We are bringing respect to these titles....

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    *Adam and Jacob's theme hits, They walk through the crowd wearing the new Creators Of Chaos shirts, They jump the barricade, They jump into the ring, There is a fancy table in the middle of the ring with a red cover over it, Theres something under it*​
    Adam: Ladies and gentlemen, Please bring your attention to the ring and not to the food you are stuffing in your face, Thank you. Now, Tonight after months of being dis respected by a slut whos name will not be mentioned since she already knows who the hell she is and her toy boys who again wont be mentioned because these assholes know who they are because we beat one of their asses and we are coming for the other one very soon. We are bringing this respect these titles deserve! This title right here is a bullshit piece of bronze​
    *Adam is handed a sledgehammer from ringside, He throws the title down and beats it with a hammer*​
    FUCK THAT TITLE! This is a piece of shit with no respect, This title means nothing. Introducing the NEW TAG TEAM TITLES!​
    *Adam pulls the red cover off to reveal the new titles*​
    (I will get it cut soon)​
  2. That title is terrible!
  3. *Jacob takes a mic*​
    You're right. The old title meant nothing. Who cares about the bronze? Who even cares about silver? To prove this title actually deserves some respect I bring you-
    *Runs to the backstage and brings a new belt*​
    -a gold title! Take a look, I don't like your pick my dear partner, but I like mine.
    I know you'll disagree with my choice but it brings more respect to this division. And instead of the tag team championship I propose you to change the name for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!
  4. *Adam looks over the title, He holds, He puts it on the table, He picks up his WWF Tag Team Title belt and throws it up the ramp*​
  5. Once again you're wrong. These aren't the Tag Team Titles. This are the WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES!
  6. lol lame.
  7. Why am I so much the real tag team champions?

  8. The crowd pops, as Aids Johnson walks out to the real nWo theme. He walks down, then pulls the arms back to position @Suciide into the entrance also. They walk out in black and white,
    the accustomed nWo gear, with arms raised high.

    Aids johnson grabs a mic. "You are looking for a match? Sure. Shadow and i are ready for a battle, and we'd love some gold. Set it up Jonathern."
  9. *Jwab walks out with a mic*
    *The crowd tries to boo*​
    Jwab: I know what you are thinking.....another "Cure" promo. No, I have come out here to wish the team of NanoRah and The Fella good luck on their future. Nice to see you too Suicide. It seems that the Cure has gotten you somewhere. It's nice that you are moving up with the nWo. Now, I want you to do one thing. Welcome the new members of the Cure! Welcome first, Trevor, The speed and humor of the Cure. Next up, Larsosc, The technical underdog of The Cure! And last but not least.... TotalNonstopHeel. Pretty much The Cure's "Gimp". Not mine but it's for my new disciples Trevor & Larsosc to get their frustrations out. *Big smile* Now Aids & Shadow, You guys would be pretty valuable to The Cure. You don't have to go around calling yourself "The Cure" but you can be one of our allies. "Cure's nWo" or whatever. I would like to leave that offer on the table for both of you. The Cure is spreading. Don't fight it.​
    *Stands there with the 3 members around him*​
    *TotalNonstopHeel is on a chain with a collar around his neck and barking at everyone*​
  10. OOC: Neither of you are getting matches, We already have a match
  11. Hahaha. Don't make me laugh. First of all, we'll beat the old tag team champions. You know, that couple. What was their name.... The bitch and the dog? I can't remember it. You don't have a match until we retain this titles at Money In The Bank!
  12. *Suicide looks at Aids Johnson and smirks
    Suicide: The Cure? We're the poison trying to take this company down,not help it. Explain why being your allies would be beneficial. As for you two chumps,you two steal our theme and then deny us a match,what do you suggest we do Aids?
  13. OOC: We didnt steal it when you decide to use it after us.
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  14. As you should know... We're not the cure! We're the WORLD tag team champions. We don't give you a match unless it's a non-title match because the last losers who tried to defeat us... Well, they lost! You can keep talking but we are the champions and you are the new loser!
  15. *Looks at Suicide with the mic*​
    Jwab: Poison & Cure are actually very similar yet different. One corrupts it while the other saves it. I think we are both doing something the same. We are shaping this company into our own image. And the better way to do this is to work together and then at the end we can have our big finale! *grins* Come on, someone has to dethrone these BOZOs.​
  16. *looks at Adam*​
    Jwab: Also I got to mention one more thing......You say that you are bringing "respect" to the titles but you get rid of the titles with that have been put on the line countless times for titles that no one cared about in the first place.....smart move.​
  17. *Adam elbows Jacob to alert him, They grab the titles and leave via the crowd, They hold the titles high and leave*