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  1. *The lights go out in the arena, a spotlight hit the stage, we see The Alliance walk out on stage, Hawk walks in front with a mic, DK close behind with a mic, Forrest and Queen are on look out for DX, Hawk and DK walk up the steps into the ring, Hawk mumbles something to DK, they both laugh, Hawk shouts to Queen and Forrest "Make sure DX don't get anywhere near here!"*

    Hawk: For a few weeks now I have been watching, watching from the shadows, analysing, watching all the events go down, I have watched from the sidelines and been appalled by the actions of some renegades who try and claim some takeover? End of the line bud, Been there, done that, wearing the T Shirt.

    D-Generation X don't have any real cause, they are just a couple of bored wash ups who mean nothing, they lied to everyone they knew and loved and cover up everything, Leave no trails behind and that little asshole Nick who we destroyed and left in a heap ran off to his buddies starting some rebel stable well.... We don't care. We can take down any force like an immovable object, You may compare us to Hogan Vs Andre with the force vs the object but this time force aint damn good enough to take down an Alliance, DK and I are The Alliance that cant be stopped

    *DK and Hawk get close to the camera*

    Take a good look at the future folks, this man right here is your next IWT Champion and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

    *Queen and Forrest are taken back by Hawk words and lack of mention to them*

    I am going to back the my roots, the unmatchable aggression, the times where I went to every and all lengths to get that one win under my belt. I have to go back to capture the inner me and make the recovery, for months now I have just been wandering about with no real goal and I may still be that way now but at least I know what the future holds, I know the future of The Alliance.

    Numbers were never an issue with me, When I felt we had dead weight not carrying themselves around, We took matters into our own hands, Queen, Forrest, Get in this ring NOW.

    *Queen and Forrest climb into the ring*

    I brought you into this group for a reason, I brought you into this group under a promise of helping me and ever since your first attack you have went behind our backs, you have been pursuing your own ventures without consulting one of us showing your lack of commitment to this group, We are supposed to be a team and you are obviously failing at that. You have failed me, we don't accept failures, DK. You know what to do.

    *Hawk and DK attack Queen and Forrest, they stomp into them DK slams Forrest as Hawk stomps Queen, DK rolls out of the ring and grabs 2 chairs he throws them into the ring, They both use the chairs on Queen and Forrest, Hawk grabs a mic*

    There aint no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good.

    *Hawk drops the mic with a smirk, he drops and rolls out of the ring with DK, they walk to the back pleased*

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    *Queen and Forrest lie in the ring after a brutal beating. All of a sudden the lights go out.........*

    *Dick Tripin walks out to the music and climbs into the ring*
    Dick: *Kneeling down in Queen's and Forrest's faces* Heeeeeey guuuuuys, how'd that go hmmmm? You guys keep a good eye out for us? Worked out well I see. I just came down here to let you both know that if either of you wind up on @Jonathon's so-called elite team the ending will be the same as it was tonight. *Dick stands up and folds his arms. Then lifts his left hand up to his mouth, obviously he is thinking of something. Suddenly a couple of Queen's black robed goons run out from the back. Dick seems them coming and takes em out easily, but the distraction was enough to get Queen and Forrest out of the ring. Only one black robed individual is left in the ring now with Dick. Dick lifts him up to his feet, kicks him in the gut, lifts him up like he is going to do the Razor's Edge, and drops the black robed goon straight down catching him in a neck breaker on the way down. The goon lies there lifelessly as Queen and Forrest make their way to the back with very angry looks on their faces :joey::annoyed-85:*

    Dick: Run away run away little pigs. The big bad wolves are coming! Oh and one more thing, *Dick raises a hand and points to the crowd as he slowly spins* if you ain't down with THAT, we got 2 words for ya.
    Crowd: SUCK IT! *Dick drops the mic as the DX music comes up once more. Jonathon's security is seen running down the ramp as Dick makes his exit through the crowd, laughing all the way*
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    BTW, why does it seem that members get kicked out like...every week.
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