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  1. Directly following the events of Summerslam, Ingrid Vines manages to get the new alliance of Dat Kid, Aids Johnson and Alias Antonio to sit down and explain their actions.


    Ingrid patiently waits in her seat in the secure and remote room in the arena. The camera's are already setup. Everything is ready to go except the 3 men have yet to arrive. After 5 minutes Ingrid lets out a sigh and pulls her phone out of her pocket to check the time. The door swings open with a creak, startling Ms. Vines.

    In walks Aids, Dat Kid and alias, the NWO holding Luis Ovaldinho's championship. The 3 men murmur to themselves as they each take their seat. Ingrid motions to the camera to start as she quickly refreshes through her notes. The air is thick with tension and Ingrid is clearly nervous and uncomfortable around the men in these uneasy times.

    [Ingrid Vines] Gentlemen, I would like to thank you for accepting my invite to come on her and give the IWT universe the answers that they need.

    She foolishly awaits some acknowledgement from the men, but they are still busy whispering to each other and pay the woman no attention. Ingrid feeling uncomfortable clears her throat which gets the attention of the men.

    [Ingrid Vines] Right... So lets start off by explaining what exactly this alliance is. You stated this was the New World Order, tell us, what is the NWO?

    Dat Kid is the first to speak up and answer Ingrid.

    [Dat Kid] The fact that you have to ask that question is the reason the 3 of us joined up in the first place. Look at us, Me, Aids, and Alias. You're over here shaking in your drenched panties asking us what we are, are you kidding me?

    Ingrid swallows the rude remark with a large gulp as she quickly scrambles through her notes, avoiding any eye contact with Dat Kid, who clearly made her feel even more uncomfortable.

    [Dat Kid] Who the hell are you?! Individually we have each buried the entire roster and together well, you remember how the atom bomb changed war forever, we are that atom bomb. And we are a New World Order for the IWT, but from here on out you can refer to us as the IW3.

    Before Ingrid can get the next question out, Alias suddenly vents on his views too.

    [Alias Antonio] When the 3 prime leaders of the world came together in the summer 1945 to celebrate the Postdam conference, a conference that would change how we perceive this world forever, it formed to be the catalyst to a New World Order. It also decided how to distribute the cancerous Germany at that point in history. Now you see, we are the 3 goddamn prime leaders of this company, of this whole locker room. And we're sick of being taken for granted after everything we've put on the line here.

    We're fucking Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, kid. So us, these 3 prime, magnificent leaders are coming together to distribute and administer the cancerous IWT. We don't need to conquer anything, we're already the damn kings. We just need to establish here to all these young bloods that the IWT belongs to us, and you don't gain an ounce of power unless you go through us. Old IWT, New IWT? Honestly who gives a flying fuck. All that the 3 of us care about is a Great IWT, and we're here to provide that solution, without a shadow of a doubt.

    Ingrid nods along with Alias before looking at Aids, hoping from an answer, but the former IWT champ sits there contently sulking as he stares straight through her. She quickly moves on before she instigates another altercation...

    [Ingrid Vines] Why did the IW3 make this message on the night of one of the biggest shows IWT has ever put on?

    Alias sniggas*, which is then turned into a mocking laugh at the woman.

    [Alias Antonio] Hahahahha, did you see people's faces out there? Did you not see their reaction? We fooled every single feeble soul in this building. From me and Kid beating the shit out of each other, to me swerving the whole IWT Universe. It was a statement. A political statement. This isn't friendly competition, it's a slaughtering and ruthless war, motherfucker. See, we don't care beating the living shit out of each other because it makes us absolutely stronger. And what happens when we get stronger, you ask? You're about to bear witness to it...

    With that Alias laughs confidently once more as he points to the IWT championship that they robbed from the lifeless body of Ovaldinho

    [Dat Kid] Why tonight? Pretty obvious, we had talked about this for weeks and we could have done this anytime between then and now. Summerslam is a big stage and with all the new guys pushing themselves to the limit to try and become the next us, we decided to up the ante, we decided to let them know that no matter how hard they try, they can't reach our level. We've been playing softball the whole time for the past few years, this year, we ain't even playing.

    Ingrid doesn't bother waiting for the former champ to speak up, as he has barely moved a muscle since entering the room.

    [Ingrid Vines] I don't think anyone could of foreseen this alliance. I mean each and everyone of you has ruled IWT from the top of the food chain since the company was created. Why is it now that you come together as a unit?

    Dat Kid scoffs in disgust as he quickly engages Ingrid in a demeaning and sarcastic manner.

    [Dat Kid] That's right Ingrid, we fought at the "top"...tonight despite this being the biggest show of the summer, where were we? Because where the show should have ended with the three of us raising the IWT Championship. It ended with this Universal crap with two people I can't even remember their names. It's not only wrong to this prestigious title, it's disrespectful to the three of us. After everything we've done, we're being treated like second class citizens here in the IWT and that's why we came together, because we're going to end this crap before it gets any further. We've been on top and we're going to stay on top.

    It was bad enough when the three of us were fighting each other for the top spot, you add all these newbies trying to get on top of the mountain and it's too congested. For the time being we put aside our differences for a common goal and I know that upsets a lot of people. I bet these fickle fans would love me and Alias to kill each other in the middle of the ring, fight each other forever, while some new guy steps in our spot while we're fixated on each other. We're not stupid enough to be blinded by hate and once we regain our spots, you better believe that this is all over. I've never been a stable where i haven't systematically stabbed everyone in the back, this one is no exception, but for now we got garbage to take care of.

    [Alias Antonio] I may not love these two men standing next to me... but I damn sure as hell respect them with my heart on my sleeve right now. We're the Senior Citizens of this enterprise yet we constantly get thrown aside to the pavement like some trash in favor of men who couldn't, can't, and will never draw a single dime.

    Dat Kid and I or the IWT championship should've been the damn main event, yet you put a man who people forgot about in the main event with a man who people forget about in spite of him being a champion. In fact, the only reason Michael put Kaizer in the main event is because he used to share the same stable as me. But the fact of the matter is that no one remembers that either because you had me, Joey Bryant and then you had laziness personified, Chris fucking Kaizer. He's been persistently overshadowed and him coming up short against a no-name, good-for-nothing backyard wrestler, well, well that just speaks for itself doesn't it, Ingrid? Also, Jack Forte? A man who racks up a couple of wins and suddenly gets hold of a HoF ring while my accomplishments get unnoticed? THAT speaks for itself, Ingrid.

    Both Dat Kid and Aids instinctively nod in agreement, to which Ingrid pounces a question to Aids, to try and break his silence after his defeat.

    [Ingrid Vines] Aids, was this attack orchestrated because you lost your match against the rookie Luis Ovaldinho?

    Ingrid gets too comfortable with her question as she forgets how volatile these 3 men are. Aids' face scrunches up as a fire ignites in his eyes at this womans stupid question.

    [Aids Johnson] If you've payed attention the questions you asked previously and have now had answered, you would know this question is unnecessary. Oval was going to be the victim regardless of what happen. If I walked out as champion, he would have been beaten down, if Nick had cashed in - we would have waited and ruined his moment instead. This has never been about Oval or the Bullad Club... It's always been about the backstage with people like Michael the Youtube Roadster. You book this card to max capacity, and then decide Chris fucking Kaizer was going to win BEFORE THE MATCH EVEN STARTED, while we all knew that was never going to be the case.

    We have an issue with younger talent being pushed by people who have chips on their shoulders they could never fill facing us. Michael beat me for my title, and yet I took it back and sent him back to the bottom of the absolute ladder. We have old talent like Reagan retiring then pouting about the Main event always being the same - because clearly he turned his tv off after our match assuming SS was done - but who can blame him?

    We sit here for a reason, and I didn't speak for your other questions for one. We don't need a leader to follow, if I felt like speaking my piece and telling you how things were, you would listen. If Dat Kid talked this entire conversation, he would not be assumed leader, it would be "why didn't Alias and Aids talk?" because we are individuals with the same goal. Your talking points mean nothing to me, so this is all you will hear from me tonight, i'll let these two legends next to me put you in your place for us!

    Following the end of Aids rant he grabs the small mic clipped onto his waist and he viciously yanks it off and slings it on the floor, scaring Ingrid slightly. Ms.Vines stammers as she tries to get her next question out.

    [Ingrid Vines] Ok. So now the entire world knows about the IW3 and their new world order. What is next for you 3?

    [Dat Kid] Whatever we want Ingrid, that's the beauty of it. If we want to take this title and sell it on Craigslist WE CAN. If we want to fuck up anyone on the roster WE CAN. If we want to hold every championship in the IWT WE CAN and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do, that includes management, if you can even call them that now a days...

    Ingrid wastes no time blasting through the questions now, she just can't wait for this to be over so she can get away from these assholes.

    [Ingrid Vines] Just how long has IW3 been in the works? How long was this attack waiting in the dark?

    [Dat Kid] Like I said, this wasn't spur of the moment. When you have people who have destroyed each other like we have you don't just decide to be friends. I was enjoying retirement, I could have had my grandchildren live off the merch sales i was making, that's how much money i was making, then all of a sudden it took a harsh dip. I decided to watch IWT and I saw the men I waged wars with being shunned by the very fans that worshiped them and i could give two shits about Aids and Alias, but when you lower their stock it makes me look bad because my legacy is very much influenced by these men as much as i hate to admit it. I called them, it took Alias a lot longer to pick up than Aids, we talked about where we stood and it was very clear to us that the IWT needed a clear reminder of just how grim things can get when you fuck with us.

    I have no personal animosity towards Luis Ovaldino. That man is arrogant and a no name that has no business being the IWT Champion, let alone in a match with one of us. I don't hate Luis, I just think he's overrated garbage just like his mentor Lord Lee. Anyway, everything you saw tonight was planned, even the ironman match. Alias and I would not be able to exist in a stable if we didn't put our differences aside and that's why that match had to take place. Now we've squashed our rivalry for the time being and we were able to physically and mentally destroy Luis and send a message that I'm sure was heard very clearly.

    Alias follows up where Dat Kid left off.

    [Alias Antonio] Listen up, everything we do is calculated, pretty. We don't do "spontaneity". We attribute our successes to the fact that we're so damn cold and calculated and that's why you're interviewing us right at this very moment. We just solidified ourselves as the number one hot commodity in the wrestling world and if you don't like that fact then maybe you should start planning yourself a hospital to go to because you'll never reach the levels that we go to, to assure that our cold and calculated measures become a reality.

    [Ingrid Vines] Many fans are wondering if this is a new stable. Are you interested in pushing yourselves as a tag team in the possible future?

    Both men shrug the question off without giving it much attention.

    [Alias Antonio] I don't care honestly. We've told you what our common goal is. People take us for granted, so maybe we'll do just that and become tag champs too. We will dominate, we will hurt, we will conquer, we will eliminate, we will prove a point. So you may as well hand us the tag belts why you're at it, right?

    [Dat Kid] I don't know if we will and what we are is 3 very dangerous individuals with one common goal. Call it a stable, team, unit, or whatever you want, but the one thing we clearly are is dominant.

    [Ingrid Vines] Now while I have you here, I have to ask. You guys coming in and causing a big stir by attacking people, do you think you have just put yourselves on the map for the Bullad Club? A lot of people would consider them a dangerous group who you should try your best to avoid. Thoughts?

    [Dat Kid] We don't give a shit about the Bullad Scrubs. As far as I'm concerned they're a bunch of guys who've been on a good run. I don't consider them to be a threat, in fact I dont consider them when I make any decisions. They're not important to me and they shouldn't be to any of these fans. Honestly they feel like the bootleg version of The Cure. When they burn out, because they will, I'm sure IWT will make a lot of money selling their DVD as sleep aids.

    Alias smirks confidentiality as he agrees with Dat Kid.

    [Alias Antonio] Oh Ingrid, how you make me laugh. Be it as it may, Bullad Club can walk around here holding the hands of the very same management they claim to hate and despise, but the amount of people who will care about them still rounds up to, ehhh, precisely zero.

    They may be what simpletons would consider a "threat", but as far as I'm concerned, I've never heard of them. Simply put, they are nobodies. They're doing exactly what's been said and done way before they even stepped foot in this company and it's a boring sight. Us on the other hand....

    Ingrid quickly interrupts in the heat of the moment with a very, very stupid question...

    [Ingrid Vines] But are you scared of the Bullad Club?

    There is an uncomfortable silence in the room for a few moments as Dat Kid slides out his char as he takes a few steps to Ingrid with a disgusted look on his face. Ingrid looking close to terrified as this horrible man begins to berate her.

    [Dat Kid] Why would you ask that Ingrid?

    What you should be doing is asking if the IW3 scares them because for the majority of IWT we have had this place in a stranglehold and with us together we're the most deadliest thing walking.

    Ingrid grabs the arm of her chair with a tight grip as she looks around for some protection. She quickly blast out her last couple question as beads of nervous sweat being to role down the side of her face.

    [Ingrid Vines] So, ummm... What's next for Luis Ovaldinho?

    [Alias Antonio] As far as I know, a bunch of nothing and emptiness. He had his crowning moment, but the harsh reality is that if it wasn't for me setting up a tourney out of my pure generosity, he would still be struggling to get a spot on the card and probably would've ended up scrubbing the feet of the Bullad Scrubs. I put this guy on the map, but we kicked him off of it just as easily. Will he want a shot at our IWT championship? Maybe so, but he's definitely outnumbered.

    [Dat Kid] If Luis has any sense in his head, which he might not being that we probably shaved 8 years off of his life, Luis will go on Lord Lee's tugboat and he'll spend the remainder of his life being Lee's twink bitch boy. Should he step in the ring again, he'll lose a lot more than a match I promise you that. Amateur hour is over!

    Ingrid checks the time on her phone quick before asking her final question.

    [Ingrid Vines] Finally gentlemen. Just what can we expect to see from the IW3 in the near future?

    [Alias Antonio] What's next for the 3 most powerful entities in IWT history? That would be like spoiling your favorite little supehero movie. But lets just put it this way, it doesn't end well for the heroes. So if you're brave enough to act like a mumbling heroic idiot and step up to us, I suggest you reconsider that fatal option. The takeover has been completed, now we're just seizing the goods out of the poor, very poor population.

    [Dat Kid] For me, I have list of people who've been calling themselves god and a lot of people who can't seem to keep my name out of their mouths. So for those people in specific... This day the lord will deliver you into damnation and strike you down.This very day I will give the carcasses of the blasphemers to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in The IWT. Jesus Wept

    Both Aids and Alias then stand up and join Dat Kid as they all rip off their mics and storm out, purposely knocking over their chairs as they leave the room together, murmuring once more...

    Thanks to: @Aidsey Amore @THG? @Big E Rection
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