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Who won?

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  1. Trip

  2. Jwab

  1. @Trip in the Head vs @Jwab the Star-Lord

    This match is scheduled for one fall! The winner of this match will become the AMW World Heavyweight Champion! Promos will last 48 hours after the first promo. Then voting will be for 24 hours. There is unlimited promos in this match. No interference, and no videos! Music, pictures and titantrons are allowed!
  2. OOC: OH there it is @Jwab . You around? Timer starts now lol.
  3. OOC: lol go ahead. I was asleep
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  4. OOC: Will start working on it
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    *The lights go out in the arena and the simulated stars in the ceiling turn on. The music starts playing*
    *Trip starts walking out slowly as smoke rises from the stage and ramp. Trip looks much different then the last time he was seen in AMW. He wears the same black tights with the slogan "Give in to the Order" across the back, but physically he looks different. He is standing more upright and looks bigger, tougher, and stronger than ever before. As Trip reaches the ring he looks left and right at the crowd before sliding in through the bottom rope. Rolling and standing up Trip climbs on of the corners and holds up a hand, soaking in the fan's reactions. Be they cheers or boo's, Trip obviously enjoys it. He hops down and is handed a mic*
    TRIP: AMW, maybe you have noticed already, but I am a new man. Fresh off the greatest match of my career - which I somehow lost. But tonight I aim to change all that. I may not have been able to win any titles that night, but tonight in this No Holds Barred match against this drooling pile of wasted flesh I know I will walk away victorious. I am the one who will make the new AMW world heavy weight title prestigious by taking on all comers after I win it here tonight. My opponent @Jwab thinks he can walk right over me and claim that title for his own. Well, by the time we are done here tonight he won't be doing much walking at all, other than walking his ass back up that ramp without a title when we're done, if he can even manage that. I have grown even stronger than the last time I set foot in an AMW ring. Bigger, faster, less out of control than before. I plan on channeling the rage inside and focusing it on Jwab. More specifically on his head. Jwab, if you manage to make it through this battle tonight without suffering a concussion, I will be amazed because I aim to punish you tonight! I've got a lot of frustration built up from recent goings on in my career and you seem like the perfect sacrificial scapegoat for me to take out my frustrations on. *Trip moves towards the front of the ring and watches the ramp* Come on out here so we can get this over with and I can go back to training for my more challenging opponents. *Trip stands tall at the edge of the ropes, the crowd screaming for the match to begin as he waits patiently for his opponent*
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  6. *The lights go out one more time to hype the All-American American American*

    *The music blasts! Billy Ray Cyrus & Buck 22 rise up on the Left & Right side of the stage and start performing the song. Pyro is going off all over the place in the colors of the good ole red, white, and blue. Jwab walks out with a Canadian Tuxedo turned into an American Tuxedo. (Think Maddox with what Batista wore that one time) He gets a huge pop. The fans love him. He sings along with BRC at 1:53. He jumps onto the apron and the crowd is chanting "USA" "USA" "USA". Jwab is just feeding the crowd charisma. Jwab gets into the ring and looks at Trip. He gets a mic*

    What's up everbody! *Crowd goes wild. You can spot some models flicking the bean to the sight of Jwab* Now, Trip. I didn't come here to AMW to make enemies.... but to provide a different experience of myself to a different audience. Fooq came up to me. He said that AMW needed a hero.... and I agreed. I am here to be the face of AMW. The one man leading the march against the tyranny of all of you power hungry fiends that love to seduce and make love to the Canis variety. I also came to make a name for myself but it already looks like these wonder citizens of AMERICA! know this here name. Now, Trip. I also didn't come here to walk all over ya. I came here to race you. Walk right beside you on this amazing journey. Now, I'm told that you plan to injure the graceful talent of this company. Now, if you injure them here.... they could hurt other promotions... it'll be like a set of Dominos. You'll be causing a mass chain reaction. And I can't have that if I'm supposed to lead this company to where it needs to be. You need to remember this show gotsa budget. I don't think my dear friend, Fooq can handle all of the medical bills that you cause and that is why you can't become champion. America can only have the best as the champion anyway. King of Fast Food, McDonalds. AMERICA. King of Shopping Malls, Mall of.... AMERICA! America Made Wrestling, Jwab Atom the All-American American American, AMERICA! Now, Trip, I don't think a wolf loving madman should be the head of this company....or the head of AMERICA!

    *points at Trip with the mic and gets up on the turnbuckle. He starts chanting USA. The whole crowd is behind him. Chanting USA with him provide a breathtaking experience that could be captured in a snapchat*

    OOC - America. I feel.... alright about it.
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  7. OOC: Nice gimmick, I was wondering what I was going up against lol. I would've used FFDP's The Pride as the song though :dawg:
  8. OOC: I was actually thinking about using that theme as my theme for IWT but the remix. But I couldn't get in contact with Full in time.
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  9. OOC: It would fit so good for a wrestling character with that gimmick

    EDIT: Ugh, the remix is awful IMO though lol
  10. OOC: I was thinking about going full on American like gimmick. I decided imma be a face in AMW and like... no reaction in IWT lol I don't want boos like everyone else.
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  11. *Trip smiles as the crowd chants USA over and over. He waits for Jwab to get down off the turnbuckle and he continues*
    TRIP: I could care less how much it costs our puny GM in doctor's bills to heal the fools who step in this ring with ME! And you can come out here and talk about how great the USA is. You won't get any argument from me. I may have never had a permanent home growing up, but my roots are in this country as well. American mutt born and bred right here Jwab. *the crowd starts up the USA chants again, but they fall flat quickly as Trip continues*. You think you can keep up with me in this "race" do you? I am so far ahead of you that you're going to need some nitrous in your engine to catch up Jwab. And even if you do, it'll just make it that much easier for me to smash your face in. What good is a face of a company without a face of his own, hmmmm? *the crowd boos Trip* What? You people don't think it would make him look better? *Trip smiles at the camera again* So you are the hero the AMW needs are you? This company doesn't need a hero to save it, it needs a ruler to lay down the line and enforce the law of natural selection: Only the strong survive. And though I may not be allowed to actually kill you in this ring without facing dire consequences myself, you will wish you were dead at the end of this night. Having to live on with the painful memories of this night would be enough to drive any man bat shit crazy. I can tell you would be able to endure a fair amount of punishment, but at the rate I dish it out you're just not up to snuff Jwab. So if you really want to save our GM money on hospital bills, why don't you just lay down in this ring now and let me cover you, 1...2...3. Cause thats the only way he's going to come in under budget for this show. *Trip rolls to the outside of the ring and starts reaching under the ring for anything he can find. He throws a couple of chairs in the ring, slides a table under the bottom rope, and even rolls a fire extinguisher into the ring. He climbs back in before continuing* Now look at all this great stuff we have hear Jwab. All American made too. Ironic isn't it? I am going to beat the colors off that stupid looking American colored tux with well crafted American made goods. And you? Well, you just cling to that well known American hope. At least it'll keep your mind off the beating you'll be receiving.
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  12. *Jwab talks to his main man, BRC, about some ideas. BRC tells Jwab to try not to break Trip's heart with that Fire Extinguisher*
    You see..... I wouldn't need these weapons to hurt you because.... I'm a REAL American. I'm a REAL American like Nolan Watchorn, the one man that was born in the dangerzone. I'm a REAL American like Kyre Aungerer *BRC gets on the apron and notifies that Kyre was born in Japan, Kyre's favorite country* Well...... the last one isn't a REAL American but..... Do you know that I am a 3x All-American? I AM AN ALL-AMERICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN. The best god damn American in this country. But, all of these people can be great Americans along with me. Unlike you, I can't allow villainous men to be champion. I can't allow The Order to walk out of anything... a champion. Not Arab, not Brit..... not you! They say don't give into terrorist... well, your AMW's personal terrorist. I don't care what you try to do to try to convince me. I don't care if you bribe me to come to "The Order". I don't care if you threaten me with weapons. I don't care if you threaten to kill these people! These people will die for this country like I will mine. I've suicide dived off the Empire State Building in a match with Farooq back in IWT's developmental division, EBW. We do whatever it takes to win! I've enizguiri'd a man off a pyramid! I've hit Leg Drops off the White House. I'm the most American any American can get! *Buck 22 hops on the apron and tells Jwab to calm down. Billy Ray Cyrus pulls Buck 22 off the apron and hits him with a guitar. "DON'T DISTRACT MY DAUGHTER'S EX-FUCK BUDDY!" Jwab gives BRC a thumbs up and whispers "For America" He turns his attention back to Trip* You know, I'm done talking about America right now...... I wanna give you all some backstory on me and Trip. We put our careers on the line in the most dangerous match of all time in IWT. The two biggest underrated stars in those chambers.... and this is a match you would never see anywhere else. This is a match for the ages. But........ I'm sorry Trip.... you are gonna have the same outcome you had at Elimination Chamber. Billy, the guitar please! *Billy Ray Cyrus throws the Guitar to Jwab* Now, if you try anything..... I will bust this right over your head...... Now, After I win this match..... I have an interview with Obama. So, let's get this over with. FOR........... AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Billy Ray Cyrus grabs the American Flag and starts running around the ring and starts a huge "USA" chant. Jwab prepares for Trip with the guitar*

    OOC - Winner gets to write how the match ended in a realistic match form.

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  13. OOC: I checked with @Jwab before I did another promo and he's content with ending it here I guess @Big Boss .
  14. OOC - You can do another one if ya want. I can pump one up when I wake up after getting off work.
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  15. OOC: Ok nevermind then @Big Boss lol
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    *Trip reaches out and grabs the neck of the guitar. Trip then smashes the guitar over his own head while Jwab is still holding onto it, but he just shakes it off and continues to glare at Jwab, who relunctantly lets go of the guitar now that is wrapped around Trip's head. Trip reaches up and grabs each side of the guitar and breaks the rest of the guitar from around his head and neck, throwing the pieces down on the mat. He cracks his patented smirk at Jwab and brings the mic up once again*
    TRIP: See now if that guitar had REALLY been American made quality, I might have actually been hurt by it. By that toy I just smashed over my head is only the beginning tonight Jwab! Soon you will suffer a similar fate. And you call me villanous!? How dare you! I may seem villanous to a small time athlete such as yourself, but I like to refer to it as dominant. As I dominate the competition here and abroad I can only warn them that the darkness is coming. How they choose to deal with it is up to them. And you Jwab? You chose to ignore the warnings and now you will have to deal with the consequences. I don't care how many American landmarks you've done wrestling moves off from in the past. Here in this ring tonight, the only thing you should be concerned with is me and trying to avoid as much of the damage that am I about to dish out as possible. You will give in to the Order tonight! *crowd erupts, mostly boos, but the Order marks cheer against them* And there will be no invitation to join the Order where you are concerned Jwab. The fact that you thought we would offer it amuses me. We don't ASK people to join the Order. We take them in the night when they least expect it, we BEAT them within an inch of their lives, and then , if they are deemed worthy, they join of their own volition. We wouldn't even waste our time abducting you in the night. In fact, the only reason I'm wasting any time on you at all is to emerge from this battle as the AMW World Heavyweight Champion! For you see Jwab, it matters not what your nationality is in this ring tonight. All that matters is that you came here to fight, just like me. The difference is that I'm just a greater athlete than your sorry three time all-american ass. So prepare yourself for the Dark of Night Jwab. Because once I hit it you will have no choice except to....
    *Trip takes a few steps back and breathes deeply before reciting the words as the crowd says them with him*
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  17. *Jwab looks down at the guitar pieces.... all over the ring. He looks back up at Trip... and back down at the guitar pieces*
    You know what Trip..... There is only one way you could get a neck as strong as the one you have...... and that's by sucking some dick! *The crowd is like "BURRNNN!!!"* You faggot, Trip. You see, this match isn't about who is bigger. It's not about who is stronger. It's about who is smarter... *starts tapping on his head and walks up to Trip* And I think that I'm a lot smarter than you.... by far. You try to intimidate me with your cheap "I'm a muscle man" type of attitude. You are an animal aren't ya? Just a big.... dumb.... mindless... animal. You know what happens to wild animals like you in a domestic place like this? You get knocked out and put on display in front of the world! Just like how I'm about to knock your ass out..... and like I just said, display you in front of all these people!! *The crowd cheers like Trip's mom cheered last night* You see... the people don't want to see an animal as a champion... OH HELL NO, they wanna see JWAB ATOM the ALL-AMERICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN as the champion. Look at her in the front with her Jwab shirt with an eagle and the American flag. She's a true wrestling fan. Now, look at Xanth, that chubby fuck with The Order shirt. That...... is not a true wrestling fan. The difference between these two citizens is that one is in shape and knows the obedient ways of 'Murica while the other is an out of shape lard ass that can't keep his mouth shut when he chews his food...... now... *points at the girl with the Jwab shirt on* You should like... hit me up after the show, babygirl. But this is truly not about the fans.... it's about me... and you... and this company. And you've heard the buzz ever since Farooq brought me to this company.... the company literally revolves around me. And there is one fact about this that everybody knows, you aren't winning this title. If someone is gonna be crowned the first ever world champion of this company.... it's not gonna be you. I am the American Made Champ as it is. Now, how about you forget about all your gothic stuff. Instead of your favorite color being black.... how about you try the RED. WHITE. AND BLUE.
    *Brother Billy Ray Cyrus is still running around the ring with the American flag*
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  18. OOC: So is that it then @Jwab? Nice match!
  19. OOC: Testing the waters with the American gimmick. Might just go to an all around Jwab gimmick and interpret more of an American theme with him in AMW
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  20. OOC: ya cool but we done with promos is what I am saying. 3 each so far