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    In the first match, Sam Cornell takes a victory over Puff, after he locked Puff into the Sharpshooter. Puff couldn't take it and tapped. After the match, Ramees came out and told Sam Cornell he's coming after him.

    Zach Schmidt arrives backstage asking Puff, Smasher, and Lacky if they've seen Sholi around, but to no avail. King Geordie comes up to him and tells him he should settle everything he needs to in the ring, which infuriates Zach, who then just leaves.

    The Tag team Immortality Tournament kicked off with a four-way tag team match. the competitors were Clash of Styles, Bones Brothers, Smasher and Fatal, and the mystery tag team, Austin Andrews and Ryan Fenix. It was a back-and-forth match with the victors eventually being Smahser and Fatal, who earned 90 points. Bones Brothers/Austin and Fenix both earned 70, while Clash of Styles only earned 60 points.

    Ashraf and Mark White faced each other in a match. Eventually, Aids Johnson interfered and cost Ashraf the match.

    Zach Schmidt is still mad, and sees King geordie yet again, and this time Geordie plans to help out Zach in his match at No Limit.

    The main event was a great match. RA Kyro and Mad Dogg faced off each other. Eventually, Mad Dogg planted the Psycho Driver on Kyro for the win.


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    Mad Dogg wins this award for me this time around. he nailed his finisher yet again, on a contender for the Royal Crown Championship. He got the victory and has surely impressed Curt Cutlass some more. nthing but positive for mad Dogg today.

    Power 5 of WarZone

    5 - Austin Andrews and Ryan Fenix (previous ranking: - )

    They made a surprise appearance as the mystery tag team for the Immortality Tag team tournament and made an impact in their match together.

    4 - Sam Cornell (previous ranking: 1 )

    Defeated Puff, who's the biggest jobber in the company, but nonetheless got a win.

    3 - Aids Johnson (previous ranking: 3 )

    He made his point to Ashraf without even needing to waste energy by fighting a match tonight.

    2 - Smasher and James Fatal (previous ranking: - )

    They won the first match of the Tag team Immortality tournament and gained 90 points.

    1 - Mad Dogg (previous ranking: 5 )

    Explained above at Top Superstar.


    I think Cornell will continue his quiet rise in the company next week with another victory, the victim, I don't know who it'll be.

    The Zach/Geordie segments I expect will expand and I see they forming some sort of alliance together, including some more people.

    The Tag Tourney should continue next week, with a quality match expected from me. I think Clash of Styles will take the win next time around.

    I expect Aids and Ashraf to have a match together at the next pay-per-view, due to their increasing heat between each other the past couple of weeks.

    Finally, I think Mad Dogg will continue kissing Cutlass's ass and get another main event shot next week. Expect for him to win it, with some help from Cutlass.

    Rating of WarZone 9/5/12


    Great opening to the tag team tournament, interesting interference in Ashraf's match, good promos from Zach Schmidt, and a nice main event to cap it all off. Superb show.

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