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  1. "The Unknown" Drake Stevens and Lord Lee stand in the ring with mics, its time

    Drake: I have been thinking a lot recently, its time to stop with the mystery, I don't want that old wooden mask anymore, I dont want to have no name, its time to be me for what I really am and thats a pissed off son of a bitch called Drake Stevens. Its time for us to stop lying down and taking what the almighty Jonathan hands to us and take what we want, so thats why we stand in the middle of this ring right now, We are taking our chances and not waiting for the hand of JonaGod to hand them to us because its never going to happen folks, if you don't take what you want don't expect anything in this world because it just doesn't happen. Its always been like that honestly its not something new, Jonathan hand picks whoever he wants to be top guys and if you are not picked you might aswell quit and many do. Not me. Not Lee.

    The Imperial Nation was brought up for one reason and thats to prove that because Jonathan says you can't do it or Jonathan says you can't get this certain chance. It doesn't mean the end folks, Jonathan wont hand you anything unless you are his hand picked men and thats the reason why so many people have walked out those doors and never came back, one man is particular sticks out in my mind by hey, you will find out about him soon enough.

    The Imperial Nation is here to show that Jonathan has no power, but that aint our only goal.​

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  2. *Lord Lee strokes his chin and takes a mic*
    Lord Lee: Alright then, let me take control of this train. Hope you like my associates message, but I might as well add on to it.

    Aside from my associates target of our former GM, let me also bring the emphasis onto the IWT in general. You see, I'm an individual who loves living dangerously, but lately, changes to the IWT system have made people go into a shell. Is it management intimidating them, I hope not, because what makes IWT so great is the history of having competitors who take risks e.g. Aids with The Cure, full of new unproven stars.

    My associate has been dragged to the bottom, like Gareth Bale at Tottenham, he almost got sold to Birmingham for £3Mil, and then what happened to him...

    Ladies and gents, don't follow the propaganda of your superiors, look at what I've done. Look at this new era. Perhaps I could take my associate to PR seminars...But quite honestly I enjoy his backstage altercations, if IWT weren't strict, I could instigate some fights. Drake Stevens is that lad you go to the pub with because you know he always gets into lots of crazy incidents and it never gets old.

    *Lord Lee smirks as the crowd boos*

    And if UKIP, a party once the laughing stock, can convert people into believers, then FTJ and The Artist could hold every title in the IWT for 2 years, and I wish I was exaggerating.... I am great, my associate is decent, but together we can whip something you sheep will never forget..

    *Lord Lee sarcastically chants "Crusade 2.0" and the crowd groan*
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  3. *The titantron turns and the IWT GM Trip in the Head is shown at his desk in his office.*

    TRIP: Guys, Guys, whats the issue here? Drake, you don't have to worry about Jonathan
    "not giving" you anything. I know you guys have a past and you have nothing but disgust for the man, but I'm in charge around here now. Are you looking to prove yourself? I recently ran into scheduling issues with a match I had planned for Uprising for @Manik , so why don't we have The Unknown Drake Stevens one-on-one against the returning monk? (OOC: guys if this is cool let me know). And Lord Lee, you are honestly one of the few competitors around here that has stuck to his guns and not vanish behind the curtain once he had a belt around his waist, but you have a tough title defense coming up at the next Uprising vs the #1 contender Chris Kaizer - who is on a nice little streak of his own. Good luck.

    *Titantron feed turns off*
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  4. Drake stands in the ring with a smirk on his face

    Drake: Well aint this lovely. Jonathan is gone and we have nothing to worry about! I dont care, I do not trust you yet. You earn my trust. I will destroy Manik with my bare hands no problem or will he disappear and fail at his own company again?