Storyline We Warned You, Ryan.

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  1. Aiden is shown in the center of the ring in he's casual wear, microphone in hand. He raises the microphone as the fans await.

    "Last Week I did something maybe I shouldn't have done, I reacted with emotions instead of following my first mind. With that being said..."
    A British Accent Echo's on the microphone.
    "Mr Ryan!"
    Aiden Smiles hearing the voice. Awaiting for the man to enter the ring. As he does so Aiden responds with.
    "Didn't anyone ever teach you that interrupting is rude?"
    The man enters the ring in a furious manner and throws a slap into the face of Aiden.
    Aiden place's he's hand on he's cheek in disbelief of what the man had done. Looking up at the man Aiden's face becomes sour, He glares down the man.
    "Mr Ryan, We warned you."
    He Signals as three security guards comes down the ramp.
    "W..what are they doing?"
    Aiden responds looking down at the nightsticks in their hands.
    "We're finishing what you started."
    The man responds while Security jumps onto the apron. Aiden begins to clench he's fists in alert as security enters the ring and circles their way around Aiden.
    "We Warned you."
    "You're coming with us."

    Taking out their handcuffs one of the security officers tries to place Aiden in the cuffs. He takes a hold of Aiden's wrist only to receive a wild elbow into the jaw of the man. as he drops Aiden then throws a sharp kick into the chest of the security guard.

    Alarming the other security guards Aiden receives a brutal hit in the back of the legs via a nightstick. Dropping Aiden down they begin to viciously kick him.

    "We Warned you, And now you're going to get the help you need, Ryan!"
    The Man Yells on the microphone.

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  2. *The lights in the arena suddenly go out and the crowd gasps. A wolf's howl is heard over the sound system as the lights flicker off and on rapidly. The crowd starts to pop as they can see figures in the ring attacking Aiden's would be captors. The security's guards' cries of pain and bodies slamming into the mat can be heard, but no one can tell who the attackers are yet for sure even though a small OR-DER! OR-DER! chant has started up in the crowd. Then the lights stop flickering and become dead again for a moment. When they suddenly come back on Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony of the Order of Night are in the ring, the security guards laying on the mat all around them. The one man with the British accent is still standing in the ring, a trail of wetness streaming down his pants. Trip looks at Marcus who nods his head and Trip kicks the british man in the gut, lifts him over his head like a cross powerbomb and drops him into a neckbreaker. Trip's finisher - The Fall of Night - leaves the man twitching in a puddle of his own waste. Trip moves over by Marcus and they both admire the carnage they have wrought this night. Then their eyes land on Aiden Ryan, on his knees in the middle of the ring. A look of shock mixed with nervousness across his face. Trip and Marcus both give Aiden just a nod and then proceed out of the ring and through the crowd as the Order of Night's theme plays over the speakers.*

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    What you think @Butters! ? You too @TheArabHammer since you are in it lol
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  3. Aiden wraps he's arm around he's stomach and lifts himself up, letting out a load grunt he looks around him with the destruction The Order had created.
    He begins to breath deeply and mouths "What?" as he limps over to one of the Security guards who had been finished off by The Order. Aiden feels conflicted in a way. He doesn't know what to do, What had happened and why it had happened. He looks up at the ramp as the fans continue to chant "Order!"

    As Reality sets in
    Upon Aiden's face a sadistic smile grows as he grabs the security guard by he's bulletproof vest, Lifting him up and clenching him into a headlock. He looks around the arena with the fans applauding. knowing Aiden is showing gratitude towards The Order. Aiden drops the security guard into a swift DDT planting him directly on he's crown. Aiden gets to he's feet in fast paced motion rolls out of the ring. Looking at the destruction Aiden turns around to glance the ramp. Removing he's jacket Aiden drops down to he's knees and mouths
    "i'm Ready."

    A Loud pop echo's though-tout the arena.

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  4. Marcus Anthony and Trip stare at Aiden in the ring and Marcus Anthony approaches him slowly. He grabs him by his head and lifts him up on to his shoulders and delivers The Blackout in the center of the ring. Ryan is writhing in pain and Trip follows the attack with The Fall of Night onto Aiden Ryan as well. After both men punish Aiden, they pull him out of the ring and carry him to the back....
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