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  1. Just thought everyone should see what's goin' down on Twitter. ;)

  2. *yawn*

    Looks like you just ripped off the WWE shop and bought some fake belts. Let me know when you've actually accomplished something substantial. Perhaps then I'll feel like you're worth my time.

    *goes back to bed*
  3. You're just jelly, Vicky. :smug-47:
  4. *holds up the Tag Team belt and Divas belt*

    When you happen to have the actual belts in your possession, jealousy over child replicas of title belts makes no sense whatsoever. Well, considering you're irrelevant, I'm not surprised you enjoy wearing and carrying around fake title belts. *smirks*
  5. :joeyryan: I like where this is going
  6. You would, wouldn't you.
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  7. A wild part timer appears:shock:
  8. I've been in training, I don't want to be a huge jobber like you. I want 3 losses to be the only losses I ever get. Mr. 3-5641651614146843165
  9. Don't speak down to me. Not you, the man who lost it all in one night.
  10. Almost all, I've also scored more in a night that you have in your entire career. Stylin' and profilin' :woo1:
  11. Impossible, you can't afford that much Viagra.
  12. I'm space mountain son, everyone wants a ride :woo1:
  13. Space Mountain? You sure you're not one of the rides on the South Jersey boardwalk?
  14. That's you, you're buried further than the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy.
  15. That's what I just said to you, you idiot
  16. Loving this back and forth. You guys should have a non-title promo battle :obama:
    Feeling the chemistry.
  17. *chuckles*

    What a pathetic loser. Apparently I hit a nerve with Sage last night. Hopefully she's learned her lesson about taking on a multi-title champion with a replicate of the WWE title belt.
  18. The rides were under water but still visible. The shore was buried. :pity:
  19. Good thing I never refereed to myself as a shore, Mr Space Mountain