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    Have you got colour in your cheeks?
    Y'ever get that fear that fear that you can't shift-
    -The type that sticks around like somethin' in your teeth...

    We fade in on a glass of sparkling champagne. A hand clasps around the stem of the glass, we follow the drink as it's lifted and sipped delicately by James Dragon. Dragon lies back in his booth, a girl resting on each arm, and sighs contentedly. He begins to speak, though his voice is somewhat muffled by the pounding bass of the music and voices off-camera.

    "What I believe we have here, is a failure to communicate."

    "Y'see; I made a threat to Michael, that I have every intention to carry out. Chiefly because, if there is one thing I cannot stand, one thing that gets truly under my fuckin' skin! Is being ignored."

    Are there some aces up your sleeve?
    Have you no idea that you're in deep?
    I dreamt about you nearly every night this week

    James composes himself, the women next to him rubbing their hands on his chest and whispering into his ear. James gives a small smirk but it is clear he is irritated.

    "I despise anyone that gets in the way of me being given the respect I deserve. I loathe the man or woman that keeps me from being paid. But I have a true, deep seated hatred, of being overlooked. Primarily from a company filled to burst with overrated, untalented hacks! Ryan Davis lost every match during his NGW tenure. He arrives here, wins twice and they put him on a goddamn pedestal!"

    How many secrets can you keep?...

    "It sickens me. Because I am fully aware of the fact that anytime I walk into a company I AM the best that company has to offer. No exceptions. Despite all the catchphrases and monikers, make no mistake about it when I tell you that I am the overall best. Michael... Not only have you insulted me by lumping me alongside the common dredges. Not only have you impeded me receiving the maximum amount of money I deserve. But you have had the audacity to overlook me. A mistake that will be rectified the second I walk down the ramp for the first time and lay waste to whomever is put in front of me."

    "Send me a hero. And I will write you a tragedy."

    'Cause there's this tune I found
    that makes me think of you somehow
    and I play it on repeat...

    ..Until I fall asleep.

    The girls gasp as James suddenly shoves his drink off the table and onto the floor where it shatters upon impact. He suddenly shoves them both off the couch.

    "Go. Get me another drink."

    Spillin' drinks on my settee...

    They frown and storm off. Dragon looks back at the camera.

    "I wanna know what you've got, Mikey. I want you to send anybody you've got on that damn Battleground roster. I wanna see if Cousin Eddy can withstand a hit, I wanna know if the ego of Chris young can take tapping out like a bitch. I WANNA KNOW, WHAT SPAWN'S BLOOD. TASTES LIKE."

    "Because he couldn't tell ya."

    "But Mike. You have a lot on your plate, so I don't expect you to take me very seriously at this point."

    "Just know that the second you turn your back, the second you slip up, the literal moment you take your eye off the ball. I will be there. With a vengeance."

    Dragon leans back. Resting his hands behind his head and placing his legs onto the table, He smirks as we fade to black.

    Do I wanna know,
    If this feeling flows both ways?

    Sad to see you go,
    Was sort of hoping that you'd stay.

    Baby we both know
    That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day

    Crawling back to you...

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  2. smh, like the 12th person to use Do I Wanna Know in IWT
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  3. I was gonna use R U Mine or Love Gun, but that seems like it wouldn't fit a rando club