"We can tell you that the television championship... it's gonna be decided next week"

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  1. smh @ TNA. That is fine and dandy for smarks that know the story with Devon, but have they even mentioned it once on TV?

    Any non-smark watching had to be confused as fuck about that little ad for next week. What a terrible fuck up by TNA to not get the belt off of Devon before his contract was up. Should have been on Crimson months ago, or even Kaz at the last PPV.

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  2. I agree with this statement.....

    Nothing I can add to it.
  3. all I can do is lol
    silly TNA
  4. h

    Still not as bad as Natalya's farting gimmick, just saying. WWE intended for that, TNA just slipped up here.
  5. RE: h

    Why did you bring that up :upset::upset::upset::upset::upset: it needs to be forgotten, FOREVER!! :((
  6. lleek"

    Every opportunity to mention how bad WWE has been for the last 8 years must be taken. They'll have no choice but to revert to the Attitude Era, win for all.
  7. :(( :no: Not the Attitude Era again, I want some wrestling, they need to do new stuff that's actually good, like the Ruthless Aggression Era
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  8. eek"

    Beginning of the end of WWE greatness.
  9. Just like WCW :true: expect something on a pole soon
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    and no not Kelly Kelly
  10. Stupid end on TNA's part, but seriously the TV Champion barely has any credibility now.
    More than the US champ of course.
  11. eek"

    They need a battle of the mid-carders to decide this. Anderson, Robbie E, Gunner and RVD in a 4-way or something. Don't know how they'd fairly decide who participates though.
  12. Probably just going to throw some people in there.
  13. it went from having zero credibility to having the potential to be a decent mid card belt (when Devon first showed up and was defending it every week) but then they had his feud with Big Rob and Bigger ROb drag on for way too long, he stopped appearing, and they passed on multiple opportunities to get the belt off of Devon and onto good talent.

    and then this happened. So yea, its prestige is basically in the trash can nwo.
  14. Devon did add a bit credibility to the title considering he was defending it often. But the fact they made no mention of him and are going to declare a new champion next week is idiotic. Where's the build up to add prestige to the title?
  15. Like I said they were on the right track but dropped the ball, and then with the Devon contract expiration there isn't even a ball to drop anymore. The ship has sailed, the title won't mean a damn thing in my eyes unless they do some serious work building it back up, which I don't foresee them doing.
  16. wish they would have the decency to acknowledge on TV that his contract ended and a new one wasn't signed.
  17. Might as well make it the Legends title again. :dawg:
  18. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    Since they didn't get the belt off of him they need to keep it kayfabe with their excuse. Say Devon was trying to learn to surf in Hawaii on a family vacation and was eaten by sharks or something.
  19. "Last week our television champion Devon was forcefully recruited into a government funded super soldier project"