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  1. Do all matches count or just one on ones? I was going to update mine to 2-1 from SS but I was just wondering how people usually count.
  2. I'm pretty sure all matches count except the dark matches, so I'd say go ahead and add it in.
  3. All matches count
  4. Ohhhh dark matches don't count, ok. So I should leave it as is then. First match was a win, but an open challenge dark match.
  5. Dark matches don't.

    lol you can count dark matches as wins in promo's but it shouldn't reflect your actual record.
  6. Ok scratch that
  7. I'm so confused
  8. Dark matches wont count against you, that's how i would put it. If you have a title match you wont lose your #1 contendership for a dark match. Dark matches are to test gimmicks and tweak your performance, not to count against anyone.
  9. Yea I count all matches, even dark matches.
  10. So we going with ALL matches then?
  11. Maybe for victory counts, idk about vicotry counts :jeritroll:
  12. The animosity between former partners continues
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  13. As someone who's had like one dark match ever and that was the one draw in my record, don't take my advice lol. Up to you really.
  14. Well that clears it up :dafuq:
  15. Cause you misspelled victory in the title.

    Dark matches are matches. Count them in your record. Wins and losses count on a wrestlers record if they win on SmackDown, so should dark matches.
  16. Oh fuck, I didn't even realize it was spelled wrong.

    Ok, you're the GM, so I'll go with that.
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  17. Title fixed
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  18. dark matches = house shows, how would they reflect in your stats?