Was debuting Big E a mistake?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. I think he could have debuted in a better way, a way better way than just being Dolph's puppet, I'm really disappointed with his current role in the product.

  2. I like him as Ziggler's bitch.
  3. Maybe. I like the idea of just Dolph and AJ being a couple with no one else to share the spotlight with them. But I also like how Ziggler had a hot conniving female at his side but a huge muscle to protect him as well and carry out further damage to opponents.
  4. Pretty pointless IMO, since Zigs has teamed up with them he's lost a lot more than he's won. Pointless booking.
  5. Hopefully we can see a tag team formed between these two if his MITB cash in fails.
  6. Loved him on NXT he was over on there with the five gimmick. As DZ's puppet he sucks. Cant stand it hope he breaks away soon an gets a character.
  7. Seems like they are ripping off Miz and Riley
  8. It's a shame that Riley has charisma really isn't it?
  9. Riley has so much charisma he could break out of the Fortress of Solitude by smiling at it.
  10. I'd trust Big E as a bodyguard long before I'd ever trust Alex Riley as a bodyguard.
  11. Except Big E and Dolph are both good on their own. Whereas Miz and A-ry were good when Miz wasn't around.
  12. [video=youtube]https:emoji_confused:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=COD_VGHmSFQ[/video]

    Riley has confidence whilst speaking, Big E sounds like he's shitting himself. BIg E is bigger but Riley is no small man and has a star attraction to him, his look is gold. He's sloppy in ring but has the rest of the boxes ticked.
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  13. Riley still trends on Twitter and gets huge reactions whenever he's on TV, despite the fact that he's been buried for the almost 2 years. Yeah a lot of that was good booking an Miz's heel work, but still. That's a big testament to his star power and charisma. Wonder if Cena was worried about his spot?

    How much star power does Big E have? Enough to get us to change the subject to Alex Riley half-waythrough the thread. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ity;
  14. How the hell do you fail with :pity: anyway I still don't buy the Cena stuff tbh, if he hated Riley or was paranoid Riley would be gone by now IMO. I know there was that interview where he didn't deny the heat but think about it if he says yeah Cena hates him if he didn't before as does Vince, he denies it people assume he's towing the company line and it's the same as above, he deny to comment at least he can say he was none commital.

    Riley has a lot of potential but his botches cost him his big push and WWE's lack of thought have cost him it since.
  15. Have you ever tried using a PS3 keyboard?
  16. I've never used a PS3 :mad2:
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  17. Rain's computer is still busted?

    But yeah, Riley likely helped cause his own fall with his sloppy ring style. Probably the most sloppy spinebuster I've seen. One cannot doubt his charisma though.
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  18. I'm enjoying Langston, not because he's good but i get a kick out of how bad he is
  19. Ehh he seems okay to me. I just wonder how long they'll keep him as Ziggler's bodyguard.