wassup hoeskis

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Your in a good mood? Will all that change in a few hours? :notsure:
  2. He's drunk again, at 1pm.
  3. Scotland 0 - 3 Serbia. Later on. :burns:
  4. Vidic > Scotland

    Poor Ryan.
  5. Bullshit Rhodes is oning their bitch asses


    Stfu with your man u bias :haha:
  6. Okay. Any Serbian player > Scotland > Craig Levein :haha:
  7. Agree Levein is a ****
  8. I love Scotland when Darren "The GOAT Scotsman" Fletcher plays.
  9. Ryan is drunk. Most likely he has also had haggis.
  10. I love Fletcher as well, seen him play at Pittodrie a few months ago and gave him a great reseption


  12. Correct he's a racist bitch :pipebomb:

  13. ?
  14. I can't listen to that right now bud :emoji_confused:
  15. Scotland are still drawing, I'm surprised....
  16. I'M not, levein is a trampy jakey defensive fud who thinks we should draw home games
  17. True that isnt the scottish way, you should loose all games.
  18. *Lose

    :emoji_grin:runken Pipebomb:
  19. Lose / Losse same shit.