Vince not an NXT fan?

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    From the latest observer. It also touches on the Hunter not wanting Roman to get over as a top babyface issue which I've mentioned in other threads (I believe I talked about it with @The Real GOAT ).

    If this is true it paints a not so pretty picture of how it is backstage in WWE.
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  2. I sense this thread was created to add some credibility to the Ambrose winning the title thread :rollins4:I thought Vince loved NXT from that time he met Sasha, might have misread that though.
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    He liked Sasha, not NXT. Or to be precise, he is fine with NXT, but not NXT as a touring brand built around actual wrestlers. Vince generally does not believe that guys from the independent scene equal money, and it takes a lot of work from said talent to convince him otherwise. It's a clash around philosophies of recruitment and structure between Hunter and Vince.

    Also a clash in philosophies around what makes money. Vince is more for cartoony, over the top characters. Hunter has a, judging by NNXT, more old school approach with longer builds and structured storytelling
  4. Well... Fuck you, Vince. :finger:
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  5. Vince doesn't like it because nobody on NXT is a body builder, they are all just real wrestlers. McMahon is just a guy stuck in his own time period when that's what wrestling was all about, he can't deal with the change of wrestling nowadays.
  6. Screams fake report to me. Roman, Rollins, KO, the Divas, Kalisto, pushing Indy talent all over Raw like Styles and Ambrose...

    Although yeah backstage sounds like a disaster.
  7. All pushed because Hunter goes to war for them.
  8. With the reports on the Triple H no sell and the crotch... I think Triple H just doesn't want to put over Reigns, he's not greedy here he just knows Reigns doesn't deserve it
  9. Feel like this is all news we've heard before. Of course Vince doesn't like a show centered around slow burn storytelling and solid ring work.
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  10. Isn't NXT a wrestling show? Vince hates rasslin remember?
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  11. Tyler Breeze just fuckin sucks
  12. Ya know... this kinda reminds me of a post you made before...

    Vince is the best promoter in wrestling history. This company's at its most profitable it's ever been. They're selling crazy amounts of tickets, 84,000 seats at Wrestlemania, got a pretty nice TV deal going and is all over Twitter when anything WWE is going on... As much as we may hate Raw, it's working. Vince knows about making money if nothing else.
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  13. True. But we know that Vince prefers to make money his way. If he could pick between Cena and Owens, who does he pick?
  14. I'll throw another old quote at you: "If you polled the audience which match they'd want to see, it won't draw very well." Faces vs heels does happen for a reason - shouldn't ALWAYS happen, but...

    Which will draw more, the current Triple H vs Roman Reigns "disaster" that's "drawing" 84,000 right now? Or AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens with 2 months of awesome build for the belt?

    The Reigns backlash makes the fans vocal, it makes us rage on Twitter (giving him free promotion), make us wish for better matches down the road... makes WWE seem like more of an "event" if you're just going to show up to be part of the entire Cowboys' stadium heckling Roma.n

    I'll equate it to the Divas. People were PISSED at the 30 second tag and Hashtag Give Divas a Chance trended for 2 days, then the Divas Revolution and the infamous MizTV segment that Brooklyn buried and everyone got all up in arms for so long about this bullshit, then Nikki Bella was gonna break AJ's record and nobody in this decade had more heat than her and everyone was furious for some reason, then Sasha was stuck in Team BAD while Charlotte feuded with Becky and people wondered "where's Sasha, we want Sasha"... and now we have Sasha and the talented women and specific characters being pushed and long matches and performers we can take seriously and everything we wanted from the Women's Division and nobody cares as Eva Marie matches get insane heat on NXT.

    Vince isn't the clueless jackass we often make him out to be. If this is really how he feels (hasn't it been reported many times that he doesn't really watch?) it's dumb to make a stupid blanket statement.
    Maybe he's right and sees the likes of Scott Dawson and Mojo Rawley, chuckles and says "pfffft so many of these guys can't draw!" while seeing Zayn and Balor as the exceptions

  15. and I AM ALSO Not a fan wwe nxt
  16. Honestly I'm not the biggest NXT fan myself. I find myself getting bored during a lot of matches. The storylines are hardly there. It's all the same thing. I like a few guys. American Alpha, Apollo Crews, Somoa Joe, and that's about it..
  17. I think Vince doesn't see stars in most these guys and I can't say I disagree. Some of thes guys are entertaining but do you really see Zayn, Owens, Neville, etc as huge mega stars? Nah.
  18. To be fair Owens is already a big enough name that they trust him to headline the live tour that Reigns isn't on.
  19. I'd barely heard of Owens before his WWE signing and NXT debut other than on this forum. After a bit of research and extensive viewing the guy IS in my opinion the next top heel in WWE. He's gold his Twitter, his general demeanour everything he does is class and towards the product he know the script already and he's onboard with the WWE brand and he will take off.
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  20. yo I haven't seen you around in forever