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  1. No partner votes in their partner's matches

  2. Explain reasoning, as to why you voted for said person

  3. No changes and it should be kept the way it is

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    There was a call for voting to take place on our new voting rule.

    If I missed any methods, feel free to post them in the the bottom and I'll add them to the OP.

    4th Option - By Shadow: Have public/live promos that are voted by Creative, in private. Results are shown during the writing of the show.
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  2. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Spawn/Will Savat
    @Aids Johnson: Aids Johnson
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @king Barrett: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @C.M. Shaddix: Corey Marcus "C.M." Shaddix
    @Thierry: Taigāman
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TNHOffical: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Ellis Sullivan: Johnny Thunder
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @KevinJamesFan: Ronnie S. Huxley
    @That Guy Dylanderch: Guernica
    @Dat Kid: Evander Amos
    @RedDwarfTechy: Brandon Pain
    @WUKOffical: The Blackfire
  3. Will give you props for opening a vote @Roadster. You are still on the Hot Head list, but only for your past crimes <3
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  4. Voted, and for reasonings read through the other thread. Here is a quick reasoning on why.

    It adds views and posts to pages that already will have activity when it is handled. Bias will exist as long as we all are on WWEF, regardless of IWT being a side section people use different "characters" for, you will have people you like more as well as less. It's life. Reasoning will attempt to keep bias at a minimum, and IMO it worked well before, Jono is the reason it was fucked up/over.

    We have matches last days, and having the matches in the OP followed by posts describing reasons for it will add activity, while not having teams/stables being able to vote one another will hinder it. People can disagree, but this concept has been implemented while there is what, one? stable in IWT and tag teams being thrown together randomly by people without much to do in singles competition.

    It's pointless to change anything, but the bottom two options are used to split the vote. It is what it is, for now.
  5. I apologize for not opening this vote, initially. Figured it was good to go when Creative gave the green light. Apologies to the Aidman, sorry for calling you stupid, but I found it incredibly childish and it riled me up by claiming that I made Shadow post the thread so I could avoid backlash.
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  6. I was out of line insinuating that, but wasn't posting my shit to be childish or be an asshole to you or anyone. We are good, as always brother.
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  7. What do you mean?
  8. Surprised to see THG's vote, but waiting for Reag to randomly change his vote because, because :aids:
  9. They will split the votes between the others. Like I said, not your fault or problem and i'm willing to accept whatever. I'll let the rest of this thread be posted by people voting and leave my bias ass out of it lol.
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  10. It's common sense that voting should be fair and reflect who the better promo is regard less of personal bias. With that said, who gives a shit? We're talking about voting for a fantasy wrestling federation here...not a big issue.
  11. It comes down to having fun. I don't have fun when people attempt to ruin the fun by irrationally voting against or for you in an attempt to make you win. Because it shouldn't be about winning, but having fun. And having fun doesn't happen if it isn't clean.
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  12. If that's the case why introduce voting in the first place? Personal bias will always effect the outcome of a vote, especially in an e-fed where everyone is trying to get themselves over.
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  13. Because it's fun. There's gonna be bias, but best to try and stop when we can. That's why this should matter. So we don't have to ruin the fun in an attempt to stop people from biasly voting.
  14. how comes
  15. Add the option to remove public voting, keep matches public, but have creative decide results in secret. Then have the results revealed in the final product.

    If you're trying to remove bias voting then that's what I endorse. If not, then I say keep as is. Although I do encourage adding reasons regardless if voting is public, but not mandatory.
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  16. That's exactly how NGW worked and the people in creative were still claimed to be bias.
  17. I've heard the stories, it's just every time that method is used on here it goes smoothly. Except the last time the IWT did it, but that was because matches weren't public.
  18. In fairness. They did openly exclude Indy due to personal dislike. Plus, Punk used to always tell me (back when we talked) how he thought Toto and Forrest were biased voters. Wouldn't put it past Punk and Jeffers to also want their favourites to succeed.
  19. funny enough, Jeffry also said Forrest was biased. And now we're fighting in his company...something doesn't make sense here.
  20. I don't care what you do. Voting will always be biased.

    You think people aren't going to vote biasly because they have to put a reason down? They will just bullshit their way through a response, and who is to say their opinion and reasoning is wrong?

    I think letting creative decide could be a good thing, but if need be people in the matches should be able to request to see the votes that creative held (names redacted).

    Some people might not be a fan of the first option to not allow partners to vote in their team/stables matches. But be real, you don't think The Cure biasly voted for each other all the time? You think the Bullad Club will vote against their own members? I love all of the guys in both groups, but it's just a fact of IWT, and frankly everything.