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  1. *B.Dazzle walks out the curtain sporting a new look. He is carrying a black and blue that says The Dazzling Chavs on it. On the back of the flag is a picture of Gav, B.Dazzle, and Luke Starr. B.Dazzle is also decked out in a t-shirt and pants that match the colors of the flag. B.Dazzle holds the flag up and puts his hand on his heart. He looks around the arena before screaming out "We the Chavs". He walks down to the ring with a nice mix of strutting and marching. He grabs a mic from off the steel step and gets in the ring. He stands the flag by his side and begins to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: Ladies and gentleman, B.Dazzle is a real dazzling chav. When you are a dazzling chav, it means you are tough, big hearted, and ruthless. It means you are handsome, dashing, and smooth. Being a dazzling chav means you are at the top of the world. B.Dazzle knows the feeling of being a dazzling chav and he loves it. You people can love it too. You can all feel the satisfaction of being the best in the entire universe, but to do that you must accept being a jerk to those around you. You must accept that some people are going to be envious of you and your accomplishments. Now for those of you who want to join a legion of men at the top of their game you must do something with B.Dazzle. You must put your hand over your heart and scream out We.......The Dazzling Chavs don't give a damn about any of you people!

    *The fans boo.*

    B.Dazzle: You think B.Dazzle is out here to recruit you low-class, moral less, uncivil, disgusting, wastes of human life? You're all wrong. B.Dazzle is out here to talk about more important things......himself. As all you IWTards know, B.Dazzle has lost his I.C title. Now, he didn't lose it in a match. He lost it because it was stolen. Stolen by a man who has to hack this cheap ass arena because he was too big of a bitch to challenge B.Dazzle like a man. With all this being said, B.Dazzle has some aggression being kept inside of him. Aggression he is more than willing to give out. That is why B.Dazzle is challenging anybody in that locker rom to come down here and get their ass whipped by B.Dazzle. B.Dazzle doesn't care who the hell it is, as long as he gets someone. So.....come on down jabroni. B.Dazzle ain't got all day.

    *B.Dazzle swings his flag around as he waits for someone to come down.*

    OOC: Won't be able to accept any answers until around 5 pm u.s eastern time.
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  2. *gav comes out through the crowd holding a piece of paper which looks like it has a few names written on it*

    (gav the chav) i guess some of you have gone shy on my man b.dazzle no bother gav can fix that *holds up piece of paper* is danny cortez @King Taz around anywhere? Remember me how about a match with my man b.dazzle
    Or what about hmm lets see what about rodrigo @Rhod fancy a match against my mate b.dazzle or what about @D-D-David yes champion vs champion in a dark match sounds good? or how about my favorite butcher @Trip in the Head are you busy? Wanna match against my pal b.dazzle come on everyone don't be shy
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  3. OOC: sorry Arab and I are working on forming a tag team ATM, so we'll see you after that for sure
  4. Kind of disappointed that no one wants to answer my challenge.

    I was really anxious to get some matches in before the slammys and I was really hoping there would be others that wanted to get some matches in as well to work on characters. Hell, this match could get someone get a title show.

    Oh well.
  5. I was gonna post, but my character is unavailable atm :sad:
  6. Im on. Will cut a promo after school. Im busy this week. Perhaps on Saturday?
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  7. *Rodrigo gets into the ring with a suit*

    I'm on. I've got some stuff to do this week but well..last time I checked, the 21st December I could be able to face you. It might be a dark match, it might not be important but Im not gonna let you win just to "send the crowd home happy". You're going to suffer if you wanna beat me. Hope we can give this people the show they deserve
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  8. OOC: This Saturday is fine with me.
  9. ooc glad my little prompt worked lets show dat kid and rhod just who the fuck we are!
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  10. OOC: :yes:
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