Storyline We Are 5

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  1. Al Poppin' comes out selling his back from his match with Justin Magnus as he walks out with a big grin on his face despite losing, he walks down to the ring and rolls in, and begins his usual theatrics of jumping in the ring before asking for a mic

    Al Poppin:
    Don't worry people, be happy, look at me I'm happy, and that is because I always have a plan B. At Uprising, Justin Magnus defeated the Dudes With 'Tude, it happened but like I said, we are already in a better position than Magnus even though we came out on the losing end of the stick. I promised you all The Dudes With 'Tude would grow to a Fantastic 5, and we have done that, at Uprising, I found someone who has the right Attitude to be a member of the Dudes with 'Tude. The man who will bring the Dudes With 'Tude to new heights as we continue our ever growing expansion in IWT. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for.........

    Al Poppin' points to the stage with both hands
  2. Also, @Ric Flare! PM me with your guys MITB plans if you got em so I can add it to the card for when I announce it. Thanks

  3. The crowd cheers as a husky man comes out on the stage with a zookeeper outfit on, petting a monkey that rests on his shoulder. He walks down to the ring and stops to high-five fans and even lets someone pet and pose with the monkey for a picture. When he gets into the ring and the monkey hops off and onto the turnbuckle and he walks up to it and feeds it a banana. He walks into the center of the ring and shakes hands with Al' Poppin before grabbing a microphone, speaking out with a thick Australian accent.

    "Hello everybody, my name is William Taylor, but you can just call me "The Zookeeper". I am a real zookeeper, I studied animal behavior in university and I was employed at the Melbourne Zoo in good ol' Australia for over a decade, studying animal behavior. I must say, some of these so-called IWT wrestlers really remind me of animals. So primitive, so immature."

    He laughs as he walks over to the turnbuckle and the monkey hops back on his shoulder, handing the banana peel to William, who tosses the peel into the crowd for a mild reaction.

    "You see, rabbit mothers abandon their youth after birth and they are left to fend for themselves and grow by themselves. And from what I've seen in this company, this must have been the case with some of you because you all lack proper manners! So, I'd like to invite one of you young men to come down to the ring and accept my challenge. I will show you the way of a real gentleman, a real wrestler, and a man who knows his values and knows respect!"

    He lowers the microphone and folds his arms behind his back.