Impact Vince Russo tried getting another job

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    Vince Russo would know what a dying wrestling program looks like. :aids:

    Glad Disco gave it to him straight. That was a dick move, especially since he was one of the reasons TNA got booted off Spike.
  2. Because Russo and TNA went so well last time (they got kicked off of Spike)
  3. Aw god XD i got to admit though it would've been fun watching Russo back on TNA though, great drinking games to his fuck ups
  4. Russo said that people are claiming he was going/planning to sabotage TNA?

    I'm sure, if he didn't intend to, he would do it by accident, anyways.
  5. Vince Russo is what TNA needs right now.
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  6. ... To go out of business. :russo:
  7. Lol, seems like best case scenario for a promotion that can only get any buzz doing low budget Youtube skits between the Hardys
  8. Russo should just fuck off by now. He's got little to nothing good to contribute to wrestling, especially when he's the reason why promotions fail.
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  9. @The ReagMaster - Why do you love Vince Russo so much? I'm not trying to provoke; just itching for a good debate.
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