OOC Voting Corruption Still Lives

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by CM Punk, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Who agrees?
  2. I think voting corruption will always live on, no matter how many rules are placed.
  3. You a nigga B. Razzle
  4. Niggrazzle.
  5. Niggrazzle, you gotta stop voting for me. I know you love me, but we gotta be fair to all competitors.
  6. it's pretty obvious but how can you prevent it?
  7. I can't do it, Punk! I could never choose another man over you! :upset:
  8. Join PGWP
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  9. You bring a very good point, handsome. I say we do the special referee thing again.
    U r awesome
    Join AMW
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  10. :yay::happy::kiss:
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  11. HANDSOME :yay:
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  12. You heard it here folks! AMW is now mod supported.
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  13. D'Z is unsure if AMW is the place for him. what separates your shit talking league from the other shit talkin leagues?
  14. Its ran by an American
  15. Not a huge fan of Americana. what else you got
  16. Free HD porn and private rooms. We also have a private hot tub for each competitor and a open world title. Shows are also prepared every other week, so activity cam be high. And creative trys their best to have something for everybody. We are like a Ring of Honor right now.
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  17. Interesting
  18. Hot tub, eh?
  19. Yep yep. Plan ahead, have booking and plan back up in case anything happens. Your choice, or anybody else's choice that wants to join. Not forcing or anything lol
  20. And free meat :otunga:
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