Survivor Series Ways Punk can win at Survivor Series

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  1. We had this same thread when he faced Ryback and some ideas were posted -- most commonly a Lesnar interference -- so what can you come up with now? I am fairly confident Punk is retaining to continue his fabulous streak and surpass one year as WWE champion, and then go on to hold it until the Rumble, but he is against some powerhouses who need to constantly look strong; so how can he win?

    We could have the same suggestions as last month where Lesnar interferes as he is also a Paul heyman guy, or we can have the Mark Henry le random interference idea. Personally, if we are going down the road of interferences then I would love to see Ambrose interfere to push the idea of a Heyman stable.
  2. God dammit Crayo, the last 'Ways somebody can win' thread you posted ended up in the guy losing :bury:

    For some reason I just can't see it being interference from a big star, I would love Sexual Chocolate to return but I'm expecting some sort of weird shit to happen instead, possibly involving Maddox.
  3. The last one I posted was Punk v Ryback, and he won, you noob.
  4. http:emoji_confused:/

  5. Back on-topic though (swear you ruin all threads): Maddox seems to be a decent call, but how? Unless he ref's again I can't see him owning Ryback AND Cena one week after being completely buried and hospitalised.
  6. I don't know, (Like HIAC, which is a good thing I guess) but with Heyman chatting to Brad on Monday I could maybe see him returning and attacking Ryback just after he hits Shell Shocked on Sheena, only to run away and have Ryback chase him down the ramp and Punk to pick up the scraps. It's a bit meh but I can see something along those lines happening.

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  7. Would make Cena look bad though wouldn't it? Nice idea though, quite possible.
  8. Maddox returns and hits Ryback with the ambulance from last Monday. The ambulance is out for revenge after Ryback beat it with Maddox so it has become a Paul Heyman car.
  9. I honestly think they'd be willing to in order to make Ryback look strong, they were quite happy to do it to Punk - who, yes I know he's a heel and he's certainly not Cena, but has also been booked strongly for months - a couple of Monday's ago when got beaten cleanly.
  10. Le wild Kevin Nash run in probably. Nah, I think Ryback will be away from the ring for some reason and then Punk will pin Cena.
  11. maybe punk just simply beats them both cleanly
  12. Excuse me but....PPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF not happening.
  13. Rumor has it Brock Lesnar is gonna interfear in the WWE Title match.
  14. I agree I think Cena will be pinned by Punk. Ryback will be distracted by Brad Maddox
  15. Source?

  16. Cheat, cheat and cheat some more!
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