Victoria Parker's IWT Title Celebration

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  1. *Victoria’s theme hits. Victoria makes her way out to the stage with Jonathan by her side with a limp in her step. She scans the crowd for a moment with a smile on her face before making her way down the ramp and to the ring. The ring is decorated and has a table with chilling champagne on the table and champagne flutes. Victoria is handed a mic from Jonathan and she begins to speak.

    I've been ostracized, criticized, and ridiculed all in the name of this title. My road to this title has been paved in controversy and looked down upon by my fellow coworkers in this company. The decisions I've made to keep and maintain my titles have made me more enemies than friends. However, when you know what it feels like to hold this *holds up the IWT title* it’s all worth it.

    I didn't come to the IWT like other female wrestlers who are more interested in looking beautiful and want to catch the eye of a handsome, up-and-coming superstar. Oh no, I came to this business to destroy everyone and everything in my path. The last thing I came here to do was to find romance. Love makes you feel weak and makes you forget about all your inhibitions. Love is a distraction and distractions have no place in my life. My aspirations from the very beginning have been clear – it wasn't enough to hold a Divas title in the most pathetic division in history. I was shooting for so much more than that. I was trained by the very best and I know exactly what to do to make any man fall. Not only did I win back my tag team title at MITB but I retained my IWT title in my first defense. I took down Gohan who happens to be the IWT's first and longest reigning IWT Champion. I broke him down so convincingly that he really looked like the pathetic piece of trash that he is. He thought he could get away with cheating but he got caught. He brought in a steel chair, hit my knee with it repeatedly and ended up getting disqualified. He knew that the only way he could defeat me is if he took a shortcut, and now he’s run off with his tail between his legs and a new name hoping no one will recognize him. I may have a limp and a sore knee as a result of this match, but it just confirms what I already know about this company.

    You can bring out your heroes, your underdogs, and your superstars in their former glory. No one and nothing can touch me. I dare you to give it your best shot and see if one of you down the line can ever be half as good as me. With this title in my hands it’s finally in its rightful place and with its true owner. I redefine and bring honor back to a title that’s had pathetic illiterate fools like Gohan as its champion. It seems like I showed up just in time to save this company and bring back prestige to the IWT title. You will all thank me for saving this company, but right now it’s a time to celebrate.

    *Victoria and Jonathan both lift a glass of champagne

    Here’s a toast to me, the best woman and champion this company has ever had. May there be many wonderful years of dominance ahead. Cheers.
  2. Suddenly the lights dim, and Aids Johnson theme of the night hits.

    The theme plays out as Crayj Lee and Jonathern chill in the ring, Sour looks on their faces. As the theme plays out, the lights re-dim, as pyro goes off. Aids' theme replays, as the titantron shifts over and plays a video. The video pans over to show Lincoln Medical Hospital in Brookyln, NY. Aids walks in with a crooked smile on his face, holding a bag of flowers along side of his briefcase. "i think you're going to like this" is all he can say, as he pushes the button and the doors close on the elevator.

    Aids walks to the ladies at the counter, and asks "Where can i find Erik Draven?" and as they answer he walks towards the room, thanking the ladies for being so "helpful."

    As aids approaches the door, he starts doing the rocky moves, and randomly humming the music to match the theme. He jogs towards the door, and as he hits the door the crowd go to their feet. "Not today team, im looking for something more important" is said as aids grins as he sets his MITB Briefcase next to Seabs and attends to his good friend, who is clearly not doing so well.

    The camera pans back to aids, as he replies "hit my theme again, im not the type to cash in on an injured opponent" The crowd boos as aids' theme hits again, and the titantron fades to an annoyed/pissed off jonathan and Crayjlee.
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  3. *WoodWarrior says toast*

    This is for the best tag team partner I could ever ask for, she's a fiery competitor and I trust her, because she knows deep down that if she ever turned her back on me that it'd be the end for her little run. Be ready for our next match

    *chugs drink*

    *walks out of ring*
  4. *Jacob watching at home*

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  5. *The lights throughout the arena suddenly turn off completely. The crowd remember Incognito's appearance the other night, and begin to cheer. Some Victoria fans holding their hands over their mouths, hoping the threat of Incognito doesn't harm their beloved star.*

    *A figure appears in the mist with his hood up. The figure goes to his knees and swipes his hands across the stage. The music again lasts for 2 minutes and 50 seconds. After the music stops, the figure speaks in a very calm tone*


    They say one lives in the hope of becoming a memory, but what happens if one's existence starts off as legendary? I have appeared a mere few times within this establishment; I am already considered immortal. I am uncontrolled. I am your enemy. You can not see me, you can not be me, and you can not fight me. I did not want to interrupt this monotonous celebration, but I possess words that must spoken. Your appearance tonight is nothing but an outcry for acceptance in a community that doesn't want you. A community that you said yourself doesn't respect you. Why do you think this is? You're weak. You're emotionally scattered, and physically feeble. Your exhausted, delicate, fragile mind can't comprehend the task you withhold by holding that championship. I feel sorry for you.

    I have not appeared to perform some cliché beat down which now seems compulsory for these public celebrations. In fact, I currently have no interest in conversing with you at all... *The figure takes a brief break, adding emphasis* Victoria. My very first encounter within this company is ending the plague that has ridiculed it since the beginning. The plague that has infected the very roots of each and every one of you, holding far too much influence - Aids Johnson.

    Perhaps after I have finished with him, I come for you. After all, I am a pioneer of destruction. I am the innovator of devastation. I am the founder of demolition. You may hold the most priceless of gold in IWT, but I am the icon that everybody wishes to explore. Nobody cares about you, or your reign, they want to see Incognito. After I have finished with him, maybe I'm not done with IWT. Perhaps my appearance doesn't have to be so... sporadic. My legend doesn't have to live via myths and stories. Maybe... just maybe... I'll come after you.

    "Absolute power may corrupt absolutely, but absolute powerlessness does the same."


    *The music starts once more, with the lights turning off. One spotlight shines on the stage where the smoke rises. The figure slowly disappears within the mist. Suddenly, fire ignites the smoke and the lights light up the arena once more; the stage is empty. The music stops*
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