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    *The lights go out, The Alliance's theme hits*​
    *The lights go back on as all three men walk out, The crowd is 75% booing and 25% cheering, All men walk up the steel steps and into the ring, Hawk is handed a mic*​
    "I want each and every one of you in this crowd, To shut up. When I am talking none of you are, You will all show me the respect I have earned and I deserve, You are looking at the best talent in IWT and you will treat us as such, Any disrespect will be treated with violence and intimidation. Now I want to show you the little bit of video footage, Monkeys roll the footage.​
    *A video package of Jacob being beat is shown*​
    As you have been shown, The three men in this ring have shown their dominance in this company by taking our first victim, These men here will lead me to my glory at the biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory.​
    When I was teaming with Jacob I was sick, I was a sick sick man, I had a disease, I was suffering through the pain and we won those tag team titles, I snapped out of it, I lay in wait and waited and waited and I struck when he didn't expect it.​
    Jacob was always about himself, He always wanted to focus on himself and make himself look good and about putting himself over, He wanted to be the man, He wants to be the face of this company and he doesn't like it when someone tells him no, We showed him last night the wrath that he wanted to ignore, He saw the writing on the wall and he pushed it to the back of his mind and ignored it, Ignoring us is just running from the truth and tell me where running gets you? In hospital like Jacob, We paid him a little visit this afternoon, We left a few words of warning to make sure he doesn't show his face back in this company again.​
    Now people seem confused at why we have banded together, People seems to misunderstand our actions and our goals. DK James have had brutal battles in the past but as they say bitter enemies, Makes better allies. Well actually the don't say that but whatever. Nick1698 have rarely ever met but we have the same outlook on this place and there was no reason for us not to band together and become this faction, This faction that will be dominate especially when this man here​
    *Hawk puts his arm around DK*​
    When this man here wins the IWT World Title and takes it home to where it belongs..... In the fucking gutter!​
    *Hawk rolls out of the ring and is handed a replica belt from ringside*​
    This belt I hold in my hand means more than the real belt backstage, This belt has a real name on it, *Camera zooms in on the nameplate*​
    You see there it says DK James, Because at Bound For Glory all three of us will prove out dominance in the IWT, DK James will walk out of Bound For Glory with that title and I will personally spit in the face of Jonathan as us three walk out of the arena and leave with the World Heavyweight Championship, That is our goal. Our goal is to leave this company in a heap and at Bound For Glory it all starts! When we rid Jacob Colton out of IWT, Then we eliminate another weak minded soul and then finally in the main event a real champion will take this title, We will leave IWT in a shambles, We will destroy this company..........​
    We Are The Alliance

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  2. OOC: I swear Adam changes his character/direction three times a week.
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  3. OOC- Gotta be more.
  4. A series of pyro blasts go off, and the Crowd cheers loudly as Aids Johnson walks out to his theme.

    Aids stops at the top of the ramp, and holds his belt up as the crowd cheers loudly again. He is handed a microphone from a crew member next to the ramp, and Aids rests his belt over his shoulder before speaking.

    Well this isnt an angle ive heard for a while! Instead of being the new saviors of the company, you have decided that by winning you will destroy it, and you couldnt be more correct! If by some fluke DK James could outdo myself AND Victoria Parker, you would certainly gain quite a bit of power within the company. Hell, if you and Nick could find your way into contendership for the low-card belts, it could be something serious! People might even call you the next Cure! *crowd boos* but unfortunately, you wouldn't even be that. You would be the luckiest man in the IWT and the two guys who couldnt perform when it mattered most. It's all so unfortunate.

    Unfortunately for you that is, DK. Jonathan has no faith in you, the fans have no faith in you, and your new "pals" are as aware as the rest of the crowd of the truth why you are in this match. You see, BFG is going to be a big return match for me vs VP, and at this point it could make or break the company. DK you are there to ensure the fans get more time seeing the only two power players in this business left go at it again. Some may even see it as a great way for the company go out, and i honestly am not sure i can disagree.

    And so here we are. Your "alliance" come out here and speak about destroying the company, but the only difference i see between you and the jokers who ran over to Fight Strike at the word go, is that you know weren't going to gain anything in going there. In fact, it would be exactly the same there as here, and like the cowards you are, you want to gain prestige by running a nearly deserted company over. *Crowd boos loudly* I think you deserve credit though, you went through some tough opponents, and proved you earned a spot by beating Sackfist. The only thing that you seem to forget it he was Mr Midcard. I am the Main Event, Mr. Wrestlemania, and the Former Mr. Money in the bank. You want my gold? Come get it.

    Aids holds up the title again, as the crowd cheers, waiting for a response.
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  5. Nick, who has been silent for the most part, rips the mic out of Adams hand.

    "Now hold on just one second! You've got it a wrong,"- he stops and smiles cockily at Aids- Mr. champion. Aids Johnson's here everybody! He's got stuff to say! Wow, how we wall don't care."

    "Aids, any time somebody has something to say, you seem to come out here, and always - no matter what - always have something to say. I don't know if you think that makes you a big man, but in case you're thinking that, it doesn't. You've got the wrong idea about me."

    "You're right, this delusional idiot over here wants to burn this place to the ground."

    He points to Adam

    "I don't really care about that. You see, this company has already been burned to the ground! There's no more damage that can be done. We have a mentally challenged man running the show around here, a horrible champion, and not a single person doin anything about it. Well I've had enough! I've been busting my ass off ever since I got here and for what? To see every single wrestler walk out and leave this place for dead? This company has become a joke because of people like you! They're gonna look and see Aids Johnson as champ, talking, boring every viewer to sleep! They're gonna pick up their remotes, change the channel, an put on FSW, because at least there they have a GM who cares about his company!"

    Nick paces.

    "I'm not standing around any longer. I'm here to make it to the top, and as of right now the few left in the locker room are road blocks. After I'm through with them, I'm coming for your belt Aids. I don't care if I have to go through you, the two men standing beside me, Vicwhoria, or Senhor! They're all jokes compared to me. I'm here to put this company back on the map, and I'll do whatever it takes!"
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  6. Well i guess that is what you will have to do, Aids replies, smiling. You couldn't cut it when it mattered. You see, the difference between people like myself, and the champions you are used to, is that i dont sit by when people attack my character, and say they run this company, or they will destroy this company, or even more laughably, they are coming for my title. DKJames won the tournament, and i know you know, as you were sent home to watch far, too, quickly.

    I came out here for a multitude of reasons, friend, and none of them have anything to do with you or Adam. You see, i came out here to confront @DKJames and to make sure he realizes what he is up against. I am the top tier of the IWT, the man who dethroned Victoria Parker, and the only ever 2 time IWT champion. I hope you come after this company, but to prove yourself, you need to realize where you are. You are the bottom of the ladder. Adam, the greatest man to ever live, is at the bottom of the ladder. And DKJames will be sent back down the ladder in 13 short days, when we face for my IWT title.

    You really should be thankful you have a champion who has the courtesy to lsiten to what you have to say. The IWT has spent the better part of a year dealing with champions who don't care enough to call you out, or are too big of cowards. *The fans chant - They are cowards* and Aids laughs as he pats his championship belt*
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  7. *Joey, who has been silent the entire time this was going on but has not kept his eye off Aids, finally takes the mic from Nick's hand as the crowd chants.*

    "Cowards... huh. That may be true. You seem to be the only... now don't take this the wrong way but... brave champion out there. You're not afraid to run your mouth like a politician and you attempt to back up your colluded shit by calling out others. I wouldn't take that strategy as the right way but you seem to be the only one doing anything about it and I like that. I sit here, watching Adam run his mouth and watching Nick run his mouth and I have no need to speak. I'll leave that for our match... ever since these two gentlemen came to my side I no longer scream out cries of martyrs and dreams, no. My goal is that title and no matter who dies for me and lies for me, I need every bit of sanity to be able to keep you down... you know that."

    *Joey looks like he's about to say something else but stops himself and puts the mic on the ground and crosses his arms but still stares at Aids and his title.*
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  8. *Knight has found his way into the crowd and has a few pieces paper in his hands...he still wears the Half Mask around half his face*
    Knight to himself: You want me to do what? I only wanted to watch some bitches getting their asses handed to them.....Okay, I'll get involved...Not Like I was doing anything anyway.
    *Knight begins to hurl paper at the alliance, attempting to hit Adam or Nick whenever possible.....he doesn't attempt to hit dk with the paper. He ends up hitting a few ringside crew at first before finally getting the paper into the ring.*
  9. Hawk? Winning a match? :lol1::terry:

    Yeah right.
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  10. Jonathan? Doing something right with IWT? :terry::happy::lol1::pity2:

    Yeah right.
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  11. 3MB! 3MB! 3MB!
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  13. *Alias comes out to no theme song, his expression is that of a dangerous and pensative one. He is sporting his usual ripped jeans with a AIDS IS AIDS t-shirt and also has some glasses on. He strolls down the ramp slowly with his eyes on Aids. He cleans his shoes before entering the ring. He begins to speak*​
    *Alias turns his attention to The Alliance*​
    As much as I would love to rip you wannabe-Cure idiots a new asshole, I'm here solely for Aids. But incase you feel left out, you all suck.​
    *Alias turns his attention back on Aids*​
    I think I've said what's needed to be said to you, Aids, so I'll keep this short and sweet. We're not on good terms anymore, we're on bad and horrible terms which is........perfect.​
    Aids, you're a son of a bitch, hell, we're both son of bitches, but this company only has a spot for one son of a bitch, and that son of a bitch is me. I want to personally send you a free invite to hell, I want to see you suffer the same way I did all my life....Aids, I AM CHALLENGING YOU TO AN INFERNO MATCH! Put ​
    Put the title on the line if you have the small ounce of cojones in you!​
    Aids....I want on one. No interferences, just a fight to death.....
    *Alias awaits Aids' response with an evil grin*
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