when things look joyful and merry. Which leads me to Victoria Parker, the piece of shit I'm battering tonight.

    It makes me sick to my stomach that someone like you can just wander back into this company just by having a pair of tits and a cute ass, after not being around when this company needed it the most. While you were most likely sitting your lazy ass at home, I was carrying this company fully on my shoulders. So I don't think you completely understand and know just exactly who I am, Victoria. Let me introduce myself. I am Alias Antonio. Doble A. God's favorite demon. A man with a mission. A better IWT champion than YOU ever were, and a better competitior than you will EVER be, sweetie. That's just a quick rundown of who I am, but I think I'll give you the full overview in this ring tonight.

    I'll show you just how lucky you were to never ever face me in this ring, and I'll show you just exactly who I am.

    To revitalize a company, you don't need to bring back washed-up legends. You need the man who has and always will be here, the man who sacrifices it all for this company. And a man....who has a purpose.

    Beware my fury. Expect my frustration. Witness the destruction.

    Jesus wept.
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  4. Victoria watches him finish talking with a deadlocked gaze up until the moment he’s finished.


    “I’m sorry, I just have a habit of making a mockery of self-entitled assholes.” Victoria shrugged before she continued on. “Don’t worry, sweetheart…if we’re going to be using false terms of endearment…I know exactly who you are. You’re that former IWT champion that doesn’t know when to let things go. Believe me, I get it…I’ve been in that place of resentment and anger before and typically things don’t look good from there. It’s pretty obvious from that vein in your forehead that looks like it’s about to explode.”

    Victoria gets off of the ring ropes and continued to look on at Alias with interest. “I’m glad you were able to watch some TV after you lost the title. Although this well-formed ass of mine did get to sit a little, it also participated in some things like training and exercising. When I was watching matches, I had an interesting observation of my own. When you lost the title after a very successful title run, I was just as shocked as everyone else. You have that intensity and drive that wrestlers need in this business, as well as a tenacious mean streak. I saw the demolition of this company, where a once strong and thriving company was now struggling to fill even a quarter of its seats. So, that had me thinking…what stands in the way of wrestlers, like yourself, from becoming true trailblazers for the next generation?”

    Victoria held up her finger as if an idea came to mind, giving Alias a smile. “And that’s when it dawned on me. You close out your segments with the phrase ‘Jesus wept’. As I’m sure everyone’s well aware, that’s a phrase coined by none other than Dat Kid. One of the legends that you so affectionately referred to as ‘phony’ is one of the men returning to the ring tonight, and frankly, is responsible for making you. Like it or not, but these seats in this arena are nearly full…and it’s not because of you or the new IWT Champion, it’s about the ‘phony’ legends like myself for being here. You haven’t set the bar for anything new, challenged the infrastructure of this business, or shattered any glass ceilings…you’re just another wrestler living in a legend’s shadow.”

    Getting right up into his face, Victoria’s face was intense and deadlocked on Alias, pointing occasionally in his direction. “You have no damn idea what I have left to offer this company, and you sure as hell have no idea what kind of hell I can put you through. I’d be happy to add you to my list of those that have fallen at my hands. I’m a legend for a reason and I’m going to show you why.”
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  5. *As she finishes her sentence, Alias begins to lick his lips and gaze at Victoria angrily.*

    First you don't fucking get it Vicky, you don't get it one bit. You don't feel the resentment I DO, you don't FEEL the pain I DO, because you never had to work months and years to get that IWT Title, but guess what? I DID. There's one thing being mentally crazy like you, and then there's having passion for this business like I have. All you ever did as IWT Champion was exchange that goddamn belt from time to time with that other phony asshole Aids Johnson for an entire FUCKING year. That's all I'll remember you for, and I can wholeheartedly say that's what everyone will remember you for. I mean, what else will you be known for? Being Dat Kid's side bitch? Being a crazy, psychotic bitch? Being the crush of Andrew, Drake or whatever he calls himself? Or for being that one nerdy chick who didn't deserve half the opportunities she got in this company? Either way I think you're the most overrated scum I've ever come across. Your Hall Of Fame ring can kiss my white ass, and I'll dispose of your "well-formed ass" tonight in the most dominant yet easiest way possible.

    *Alias turns around and takes a deep breath, before turning back, still irritated however* don't know who the hell I am, Victoria. I am THE IWT champion. I am a former WHC. I am a two time Tag Champ. And I'm the best damn X-Division champion this damn company has ever seen. I have surpassed glass ceilings, each and every one of them that have been imposed right infront of me during my career. I've broken them and gone beyond. I'm already a goddamn trailblazer for this generation. don't know me, Parker. And I don't think you want to.

    But you're right....Dat Kid may have made me the son of a bitch I am today, but I will be the one to break him. Along with all the other phony legends who still think they're superior and STILL have illusions of grandeur of accomplishing something big here. Unlucky for you though, because Alias Antonio is at the top, and no one is going to surpass him without going through him.

    I used to think I was the Savior of IWT, I thought I was destined for that. But now I realize...I am no savior....

    I am the IWT.

    Jesus wept.

    *Alias drops the mic.*
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  6. Shit this was awesome, I was at work or would have started voting sooner.
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  7. Note to self, May be longer than the match itself.

    Talk about chemistry. You two put on such a grasping match that i was wondering where the rest of the match was. I didn't realize that i got to the very end, I wanted more. It left a cliffhanger with the whole "I am the IWT" line. It has left me wondering how the other stars of IWT feel about that, It's captured me and i want more haha.

    Victoria was cutting, she was very ruthless and she didn't hold back any punches. She also showed alot of emotion which is something i really like about her character, she can show empathy, but when questioned or even insulted it can switch in a second and she'll simply tell you where to go and if need be she'll direct you with her wild fists if need be. Much like her voice it's clear that her punch can pact a more powerful statement. Onto the match in general due to her experience as a champion obviously she would know exactly what to say to sting someone who has been robbed of something or who currently is champion. She got under his skin a few times and we could see the more she was exposing truth towards him the more angry he got.

    Alias is on point with every statement he brings up, but being on point isn't exactly enough to get your point across when it comes to him, so instead of speaking it calmly to the opposing wrestler he would rather intimidate them with verbal outbursts and facts. He works based off what he truly believes as facts and part of reading Alias is that as he continues to go on with his statements you start to follow through with them and point out as facts as well. (Atleast i do) "He's right there, He's also right there". He could rally an army with just one click of a finger and kept the match balanced towards the middle.

    It's an insane match as i said before and it had me captured.

    I'm going to give Alias this one, but it was so close that i wish there was a draw option. Maybe if i'm good this year my christmas present can be a rematch between you two?
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  8. That's a really awesome post. Thanks Butters.

    CrayJ was great in this match, pleasure facing you.
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  9. Thank you @Butters! for the detailed review. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did participating in it!

    It was a pleasure facing you @THG? and you were a truly great opponent. Perhaps we can have another match one day :)
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  10. Honestly, I'm going with Victoria because I can't fully decide and I want to keep things close. Not that great of a reason, but you two were pretty fucking even. Really good job from both of you though.
  11. I've had to read the match about four times now- it's incredibly close, both of you guys put out awesome promos. @THG? had the edge, so I'm giving my vote to him.
    Rematch in the future, please.
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  12. ^^ Both of you guys brought your A-Game and it really paid off great job to both of you
  13. it was insanely close, I had to go with my first read after going a couple more times and making it tougher to decide.
  14. shouldn't voting be over now?
  15. Jesus I messed up on the time for voting. @Trip in the Head can you close for me bro?
  16. Right after I vote, ok?
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  17. Odd, I couldn't just "close" the poll, but it will close in another hour because I reduced the timer on it.

    I went with Victoria on this. And I didn't look at the poll first but it seems my vote tied it up.

    I went with Victoria because of the second promo. Her basically calling AA a hypocrite for using the "Jesus Wept" phrase after just talking about how shitty the legends were sealed it for me. AA's last promo almost got it back, but not quite IMO.
  18. Thought voting would be closed hours ago but alrighty
  19. *Sudden death! Sudden death!*

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  20. How about sudden death this weekend alongside the Oval vs CM match? Sorry @THG? I didnt mean or want to steal your W.