Vince Russo's Review Of Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by The GOAT, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. Listening right now =) this podcast is 9.99 times more entertaining than raw was
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  2. Great listen, however, he seems genuinely concerned about a Mid-September episode of RAW when Mid-September episodes of RAW haven't been good for many years.
    He's comparing now to the Attitude Era. Why? Times have changed and society has changed but Vince Russo still has not.
    His points about the PPV build are valid, especially since this was the 're-up' month.

    I'd rather see the Divas over Orton/Jericho, especially Orton. The Divas bring fresh content, whereas Jericho/Orton has been done plenty.
    As for Show/Wyatt, they are building Big Show up. He's 7 foot and he's a plot device to put Lesnar over.
    Wyatt losing a RAW match in September means nothing, especially since he wasn't pinned.
    The faces win matches to keep the idiots smiling.
    I've been saying forever that Heyman is awesome, but his content has EXACTLY the same premise night in and night out.

    WWE is publicly traded. I don't see why Russo is so bent. It isn't about quality, it's about money. Don't bother writing McMahon a letter; he won't read it.
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    Amazing how him talking about WWE Creative sounds so much like wrestling fans talking about him.

    Don't really have much to add, everything's just so confusing.
  4. It IS about quality. WWE feels - complacent with itself. That's why most of the storylines feel like the writers are "slacking off" and not doing anything creatively. The only creative thing I've seen from WWE in years is the whole Nexus thing. The current product is boring as fuck to me right now. I mean, I liked wrestling when there was NWO, DX, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    I think Russo doesn't really care about money (well, he does, but not like how you're protraying him), he wants to do things creatively with wrestling, it's something he's good at.

    I feel like he is being shut out by WWE creative, and maybe to a point, the TNA creative.

    I would love to see a new NWO. But we'll probably never see anything like it again, unless you pay $9.99 for WWE Network.
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