Vince and Linda lose $500 million due to stock drop

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hopefully this is a wake up call to Vince to start bettering the product.

    I welcome out of buildness jokes.

  2. Blaming WWE Studios. :lol1:
  3. :haha: Have you seen their movies?
  4. No, but I know they're pretty bad. My point is, if they're going to do crappy movies why do they make movies at all in the first place? Should be focusing on the product. :haha:


    At least they're not blaming Miz though.
  5. This has nothing to do with WWE's product broski. Learn2StockExchange :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. I effect it does. When the product is bad people are not as keen at investing in it, resulting in the stock value dropping.
  7. Not directly of course, but indirectly it does as Stop said.
  8. They don't care whether the products bad or not. They care where their invested money is going and what is comin back. WWE is making more money than ever, so it has nothing to do with whether the product is enjoyable or not. They get monster ratings, but they're investing their money into a failing WWE studios and a very risky WWE network. It's like investing into a successful company making a ton of profit, but spending their profit into stupid and risky ideas resulting in a loss.
  9. Makes sense.
  10. Yeah. I am just saying. XD
  11. Just saw the "at least they're not blaming Miz line". Classic lmao.
  12. It b/c wwe are fuckin PG not b/c of there fail movie I mean yet that SUCK! But if the show were good which is the WHOLE POINT to WWE, if that were good then WWE would not be fuck up in money! And it would made that there movie suck b/c that would be doing good on the show!
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  13. They've made higher profits under the PG banner than ever before I believe.
  14. T_T wtf are you doing vince
  15. WWE network is IMO TNA's best chance of ever getting near to competing with them. I can see it massively flopping.
  16. The ratings are very average compared to what it used to be. There was a time (and I'm even talking post-Attitude Era) when a 3.8 would have been considered a rare rating and almost 'low.' Now it's a huge accomplishment to even get close to that. Ratings have slowly decreased over the years. PPV is a big source of revenue for the company, and their PPV buyrates are at an all time low. 300,000 used to be considered an average (or slightly above average) PPV buyrate. Nowadays, it's a blessing for them to even get close to that, outside of Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. As time goes on, no improvement made to the product will only mean the ratings and buyrates will decrease even more. They are not far from falling into the 2s now, and look at how much WWE panicked when Raw got a 2.9 and 2.7 last month (even though that might considered a normal rating for other cable shows.)

    And yes, the WWE Network will certainly flop if they go through with it.
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  17. The ratings decrease means nothing. Back in those times internet was no where near as popular and strong as it is now. Many people, like me, stream RAW. Or skip it because they know they can watch on YT the next day and skip adverts. To be still getting 3.2's and such is freaking incredible.
  18. You can't blame internet for all those things. I was on the internet along with several other people back in 2003/2004 and beyond, when the ratings were still in the 4s (which is the time I was referring to.) Less and less people care about the product overtime and the falling PPV buyrates also prove that. (UFC PPVs do very very well, so you can't say illegal streaming is also the reason for the low PPV buyrates. You'd also have to explain why the Rumble and Wrestlemania score a huge buyrate every year as well.) People use a similar argument when it comes to illegal pirating in the film industry. The movie business suffers from illegal downloading of movies, but movies still make a killing at the box office, and box offices records are still broken. The biggest opening weekend ever was broken by the Avengers earlier this year.

    3.2 might be good by the standard of most other cable TV shows, but I'm going by WWE's standards and what they used to get.
  19. UFC is a PPV company, their ratings are abysmal. The internet is the reason for most of it, ofc the product has changed for the worse and wrestling in general isn't popular any more. It wasn't too long ago where it was cool to be a wrestling fan. Society has changed and now it certainly isn't cool.
  20. It's not like they are the only company struggling a little financially at the minute. End of the day we are still in a global recession so it can be attributed to many factors but mainly as people aint as willing to spend money at the min which with a company like WWE results in a stock drop it's nothing that they will be worried about as it's a mere drop in the ocean tbh the company as a whole is fine and standing strong so meh. On a positive might force them to make some cutbacks and concentrate on pushing stories and talent over alternative things.
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