Wade Barett

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  1. https://twitter.com/#!/WadeBarrett
  2. What kind of angle could this develop into hmmmm?
  3. It's a work, but what could it be, hmm.

    inb4 wade gets some gay ass gimmick.
  5. Damn work. This kinda sounds like a rip-off (come at me marks) of the recent Bobby Roode and his legal adviser William Kelly story on an episode of IMPACT.

  6. Not really, nothing has happened yet. I hope Wade doesn't take a shit gimmick though.
  7. WTF? I don't even get this.
  8. Visa problems maybe?
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  9. Nah. WWE pretty much controls if he uses twitter or not, so I'm sure this is a work. If it's not, then why in gods name would he need a lawyer to post that on Twitter? It makes zero sense :eek:tunga1:.
  10. Yeah, it's probably a work. Which proves two things, the first one is that WWE really likes/cares about Twitter from the looks of it, and that this storyline will probably be crap. I thought they had something big planned for him.
  12. Barrett simply loves thrashing Slater whenever he has the chance, doesn't he?
  13. True, but it's definitely a work of some sort, lol.
  14. It probably is a work since I've never heard anything about them having problems, but it's funny.
  15. To be honest it's probably him typing that. The guy is pretty smart.