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  1. This is the WCW Appreciation discussion thread

    The Horrible, The Bad, The Good, The Great and all the stuff WCW produced from the 70s in GCW to the 2000s in WCW Alliance.

    This is the place where we talk WCW!
  2. WCW was cool.
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  3. Simply Put
  4. I rewatched Starrcade 93 online recently and the Vader/Flair match for the WCW WHC was pretty kewl.
  5. Sid was supposed to win at Starrcade 93, they even taped a full months worth of Saturday Nights with him as Champ
  6. Yeah didn't like him an Arn stab eachother or something lol?
  7. They had a heated argument, Sid went to the hotel riped a bar off a chair and went to attack Arn, Arn had the scissors and he attacked him, when Sid got a hold of the scissors he stabbed like fuck, Vader, Scorpio and i think Flair split them.

    Sid had a huge gash in his stomach
    and Arn had less serious injuries but had much more stab wounds.

    loved Sid though
  8. I really wish they were still around. I was never that big of a fan outside of their huge run in the late 90's but they still had their fair share of good moments and great matches and angles before that.
  9. Anyone else remember the Dooms day cage match? With Hogan and Savage taking on the Dungen of Doom and some horsemen.
  10. Wasn't that like Uncensored 1996 or something? Way too gimmicky from what I can remember because it was an extra, extra large cage away from the ring side area that had multiple doors that you had to make your way through or something.
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  11. I miss it... and well wrestling died in 2001....
  12. WCW was fucking awesome!


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  13. I fucking love Sid too. Dude was mad underrated. He was OVER. folks loved him. too bad he will be remembered for his L shaped leg
  14. I can't remember if big Dave Meltzer scored this 5 Stars or not

  15. Chamber of Horrors?

    LOL, my dad bought the VHS of it because he thought it was TV show!

    I loved the in ring action in the early 90's WCW especially Rude and Steamboat and Flair and Steamboat
  16. Rude is my favorite from the late 80s/early 90s. Fucking beast.

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  17. \/\/E put them into the hall of fame as a whole already... "we induct WCW into the hall of fame"

    does anyone think they would consider this or if they should or don't or whatever the case?