Storyline "Wanna Play, Big Fella?"

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  1. "Ladies And Gentleman, I am here with one of the contenders to the IWT X Division Championship, Please welcome... Aiden Ryan."

    The audience erupts with screams and cheers as
    Aiden walks onto the scene wearing his worn out jeans, black and white sneakers, white t shirt and a black bandanna with his fringe falling over the top of it. He nods at Renee as she then begins to speak.

    "Now Aiden, You are finally going to get the chance to compete for the X divison championship, the championship that you have been after since Money In The Bank, Now after Jwab called you out, You offered to make it a triple threat match. Now some people are calling it a mistake, some are saying this is what is going to cost you but further more there are other things, deeper things that are going to test you. Earlier this week we saw a man confront you in the ring on monday night to which then you were frozen, Let's take a short look at what happened there."

    Renee's Hand hovers above the TV above them as an IWT logo swipes across the screen.

    The Logo swipes back as Aiden is standing there nodding slowly.

    "Now, I know after that you were pretty shaken up, however I wouldn't of called you to this interview if I didn't want to know a response, How're you feeling after all that, and more importantly will this shake the confidence you had heading into Night Of Champions?"

    Aiden laughs a little and offers his hand out to the microphone to which Renee nods and hands it to him, he looks at Renee and lifts the microphone up to his mouth.

    "Uh.. I honestly do not know how to respond to him. You know... Trevor Raynor called me a freak in our match two week's ago, but if you look at a man who's only interest is to stalk me, destroy me, and belittle me for taking off my clothes... to compliment my teeth, then vow to destroy my psychical conditioning due to a horrific past that has nothing to do with me? I'm a fucking saint compared to him, you know people can go around and try to degrade me for taking off my clothes, they can emasculate me for having that as profession for three years, but that has nothing to do with the present. I'm earning my wages in a different light now and not even that insult can shake me. "

    My confidence heading into Night Of Champions is up there, I know i have a hill to climb and I know that by making the match the way I did will only add another hill. However what a way for me to achieve what I've always wanted. What a way for me to prove my dominance and become a champion that this division deserves. And after I grab my championship at night of champions, I'm coming to book an appointment with you, Doctor Attitude, And I am going to make you feel the pain you felt in your past, plus some!"

    "You wanna play, big fella?"

    Aiden Ryan rises a metal bat towards the camera, Renee slowly backs away from Aiden as she vanishes from the scenario. A sadistic grin is drawing upon his face he gives a slight chuckle before swinging the bat into the camera lenses.

    "Let's Play."

    With the camera spazzing out, Aiden's shoes are shown walking towards the camera slowly. He tilts the camera towards his using his bat, a blank face is shown upon Aiden as blows a kiss to the camera before ramming his baseball bat into the camera causing the show to go off air.

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