Vince Russo Leaves TNA Wrestling 1 Year Ago

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  1. Yep, today is the date/day.

    Last year it made for the one of the best Valentine's day in my life.:obama:

    What are your thoughts about it? Is TNA now a better company? Maybe worse?

    Discuss. :russo:
  2. Considering now Aries and Roode are at ME status and most of the nonsensical booking is gone, I'd say it's a much better place. Russo is best as a guy on the side providing ideas to a person with higher intelligence. That's why he was successful during the AE, Vince was his filter.
  3. So much better without him. He needed that filter badly in TNA.
  4. Would love to see him back in a miniscule capacity... would love to have his input in TNA but mostly in WWE. Both companies badly need some semblance of fast storylines and unpredictability, but thank goodness he's not running the show anymore. Prichard's been so much better and 2012 in TNA was fantastic (before Aces and Eights showed up).

    Basically, want him back basically as a class clown, somebody stuck in the back of the class blurting out random shit that nobody really takes seriously, but sometimes he'd say something half-sane that TNA can run with.
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  5. Genius. Both the comparison and the fact that that's exactly the way Russo should be used.