Storyline Vitória is mine

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    *Much to the chagrin of the crowd, Vitór Mata music hits and he comes out soon after. He walk slowly and methodically to the ring with a mic in hand and a shit eatting grin on his face*

    Vítor Mata: Buster Gates, Buster... Gates. You should consider yourself honored you know, because you're the first of many, many punks that are going to get destroyed by Portugal pride and joy. So, if I were you *Mata quivers at the thought* I'd begin get comfortable with the realization of your fate. I mean let's look at the facts: I'm the pride of the greatest nation the world has ever seen, I'm a rock star, and the greatest man to ever grace this whole planet.

    *The crowd boos as Mata boasts, but Mata continues not phased by the crowd*

    And you Buster, I don't even know how to describe you because we've never stood face to face. You're a preordained loser, I guess. Honestamente, you couldn't even accept my challenge. You sent your gimp to do it for you. Pathetic! There, that a good way a describing you. Você está absolutamente patético. *Mata looks disgusted* Buster, I want you out here. I want you to look at me face to face. I want you to look into my eyes. Eu quero que você obter uma verdadeira boa olhada em sua conta!

    *Vítor Mata ways in anger for any sign of Buster Gates*
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  4. *Buster Gates' music hits and Mata smiles. The audience wait in anticipation for Buster to appear. After a while the music stops. Reginald, Buster's butler walks out onto the stage microphone in hand. Mata in the ring is enraged.*
    Reginald: I am sorry to disappoint you, but Mr Gates is unfortunately not present tonight.
    *Boos ring out around the arena.*
    Reginald: You see, Mr Gates is a busy man. He is well aware he has a match scheduled against you at Dragon Rising, but until then he's not going to accommodate your apparent needs... It seems like you have a thirst. A thirst to meet Mr Gates. Well, you're just going to have to wait.
    *Reginald smiles.*
    Reginald: So, you can continue working yourself up, becoming upset, becoming hurt at the fact that Mr Gates cares so little about you to not show his face, or, you can man up, stop acting like a child and wait for your match at Dragon Rising like a good little boy. Does that sound good to you? Actually... It doesn't matter if it sounds good to you or not, because that's what is going to happen... Mr Gates will see you soon.
    *With that, Reginald heads backstage leaving Vitor Mata in the ring.*
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  5. *Vítor Mata still in the ring, he looks absolutely pissed*

    Vítor Mata: Listen Buster, I can't wrap my head around why you don't want to rear your ugly face around these parts, maybe it's fear of me. Whatever it is I suggest that you get over it. Just accept your fate and I will give you the courtesy of make your destruction quick. If you don't get over whatever your fear is, I will tear you apart limb for limb. I mean come Buster vítoria is undoubtedly mine.

    *Vítor Mata put the mic on the canvas of the ring, and rolls out to his music.*