Wasted PPV Matches that could have been great?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. I didn't feel like posting this in the PPV section because it'll die. So, Imma post it here.
    • JBL vs. Rey Mysterio: Wrestlemania 25 - This match could have been epic as fuck but I don't know why it was so short of a match. Was it time constraints? I just don't get it......
    • Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan - I was super pissed when this spot happened. I was actually (still am) a huge Y2J mark and when Sheamus eliminated Y2J from the Rumble, I took an oath to hate Sheamus for life. But, Sheamus & Bryan have great chemistry together and I don't get why WWE didn't take advantage for a 5-Star Match.

    Also, Kane vs. Chavo, dat shit could have been awesome for Chavo.
  2. Sheamus vs. Bryan is the only one I really agree with.
  3. Muhammad Hassan vs Undertaker at GAB 2005.
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  4. Its WCW, but Hogan/Goldberg on Nitro was just luzly. #RatingsWhores
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  5. Marty janetty vs curt angle on smack down..... That match was wasted and was PPV worthy
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