Viktor Elm joins his brother at AZ Alkmaar

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jose Tortilla, Jun 6, 2012.

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    AZ Alkmaar signed Swedish midfielder Viktor Elm untill 2016.
    He joins his younger brother Rasmus Elm, who already played at the club.


    Rasmus Elm on the left and Viktor Elm on the right
  2. Random boring club ftw
  3. Random boring club?

    Thank you very much for calling my fav club like that.
  4. No way Jose :O
  6. Lmaoooo :boss1:
  7. Never heard of them :silva:
  8. Big in Swedish football and heralded as the possible next big Swedish football exports (they are fairly young with Viktor only being 25) in the future. Since they are only now getting out into the European leagues I am not surprised you haven't heard of them.
  9. My brain look at that and says " WHY IS HIS NICKNAME AFAS?!?!?!"

  10. AFAS is a computer software company.

    The sponsor on AZ Alkmaar's shirts. :dawg:
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