Visited WWE SD LIVE @ PNC Arena Raleigh (:

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by asdfrun, May 8, 2013.

  1. was first time going to wwe even for me
    we really enjoyed it ! would do it again in future !
    they started with main event then it was SD
    Some of images (;

    1. Randy @ main event recorded match
    2. randy again @ smackdown gotta give him credits 2 matches in less then 3 hour
    3. team hell no

  2. Nice pictures, great seating.
  3. 35 $ for seat got nice, and for some reason they said earlier show teddy came out and had chris vs ryback as main even but after that match , there was another big even which is bigshow, mark vs randy and sheamus (which lasted for 10 some minute only ) but was nice to see randy and sheamus tag teaming on big show and mark lol and randy used rko ~4 time(in diff matches) and was awesome!
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  4. The Henry/Show vs Sheamus/Orton was pretty much for you live fans that attended. Nice pictures though, and cool seats for a nice price :obama:
  5. Lol at that girl picking her nose in that last pic.
  6. Glad you had fun bud.
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